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Power Wheels Under 200 Power Wheels Under $200
Power Wheels Racing ATV Under $200

Power Wheels are a blast for young children and are a trendy toy among the intended age group, but they can also get pretty pricey depending on the model you are looking for. For example, the Ford Raptor model has an MSRP of $400, and the Barbie Dream Camper has an MSRP of $450. But don't fret, there are plenty of more affordable models to choose from, and if you shop at the rice place, you can get some great deals on a Power Wheel. 

The best Power Wheel under $200 is the Power Wheels Racing ATV. It's also at the top end of Power Wheels speed, topping out at 6 mph (9.66 kph) over the usual 6 mph with the vast majority of other models. 

You can also take advantage of sales to get the lowest possible prices for new Power Wheels toys. In this article, I will be going over the 16 best Power Wheels and electric ride-on toys for under $200. I have plenty of choices to cover here, so if you would like to find out what might be best for your kid(s), I encourage you to keep reading. 

Power Wheels Racing ATV

This is perhaps the most off-road capable Fisher-Price Power Wheel you can buy (it should be with “ATV” in the name); it's also among the most affordable, making it an easy first recommendation a single-seater won't be an issue. 

The off-road tire treads mean that it is suitable for riding around in the grass and over gravel. It's also the fastest of the Power Wheels with a top speed of 6 mph (9.66 kph), which is 1 mph (1.61 kph) more than the other models. 

You can regularly find these for $200 at stores even if the MSRP is $240, so just keep an eye out if you've already decided this is the one for your child!


There's plenty to like about this heavily Jeep-inspired ride-on toy. Like the above mentioned, it's suitable for riding on the grass and features suspension, making bumpier surfaces a problem!

You also get a boatload of features ranging from Bluetooth connectivity, built-in music, and functioning LED lights.

The only downside to this is that it is best suited for especially young children, given the speed caps out at only 2.5 mph (4.02 kph), but if that was what you were looking for, you can't go wrong on a budget!

Best Choice Ride on Truck (Jeep Style)

This is another Jeep-inspired ride-on toy that offers tons of fun at a low price! Grass and gravel driving won't be a problem with this, thanks to the tire treads and spring suspension. It also features an Aux port to connect an MP3 player and has functioning headlights.

Tobbi Toy Tractor With Trailer

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If your child is fond of farmer life, they'll surely enjoy this ride-on toy tractor! It's exactly as described and has 3 gears with a shifter for a more involved driving experience. Additionally, it has functioning LED headlights as well as USB ports and Bluetooth connectivity. And because it is a tractor, it comes with a sizable trailer that can carry whatever your child desires!

Tobbi Ride on Truck With Trailer

This one is similar to the above-mentioned, with the main difference being that this is a truck design rather than a tractor. It features a sizable bed, a USB port, radio, horn, and a realistic design. This is a perfect ride-on truck for children who want to imitate the life of a hard-working rural person!

TOBBI Mercedes Benz AMG

The stunning styling and grace of a Mercedes get translated into a ride-on toy with this Mercedes Benz AMG. This realistic-looking toy features an authentic design of a real Mercedes with a cabin to match it! However, do note that even though it appears to have two seats, this is for aesthetic purposes – this is designed to support one child. 

Tobbi Lamborghini Urus

The Lamborghini Urus is an SUV that takes the famous aggressive design and attitude of the Lamborghini supercars such as the Aventador and turns it into a practical luxury SUV. Why not make a ride-on toy of the dream car for many?

This toy features many of the same features TOBBI's ride-on toys are known for wrapped up in the body of a luxury vehicle.

Costzon Ride-on ATV

Here is another ATV, and this one has some things that the Fisher-Price version doesn't, such as a power display, USB, and music. Besides, it is built to handle rough terrain with wear-resistant wheels. Overall, this is a nice alternative to the Power Wheels ATV if you think your child will enjoy the extras!

Uenjoy 4-Wheeler ATV

Power Wheels Under $200

And yet another ATV! This one features a sleek, realistic design, treaded tires that can easily grip onto the grass and crawl over gravel. It also has Bluetooth capabilities to connect a device for playing music. Or your child can enjoy the music already built-in or the real, functioning radio. 

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