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Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler

Power wheels are a lot of fun for young children, and it's no secret why. People love cars and driving, so creating a toy that lets kids experience this is a no-brainer. You can buy multiple models of power wheels, including a product range that is manufactured and branded to mimic a Jeep Wrangler. If you want one of these tiny vehicles for your kids, the Wrangler lineup will provide all-terrain capabilities much like the actual car, but what is the best option? 

The best option for a Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler is the Original Jeep Wrangler model; it's the base of Fisher Price's other vehicle editions, such as the Gameday and Disney Frozen models. If you aren't sure what your child will like, it's best to go with the original. 

In this article, I will be going over the Jeep Wrangler models of the ever-popular Power Wheels toys, but I would also like to explore similar products, alternatives, and what might be best for your child's age and taste. If you would like to learn more, I encourage you to keep on reading. 

The Jeep Wrangler Power Wheel: All You Need To Know

As the name suggests, the Jeep Wrangler version of Power Wheels is modeled after a Jeep Wrangler. It appears to be modeled after classic models of the Jeep rather than a brand spanking new modern one; the toys from Best Choice have Power Wheels-like products that closely resemble a modern Jeep without actually calling it a Jeep and so if you or your child are looking for that type of styling then that option is worth exploring. 

But the Jeep Power Wheel is a great product; it is reliable, fun, and has a compartment in the rear for carrying various things. 


The Jeep Wrangler Power Wheel starts at $300 for the most basic version. Most of the special editions, such as the Hot Wheels one, are also $300, but some editions, such as the Jurassic Park edition, cost slightly more at $330. 

Those are the MSRP prices anyway; if you check on Amazon, many models are $250, and so if you are going to get one of these, then I suggest avoiding Fisher Price's official shop.

Alternatively, you can look into purchasing a used model. This can be an excellent decision if you do this right since once kids outgrow power wheels, their parents will be looking to get rid of them. Suppose you have a friend or trusted neighbor who needs to get rid of their Power Wheel toy. See if they will strike a good deal with you; more often than not, they just want it gone and are not necessarily trying to get rich. Just make sure it is functioning properly. 

The main thing to look out for when shopping for a used Power Wheel is the battery (which I will get into below this section). They don't have a very long lifespan, and so there is a chance you'll have to buy a brand new battery to reset the life cycle of the toy. 

Power and Battery Life

You will get a 12-volt battery that provides speeds of 2.5 and 5 mph (4 and 8 km/h) with a child lockout feature for children on the younger side

You can expect a battery life of 2-4, which takes 14 hours to charge. Remember that once the toy is fully charged, you should unplug it to preserve the battery and prevent it from possibly swelling and cracking open. 

Power Wheels use lead-acid batteries, unlike the lithium-Ion batteries driving smartphones and other electronics. Lead-acid batteries can be overcharged, unlike lithium-ions, and so they need to be handled with care. Don't let your child handle the battery by themselves. 


As I stated before, the Jeep Power Wheels feature a safety feature to limit younger children's speed. But that's not all; you can remote control them exactly like an RC car, which is useful for preventing children from trying to go places they shouldn't.

Another safety feature of the Jeep Power Wheel is that much like a Tesla or other real electric car, it will break when the kid's foot is lifted off the “gas” pedal. Unfortunately, though, there are no regenerative power advantages to this! 

The Jeep also features a storage compartment, 2 seats, and has a maximum weight limit of 130 lb (59 kg).

Off-Road Capabilities

You can't talk about Jeeps, whether they are real or a toy, without mentioning off-roading! The Jeep Power Wheel is capable of riding on asphalt, gravel, grass, and dirt. It's not exactly built for rock crawling like some other Power Wheels alternatives, but neither is a real stock Jeep Wrangler, so it is accurate in that sense. 

Unfortunately, there is no suspension with the Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler, which is odd. But I guess that this isn't meant to resemble a lifted Wrangler and it isn't exactly meant to go over rocks. Some alternatives do feature spring suspension, but I will get to that later on. 

And like I said earlier, don't let your child ride down steep hills or go up one to avoid potential injury. Power Wheels are for riding on relatively flat grounds. 

The Various Editions

There are a whole lot of different editions of the Jeep Power Wheel. Thus you'll likely have absolutely no trouble with matching a model to your child's preferences, whether they like a certain color, franchise, or character. The range of options include:

  • The Original 
  • Barbie
  • Toy Story
  • Disney Frozen
  • Hot Wheels
  • Willys Pink
  • Disney Princess
  • Willys
  • Jurassic Park
  • Jojo Siwa
  • Tough Talking
  • PAW Patrol
  • BBQ Fun
  • Gameday
  • Spider-Man
  • The Rise of Guru

Phew! They cover almost all the bases! Keep in mind that these are all very similar to one another. The special editions will have sound effects and phrases from that particular franchise. For example, the Frozen edition will have lines from the movie. 

You have some outliers here, such as the Gameday edition, which features a net for carrying sports balls, and then you have the Tough Talking model, which has a microphone and voice changer. And as I said above, most of these are priced the same with some costing slightly more. 

What to get is entirely based on what your child is into. But the original model is a safe, neutral choice. 

Here is a video review of the Jurassic Park edition:

If you are having trouble deciding which Jeep Wrangler edition to get for your kid, we’ll narrow down the options. Naturally, if your child likes a specific character or franchise, then getting the matching Jeep is likely going to be the most appropriate gift, but otherwise, we’ll list the ones that I think most kids will like below.

Jurassic Park

Boys and girls alike, kids generally have at least some passing interest in dinosaurs, and many of them get exposed to the Jurassic Park franchise. I like this one because it isn’t too “boyish” or “macho” while not being “girly” either. I think this is a great gender-neutral option, and considering Jeeps make an appearance in the movies, it’s very fitting!


This model is the most “realistic” looking out of the bunch. It’s the most neutral both in design and gender appeal and so if you want an option that is almost guaranteed to get smiles, then I would recommend this model over the original, even. It also features a voice changer as a bonus! But if your child does prefer a more colorful Jeep, then the original would be the best second choice. 


This is the sports-oriented edition with a net that can carry sports-related accessories. If your child has an interest in sports, then this is the no-brainer option. And like the above mentions, it is one of the more gender-neutral options of the bunch, which is what I am going for in this shortlist for parents who are wondering which edition to buy. 

Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels and Power Wheels go together like mac and cheese. This is probably one of the most appropriate product tie-ins without a much-needed explanation of why that is. If your child already enjoys Hot Wheels or simply would like the styling of the Jeep, then this is a great option. I realize that many people still associate Hot Wheels as a “boys toy,” but hey, who hasn’t dabbled with that fun, collectible cars at some point?

Alternatives to the Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler

I previously mentioned that Power Wheels aren't the only kid in town when delivering electric rideable vehicle toys. In fact, if you type in “Power Wheels” in Google, you are greeted with those alternatives before you even see Power Wheels.

Some of the main competitors to Power Wheels are Best Choice, Uenjoy, Cotton Kids, and Moderno and what you will quickly notice is that their toys MUCH more closely resemble real-life cars. Take, for example, the 2020 Mercedes Benz CLA from Moderno for example. It looks shockingly and impressively accurate to the real car and even features LED lighting and a leather seat. Not only that, but it has an MP3 player and Bluetooth and a USB & SD card reader. 

Yeah, these toys have come a LONG way since their 1984 counterparts!

But today, I am here to talk about the alternatives to the Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler. While these don't have the Jeep branding, they resemble a modern Jeep much more closely than the Power Wheels version. Fisher takes a more toy-like appearance to their products for the same of being more inviting; however, we all know kids love to mimic adults, and that is where these other companies fill the gaps for children who want a more “grown-up” toy.

In addition, these options come with certain features not found on the Fisher-Price toys, such as real suspension and an MP3 player. 

Best Choice Ride On Car Truck 

Besides the generic-sounding name, this product is quite impressive. It resembles a custom lifted Jeep Wrangler, but it isn't just for show; it features 14 -inch traction wheels and active spring suspension, making it capable of driving over bumpy terrain.

Also, it features the same safety features like a Power Wheel: adjustable speed settings and remote control to allow parents and guardians to control the vehicle from a distance.

You'll also find an AUX outlet for plugging in an MP3 player to listen to whatever music they have on the device. It even has functional headlights!

One drawback to this product compared to the Jeep Wrangler Power Wheel is that the speed is capped out at only 3.7 mph, which is fine for younger children, but for kids that are ready for a faster experience they may not find it as fun – or they simply won't care due to how cool this toy is! 

Another drawback is that it is only a one-seater, and so if you have multiple children or have friends over, this will be a significant enough point to look into other products that are two-seaters. This brings us to the next option! 

Uenjoy Large Kids Motorized Truck

Similar to the above mentioned, this resembles a lifted Jeep Wrangler. The main difference here is that it features two seats instead of one, making it ideal for households with multiple children.

 But do bear in mind that the room in the cabin is a little small and the weight limit holds only 88 lbs (39.9 kg), and so Uenjoy states that the age limit for two kids riding together is up to 3 years old while one child is up to 8 years old. So this might not be ideal in a household with multiple older children

Again, the safety features are practically the same as the Power Wheels Jeep and the above product: parents can remotely control the toy for kids who are too young to drive or are about to go somewhere they shouldn't be. And it features multiple speed settings. It goes from anywhere between 3-5 mph, which is overall an improvement compared to the Best Choice Car Truck. It also features spring suspension for bumpy surfaces. 

Other features include built-in music, Bluetooth, an AUX cord, and a USB port. You'll also find functional headlights in this toy.

Overall, it's a good ride-on toy, especially if your child is listening to music while driving around. 

Uenjoy Mercedes-Benz G63

Yep! We are getting luxurious! (ironically, this is the lowest priced product I talked about today if only this were true with a real Mercedes!). Mercedes has its own off-road vehicle known as the G63. It is a luxury SUV that has the Mercedes quality you would expect. Well, that gets translated into a cool toy for your kids, and the result is pretty impressive. 

One unique aspect of this Mercedes is that it has two door heights; one mode resembles the real car to stunning accuracy, while the other allows the doors to be lower.

Like a real Mercedes, this toy is chock full of features. You have Bluetooth, a REAL working FM radio, built-in music, a horn, LED headlights, spring suspension, and car engine sounds. The vehicle can also be operated via remote control and has three adjustable speeds.

This is a sophisticated product with many buttons and switches in the cabin to control various functions such as the radio and volume levels. The pricing on the product is very good for what you are getting too. At under $200, this undercuts a lot of 12v ride-on toy cars. Considering all the features it has, in fact, this thing has TWO 12v motors, and considering it is licensed by Mercedes, this is certainly worth a look.

But I should mention that this isn't very fast. It caps out at 3 mph, and so there is some compromise here, and the single seating makes it not ideal for homes with multiple children. 

Are These Power Wheels Alternatives Worth It?

These alternatives certainly sound impressive. They have more features than the Fisher-Price Power Wheels and look much more realistic. But are they really worth it? Is there a catch?

Ride-on toy brands such as Uenjoy and Best Choice are making a big push to get you to buy their products over Fisher-Price. If you type in “Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler” on Amazon, it is very difficult to find the real thing! That could be due to Amazon's search engine being quite bad at times, though. 

Anyway, they are certainly attractive for parents. They boast more features, often cost less, and have a “cool” factor by looking like real cars and even licensed. You can even buy a Lamborghini Aventador toy that is accurate to the real thing.

However, Fisher-Price has been doing this for a LONG time, and they really know what they are doing when it comes to making quality toys for children. Many of these alternative brands are Chinese brands (which makes sense given the English quality in the product descriptions) that haven't been doing this as long as Fisher-Price.

The result is that some people get faulty products that stop working properly. This isn't often the case, and more often than not, they will work as intended, but this is something to keep in mind. 

If you are buying these alternative products, get a warranty to go along with it. Even if you are getting a Fisher-Price Power Wheel, I recommend a warranty. These are not cheap toys, and so the peace of mind is worth it. 

So, are ride-on toy companies such as Uenjoy and Best Choice Worth it?: Yes, they are reliable enough and offer advantages over Fisher-Price. However, they don't have as high-quality standards, so the chances of receiving a lemon are slightly higher. Fisher-Price isn't squeaky clean either, keep in mind; parents report Power Wheels sometimes failing as well. 

Does Fisher-Price Have Other Off-Road Toys?

Fisher-Price does indeed make other off-road power wheels, in fact! They even have other licensed cars such as the Ford F150 Raptor, which is very cool looking and has improved traction over the Jeep Wrangler. It is more expensive, however, at $400. 

Then there are ATV quads, which are exactly what they sound like. Next, there is the Dune Racer, which is essentially an SxS ATV with two seats. These two products are less expensive than a Jeep or Ford Power Wheel, and so it is worth considering if you think your child will enjoy them as much or more than a Jeep. 

Consider a Crazy Cart Shift

Are your kids older? Will they be driving on the pavement? Consider a drift kart! Technically this is different from a Power Wheel, although it falls under a ride-on toy. 

Drift karts are incredibly fun. In fact, both children and adults use them, and so they come in a wide variety of sizes and power levels. These things are exactly what they sound like; they are karts that drift. Well, kinda, They don't burn rubber like a car, but they do go sideways and are very easy to operate.

The Crazy Cart Shift by Razor is great for kids who are at least 6 years old, and they can continue to have fun with it once they reach 8-9 years old. Featuring a 12V battery, this toy can go up to 8mph. But don't worry, much like Power Wheels, there are multiple speed modes so that younger riders can stay safe.

Speaking of safety, you might be wondering if things are dangerous or not. The answer is not really; as long as the toy is being used as intended and they are wearing a helmet such as this Razor V-17 Child Multi-Sport Helmet, the risk is very low. A bicycle is arguably more dangerous since you can potentially crash harder on one. 

I just thought I'd mention this as an option!


The Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler by Fisher-Price is a fun toy for most children ages 2 – 7 years old. They make for great memories and allow for a social experience with their siblings or friends because it is a two-seater.

You can also explore alternative options if you think your child would prefer a more realistic look or other car brands such as Mercedes.