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Power Wheels Under $200
Power Wheels Racing ATV Under $200

Power Wheels are a blast for young children and are a trendy toy among the intended age group, but they can also get pretty pricey depending on the model you are looking for. For example, the Ford Raptor model has an MSRP of $400, and the Barbie Dream Camper has an MSRP of $450. But don't fret, there are plenty of more affordable models to choose from, and if you shop at the rice place, you can get some great deals on a Power Wheel. 

The best Power Wheel under $200 is the Power Wheels Racing ATV. It's also at the top end of Power Wheels speed, topping out at 6 mph (9.66 kph) over the usual 6 mph with the vast majority of other models. 

You can also take advantage of sales to get the lowest possible prices for new Power Wheels toys. In this article, I will be going over the 16 best Power Wheels and electric ride-on toys for under $200. I have plenty of choices to cover here, so if you would like to find out what might be best for your kid(s), I encourage you to keep reading. 

Power Wheels Racing ATV

This is perhaps the most off-road capable Fisher-Price Power Wheel you can buy (it should be with “ATV” in the name); it's also among the most affordable, making it an easy first recommendation a single-seater won't be an issue. 

The off-road tire treads mean that it is suitable for riding around in the grass and over gravel. It's also the fastest of the Power Wheels with a top speed of 6 mph (9.66 kph), which is 1 mph (1.61 kph) more than the other models. 

You can regularly find these for $200 at stores even if the MSRP is $240, so just keep an eye out if you've already decided this is the one for your child!

Uenjoy Ride-on Car with remote control

There's plenty to like about this heavily Jeep-inspired ride-on toy. Like the above mentioned, it's suitable for riding on the grass and features suspension, making bumpier surfaces a problem!

You also get a boatload of features ranging from Bluetooth connectivity, built-in music, and functioning LED lights.

The only downside to this is that it is best suited for especially young children, given the speed caps out at only 2.5 mph (4.02 kph), but if that was what you were looking for, you can't go wrong on a budget!

Best Choice Ride on Truck (Jeep Style)

This is another Jeep-inspired ride-on toy that offers tons of fun at a low price! Grass and gravel driving won't be a problem with this, thanks to the tire treads and spring suspension. It also features an Aux port to connect an MP3 player and has functioning headlights.

Tobbi Toy Tractor With Trailer

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If your child is fond of farmer life, they'll surely enjoy this ride-on toy tractor! It's exactly as described and has 3 gears with a shifter for a more involved driving experience. Additionally, it has functioning LED headlights as well as USB ports and Bluetooth connectivity. And because it is a tractor, it comes with a sizable trailer that can carry whatever your child desires!

Tobbi Ride on Truck With Trailer

This one is similar to the above-mentioned, with the main difference being that this is a truck design rather than a tractor. It features a sizable bed, a USB port, radio, horn, and a realistic design. This is a perfect ride-on truck for children who want to imitate the life of a hard-working rural person!

TOBBI Mercedes Benz AMG

The stunning styling and grace of a Mercedes get translated into a ride-on toy with this Mercedes Benz AMG. This realistic-looking toy features an authentic design of a real Mercedes with a cabin to match it! However, do note that even though it appears to have two seats, this is for aesthetic purposes – this is designed to support one child. 

Tobbi Lamborghini Urus

The Lamborghini Urus is an SUV that takes the famous aggressive design and attitude of the Lamborghini supercars such as the Aventador and turns it into a practical luxury SUV. Why not make a ride-on toy of the dream car for many?

This toy features many of the same features TOBBI's ride-on toys are known for wrapped up in the body of a luxury vehicle.

Costzon Ride-on ATV

Here is another ATV, and this one has some things that the Fisher-Price version doesn't, such as a power display, USB, and music. Besides, it is built to handle rough terrain with wear-resistant wheels. Overall, this is a nice alternative to the Power Wheels ATV if you think your child will enjoy the extras!

Uenjoy 4-Wheeler ATV

Power Wheels Under $200

And yet another ATV! This one features a sleek, realistic design, treaded tires that can easily grip onto the grass and crawl over gravel. It also has Bluetooth capabilities to connect a device for playing music. Or your child can enjoy the music already built-in or the real, functioning radio. 

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TOBBI Ride-On Car Maserati 

Maseratis are a line of popular Italian sports that ooze class. TOBBI translates the sleek design of the real car and transforms it into a cool ride-on toy. But the exterior isn't the only part that mimics a Maserati; the interior is very realistic looking, featuring a luxurious steering wheel and accurately portrayed gauges. 

Uenjoy Mercedes-Benz G63

The Mercedes Benz G63 is a luxury SUV that isn't afraid to go off-road. The recent models have gotten a great design overhaul with some quirks ironed out. And just like any car, it is perfect for being translated into a ride-on toy.

This toy looks exactly like a G63 that is just shrunken down. It even has iconic doors and windows (which can be removed). Overall, this is an inexpensive ride-on toy that has tons of features and looks great!

TOBBI Mercedes Benz GLC

The Mercedes Benz GLC is a sleek compact SUV that can both haul a family and go around a race track. Like TOBBI's other licensed ride-on toys, this vehicle gets translated very well into a fun toy featuring the exact same styling – but just shrunken down! And like a GLC, this toy doesn't skimp on features, and it is perfect for very young children as it doesn't go too fast and has progressive acceleration. 

Uenjoy Police Car

Does your child like to play cops and robbers? This ride-on toy is perfect then! The star of the show is the flashing red and blue lights that come equipped on the front and the accurate police color scheme and decals. It also features Bluetooth connectivity, a walkie-talkie, and a siren. 

Uenjoy Mercedes-Benz SL500 Police Car

If you want some Mercedes flair but still want a police car, this toy will do the trick! The flashing red and blue LEDs are in the headlights making for a more subtle design. Also, it has Bluetooth connectivity, spring suspension, siren noises, and built-in music. Overall, another solid addition to this list!

Uenjoy 6V Police Ride-On Car

This toy is intended for children in the toddler and baby years, hence the smaller size and low top speed of 2 mph (3.22 kph). It's also the cheapest mention on this list with a price tag of under $100, making it an affordable but fun experience for very small kids. It even comes with a storage compartment and a cup holder!

Costzon Aprilia Electric Motorcycle

Aprilla is a motorcycle manufacturer that makes slick-looking bikes and scooters, and this ride-on tie embodies the spirit of their vehicles wonderfully! 

This particular bike is modeled after a dirt bike and features functioning shock absorbers, making it suitable for riding over bumpy terrain. And don't worry if your child is still learning to ride a bike because this has training wheels to prevent it from falling over. As for features, it has a USB and MP3 port for listening to music.

Bonus Recommendations for Slightly Older Children

I like to throw in suggestions for children approaching the maximum recommended age for Power Wheels and their competitors because, at that age, they will begin to quickly outgrow their toy as they seek more speed. The fastest of the above products go up to 6 mph, which is a jogging pace, and some of them go only half that speed. 

The solution? I like to recommend Razor's Crazy Cart Shift for its exciting yet easy drifting capabilities and a top speed of 8mph. Due to the faster speed and being low to the ground for an even better sense of speed, this is excellent for children 6 years or older. Here is a short video of it below:

Slightly older and responsible children may also like the Razor Power Core E90, which has a top speed of 10 mph which is a decent speed! It's also pretty affordable at less than $150 at the time of writing. 

Safety is important with these faster toys, which is why Razor sells a Child Multisport Helmet.

Things To Consider When Choosing a Ride-On Toy

There are many ride-on toys to choose from, with Power Wheels themselves having plenty of options. Most of them are similar at their core: 4 wheels, 12v battery, 2 gears, a top speed of <5 mph (8.05 kph), but there are important things to keep in mind that set them apart. 

Number of Seats

If you have multiple children, the number of seats becomes a big deal. Multiseat ride-on toys provide a great bonding experience for children, and it mitigates fights over who's turn it is. If the neighbor kids play with your children, then having multiple seats is also a no-brainer.

Most ride-on toys have up to 2 seats with a weight limit that can accompany 2 small children. Some of them don't have a large enough cabin to fit two four to six-year-olds, so that is something to pay attention to. 

Additionally, $200 and below ride-on toys typically do not have 2 seats; thus, if this is a must-have feature for you, you might need to slightly increase your budget to $250, which opens up your options considerably. I like the Power Wheels Dune Racer because it is priced well and has two large seats.

Number of Gears

The vast majority of these toys have at least 2 gears for forward and reverse. In addition, most of them also have a speed limiter with the lower gear speeds being intended for younger boys and girls who are still learning how to drive their toy. 

Power Wheels almost always have the lower speed set to 2.5 mph (4.02 kph) with a speed governor while the top speed is 5 mph (8.05 kph), but this can vary with other brands and models. Some ride-on toys can be especially slow, and your child may not have fun with them if the speed is less than 4 mph (6.44 kph). But you'll have to evaluate their age and the range of features the product has before making a decision. 

Unless it's for a particularly young child who isn't ready for a faster toy, I will avoid ones that go less than 3 mph (4.83 kph) – which is a walking pace. That's one thing Fisher Price's ride-on toys have going for them – consistency; you'll know it will have two-speed modes of 2.5 mph (4.02 kph) and 5 mph (8.05 kph). 


Even though a ride-on-toy that “only” goes 5 mph (8.05 kph) isn't some sports car meant to be taken to the track or a rock crawler, it is still very possible to get wheelspin if the tires aren't equipped to do well in dry or wet grass. 

Even though they aren't very fast, the toys are very lightweight and have hard plastic tires, and combined with the fact that they go max speed as soon as you press the pedal, you can imagine that improper tire treading can lead to getting stuck. 

Observe the tire threading before buying a ride-on toy and look for manufacturer claims of being off-road friendly. But most importantly, read the reviews. The best way to see if a product is good or not is to read honest feedback from real customers. This also leads us to the next point.


Fisher-Price has a solid track record with reliability, with only a few instances of recalls many years ago. But it's the other brands you have to watch out for. If it's a no-name brand that doesn't have many users at a suspiciously low price, there is a decent chance that quality wasn't much of a concern when making the toys. 

Good alternative brands to Fisher-Price Power Wheels would be Best Choice and Uenjoy, which are so popular on Amazon that it's difficult to find the Fisher-Price toy when searching “Power Wheels.”

The battery is usually the first thing to either fail or get worn out, so this is something to keep an eye out for when reading reviews, as I suggested above. 

In addition, look into the warranty policy when buying a ride-on toy. Even Fisher Price's toys can give out shortly after purchase. You don't want to find out that the warranty doesn't cover flimsy wheels cracking and breaking, for instance.

Consider Shopping Used

Here is a tip that I like to share now and again: Power Wheels make for excellent used toys.

Because the toys are designed for ages 1-7, with kids often outgrowing them before then (either because they learn to ride a bike or are ready for a faster toy), many parents look to “getting rid” of them eventually. This results in them being at very good prices in yard sales and such. 

The main thing that you'll have to be aware of is that the battery will probably need to be replaced on a used Power Wheel since they are only good for up to 3 years of normal use. But a new 12v Power Wheels Battery isn't too expensive, and if you can get the toy itself at a great price, you'll still come out ahead, and it will be as good as new.

You should check for the tires, steering, and general signs of wear and tear. If you are on good terms with a neighbor who has no use for their kid's old Power Wheel, they will probably cut you a nice deal or even give it to you if you are on really good terms.

You could also try Craigslist; many listings sell the toys at around $100 and are descriptive of the condition that they are in.


Power Wheels can get expensive, but they don't have to be! $200 is a very doable budget to work with when shopping for ride-on toys. Just be sure to read reviews and check what features you are looking for (such as a real radio, 2 seats, top speed, etc.). You can also consider an electric scooter if your child is old and responsible enough – those are generally very affordable!