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Power Wheels for Older Kids
Power Wheels for Older Kids

Power Wheels have become a popular option for kids as young as 18 months old. With a variety of styles to choose from, it can be hard to find the right one. What are some of the best Power Wheels available for older kids?

When looking for the best Power Wheels for older kids, it’s important to look at the age and weight requirements. Many well-known brands such as Wrangler, NPL, and MotoTec have Power Wheel options for older kids. You want to find the best option for your budget and your child’s growth.

Let’s take a closer look at 13 of the best Power Wheels for older kids.

Jeep Wrangler Frozen Power Wheels

Boys aren’t the only ones who love a fun power wheel car. Girls love a good remote control ride-on car too. Your daughter, granddaughter, or niece is going to love this Frozen Power Wheels from Jeep Wrangler. You can find this great toy car on Amazon.

The Jeep Wrangler’s Frozen Power Wheels vehicle is designed with safety in mind. The car comes with a sturdy and reliable frame that resembles the traditional Jeep style. The vehicle can hold a child up to 130 pounds (59 kg). 

This Power Wheels vehicle comes with an excellent braking mechanism so that if your child takes her foot off the pedal, the car will stop moving. Its maximum speed moving forward is five miles per hour and two and a half miles per hour when reversing.

It isn’t just a safe option, but a fun one too. The vehicle comes with pre-recorded songs from Disney’s Frozen, so your child can enjoy the music from her favorite movie as she drives. The doors of the vehicle function like real doors, giving it that final touch to make this a perfect kid for your child.

Mercedes Benz Car for Kids

Adults aren’t the only ones with a fine taste in cars. Now, your child can have a Mercedes Benz for nowhere near the actual price of one. The only downside is this vehicle isn’t designed for children over 66 pounds (30 kg) and has a maximum height requirement of 49 inches (124.46 cm). This may not work for your older child if they exceed these measurements. 

However, if your child is within those limitations, this car can be a great option. It certainly lives up to the Mercedes name, despite being a product of Moderno Kids. This toy car is more than just a toy. It’s full of top-of-the-line safety features and entertainment your kid is sure to enjoy.

For safety, the vehicle is equipped with a parental remote, so you have full control of the vehicle, just in case. The maximum speed is six miles per hour. It comes with lights in the headlights, the tires, and the dash, making it great for night driving around the yard.

For entertainment, this vehicle comes with a tablet in the dashboard. It’s loaded with tons of music and videos, including Disney’s Frozen. There’s plenty of trunk space to store all kinds of toys for your child’s adventure in their amazing toy car.

Best Choice Ride on Truck

The Ride-On Truck by Best Choice is another great Power Wheels vehicle for your older child. This vehicle’s recommended age range is three to eight years old, with a maximum weight requirement of 65 pounds (29.5 kg). The truck comes with three-speed options. However, the maximum speed is a little slower than the other options listed above. It maxes out at 3.7 miles per hour. 

However, this is still a great option for your child because of its durability. It comes with large hard plastic tires that are long-lasting and work on almost any terrain. It has a sturdy frame that realistically mimics the body of a Jeep for the ultimate safety features.

This toy car also comes with an auxiliary port so you can connect your music devices to the vehicle and place your child’s favorite music as they drive. The car also comes with a parental remote, so you have full control of the car if you need it. 

This great Power Wheels truck comes in a variety of color options. You can also find it available in pink.

Power Wheels Dune Racer

This Dune Racer by the Power Wheels brand is another great option for your older kids. The manufacturer’s maximum age for this vehicle is seven years old. It’s big enough for two children to sit in this toy car.

For safety, two metal side rails provide your child with handhold support. The hard plastic wheels are perfect for all types of terrain, especially wet grass, rough surfaces, and hard terrain. It has two speeds and can go as fast as five miles per hour at its top speed. It will only go two and a half miles per hour in reverse.

The car comes with a rechargeable 12-volt battery. It doesn’t come with remote control for parents. It may not come with many flashy features like the Mercedes Benz, but it works if you’re just looking for a ride-on car for your kid. 

Lamborghini Kids Car

Like the Mercedes Benz toy car, this Lamborghini Kids Car looks just like the real car of the same name. The weight limitation on this vehicle is 62 pounds (28.1 kg), making it a good option for older kids. The rechargeable battery can hold a charge for up to two hours with a maximum speed of two and a half miles per hour.

While there are faster toy cars available, the Lamborghini Kids Car would be a nice option for kids who don’t wish to go so fast. The manufacturer lists the battery life as one to two hours. The minimum age for this vehicle is three years old. The doors work fully like regular car doors. There is a three-point harness in the vehicle for your child’s safety. It also has a parental remote and a safety lock.

For your child’s entertainment, there is an auxiliary port in the toy car. You can plug in your device and play your child’s favorite music as they race around the backyard or down the sidewalk. It rides well on grass, cement, and other terrains your child might encounter. It’s available in pink and yellow.

Tomy John Deere Gator Ride on Car

Anyone who grew up on a farm knows how great John Deere tractors are. Now, your child can have one too with this John Deere Gator Ride On Car by Tomy! This toy car is great and designed for ages three years old and up. It has a maximum weight limit of 75 pounds (34 kg), which is more than some other options in this article.

It’s a bit on the slower side at two and a half miles per hour. It only has one speed going forward or in reverse. However, you’ll know your child is safe with that speed. The vehicle also has an auxiliary port for music. The sturdy framework around the seat of the car is there for your child’s protection.

One of the best features of this particular car has to be the two water guns attached to the top of the frame. Sure to be your child’s favorite part, they can drive their car around the yard and attack their friends and family with water whenever they want.

First Drive Benz

Another Mercedes Benz model toy car that your child is sure to love. This Benz by First Drive is decked out with the best features you could want in a toy car. Not only does it seat two kids, but it also has a parental remote that can operate the vehicle from over 50 feet away.

There is a radio and an auxiliary port for your child’s entertainment. What’s also great about this car is the four-wheel drive and the four motors used to operate the vehicle. This ensures that no matter what the terrain is, your child’s car will be able to drive over it.

There are plenty of lights all over the vehicle to make it safe for those overcast or dark days. You’ll also find that the 12-volt battery gives hours of fun. There is even a button to switch between two-wheel and four-wheel drive. Your child is going to love the real working doors and the speed on this great toy car. 

Peg Perego John Deere Gator

Another John Deere-inspired car for your child to try out. This Peg Perego branded John Deere Gator is bigger than the other model and allows two children to ride in it. There are two speeds on this great car. It can go two and a half miles per hour or five miles per hour and locks at five miles per hour for safety.

What’s really great about this vehicle for older kids is there is an adjustable seat. So, as your child grows, so does their toy car. It also comes with a two-year warranty just in case something breaks during that time.

The vehicle comes with an extra-large truck bed that can actually tip and dump its load. The large wheels make it perfect for any terrain your child might face. There’s even a cup holder on the dash. This toy car also comes with a way to attach the Peg Perego John Deere Adventure Trailer to the car, which is sold separately. 

Uenjoy 4-Wheeler Ride on Toy Car

Uenjoy makes a variety of power wheel cars that your child will enjoy. One of their best is this 4-Wheeler Ride-On Toy Car. It comes with huge treaded tires that are perfect for all kinds of terrain. The max weight it will hold is 77 pounds (35 kg). The vehicle comes in three colors and has lights and a realistic horn to give it a fun car-like experience. 

There isn’t a parental remote for this one, so that’s a potential downside if you’re hoping to have one. The maximum speed is 3.7 miles per hour, which is a pretty decent speed for older kids. It’s also better suited for older children since there aren’t any seat belts or auto-locking brakes. Children should be able to steer and control the vehicle if you plan to purchase this one.

One of the best features of this vehicle is that it’s Bluetooth-enabled. There is an MP3 player as well as an auxiliary cord. It even has a USB port. So, you can connect your devices in multiple ways to get the best experience out of the vehicle.

First Drive Mercedes Benz SL

This is another Mercedes model by First Drive. The difference with this First Drive Mercedes Benz is that it isn’t a four-wheel-drive vehicle. This vehicle is also designed for only one rider. The vehicle comes with three speeds and maxes out at six miles per hour. 

There are two driving modes. The first way is manual, which your older kids are going to love. The second mode is by parental remote. This gives you complete control over the vehicle for the best safety of your child. 

The seat is adjustable to ensure your child’s comfort, and there is a seat belt for their safety. The wheels are made from an anti-skid material, which is also wear-resistant. The lights allow your child to enjoy this vehicle both during the day and at night. 

There are multiple ways for your child to hook up their devices. The vehicle comes equipped with a USB port, an auxiliary port, and is Bluetooth accessible. Your child is going to love driving this toy car everywhere they can.

Uenjoy Motorized Truck

This vehicle is basically a beast of a toy car. The Uenjoy Motorized Truck has all of the features to make this the best gift your child will love for years to come. It comes with the parental remote, so there are two driving modes for your child to operate their car.

The car comes equipped with built-in music, a USB port, an auxiliary port, and is Bluetooth enabled for entertainment. Your child can easily listen to their favorite music while they zip across the yard. The vehicle can hold a max weight of 88 pounds (40 kg). That allows your child to enjoy this car for years after purchasing it.

For safety, this motorized truck comes with an adjustable seat belt. The sturdy frame around the outside is there for handhold support as their climb into the car. The car can seat two children, but you will need to keep in mind the maximum weight limit.

First Drive Slingshot

Now, this is a car that is going to be the talk of the town. The First Drive Slingshot is a great option for older kids because the maximum weight limit is 130 pounds (59 kg). The car is designed to seat up to two children. The seat is one seat with an adjustable seat belt to keep your kids safe.

To really entertain your older kid, this car is equipped with a key startup. This feature makes the car feel like a real car, making it a great option for your older child. The sounds of the car add to the realistic experience of the car. The radio comes with an auxiliary port, USB port and is Bluetooth enabled so your child can listen to whatever music they want. 

For safety, the vehicle comes with a parental remote so you can control the car up to 50 feet away. The deeply treaded wheels make it perfect for every terrain type your child might face in their toy car. Both the front and back wheels are made out of anti-skid and wear-resistant plastic to keep your child safe no matter what.

Best Choice Lamborghini Aventador SV Sports Car

Another model based on a real car, this vehicle is sure to impress your child. This Lamborghini Aventador SV Sports Car can hold a child with a max weight of 66 pounds (30 kg). It also has the option to hold two smaller children. The vehicle can run for two hours on its rechargeable battery. 

This vehicle comes in red or green. You can also hook up your device to the radio through the auxiliary port so your child can listen to their favorite music easily. The car doors even swing up as the real car does. The tires aren’t quite designed for every terrain type. It will operate best on sidewalks and hard surfaces.

There are two modes of operation for this Lamborghini. The parental remote allows you to control the vehicle, while the pedals allow your child to control it. The vehicle comes with an adjustable seat belt to keep your child safe. The maximum speed for this toy car is 3.7 miles per hour. 


Whether you go with the Power Wheels brand or another brand, there’s no denying your child is going to love the vehicle. Choosing the best electric toy car can be hard because of how many options are out there. Hopefully, this article has made or will make the decision easier for you.