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Power Wheels with Remote
Remote Control for Power Wheels

We all love our toys, and power wheels are a popular choice for entertainment. But there are times when the remote control breaks, dies, or gets lost, and you need a new one. You may think it is difficult, but it can be pretty simple.

With this guide, you can find a better remote without too much hassle. You can pair a new remote control or upgrade your old one. All you need to do is purchase the tools, and you are on your way.

How To Pair A Remote Control

Connecting a new remote control to your power wheels is the easiest and fastest route when replacing your old one. You don’t have to assemble anything, and you don’t have to buy any upgrades. You just purchase the new remote, and then you’re ready to connect the remote.

There are many remotes out there, but the most popular remotes to choose from are the following:

  • Xmote
  • Happymote
  • Litemote
  • Owliemote
  • Orangemote
  • Walliemote

Although you would assume that connecting each one would be the same process, it isn’t. Each one has its unique pairing process, many with a few similarities.

Pairing The Xmote

Here are the steps to connecting your Xmote to your power wheels:

  • Make sure the remote is charged or has batteries.
  • Turn on your power wheels.
  • Press the pairing button (usually at the center of the remote) for 2-4 seconds until the LED indicator flashes.
  • Once the LED indicator is stable, it means you paired the remote.

Test out your remote after pairing. Make sure everything works correctly. You don’t want to pair it and then realize some buttons aren’t compatible with your type of power wheels toy.

Pairing The Happymote

Here are the steps to pairing your Happymote to your power wheels:

  • Charge your remote or add batteries before use.
  • Make sure your power wheels are turned off.
  • Press the pairing button at the center of the remote for 2-4 seconds or until the LED light begins blinking.
  • Turn on the power wheels.
  • The LED light will turn off once the remote has connected to the power wheels vehicle.

Give it a test drive and see how you like this remote with your power wheels car.

Pairing The Litemote

Here are the steps to connecting your litemote controller to your child’s power wheels car:

  • Always make sure the remote is charged or has batteries in it.
  • Turn your power wheels off.
  • Press the pairing button on the remote for 2-4 seconds until the LED light is blinking.
  • Immediately turn the power wheels on.
  • Check the LED light to see if it isn’t blinking anymore. If it is still blinking, it is not paired with the car.

Take the power wheels for a spin and see if all the buttons work well between your remote and car.

Pairing The Owliemote

Here are the following steps to pair your Owliemote to your power wheels vehicle:

  • Have the remote charged or have batteries before use.
  • Ensure the power wheels vehicle is turned off.
  • Press the up and down button simultaneously for 3 seconds to initiate pairing mode (the light will blink).
  • Press the on button for your power wheels.
  • Once the LED light is solid on the remote, it is connected to the power wheels.

Have fun test-driving your power wheels car with the remote controller so that you can drive your toddler around.

Pairing The Orangemote

The steps to connecting your Orangemote to your power wheels are simple. Follow these instructions:

  • Ensure your remote controller is fully charged or has batteries.
  • Turn off your power wheels.
  • Press the black pairing button until the light flashes.
  • Turn on the power wheels.
  • If the light is stable, your remote control is connected to the power wheels.

Test out the buttons and controls to see how to drive your power wheels. Button layouts are different with each remote control.

Pairing The Walliemote

The last popular remote pairing instructions are the Walliemote. Just follow these steps so you can start driving your child’s power wheels:

  • Make sure your remote is fully charged.
  • Turn off your power wheels.
  • This remote has an automatic connection feature.
  • The lights will blink when it is ready to connect.
  • Turn on the power wheels.
  • The lights will remain solid once connected.

Now you can use your power wheels cars with your new remote!

The Best Remote For Your Power Wheels

There are many universal remotes out there that you can use with your power wheels. You can find them for under twenty dollars, or you can get a more expensive one. There are many shapes and sizes, so you can find one that is unique to your desires. 

Here are the most popular and highly recommended remotes to get for your child’s power wheels vehicle:

  • OME Universal remote
  • Owliemote
  • Shengle’s White remote
  • Shengle’s Motherboard remote

OME Universal Remote

The OME Universal remote is similar to that of an RC remote controller. It is 27mhz and is compatible with both power wheels and children’s ride-on toys that are not considered power wheels. You don’t have to worry about whether or not it won’t pair with your ride-on vehicle.

This remote controller doesn’t come with batteries so you will need to purchase this as well as the remote. It is made with lightweight plastic and is easy to handle. The recommended age is eight years old and up to use this controller.


The Owliemote is a simple design that fits well in your hands. It is a 2.4GB Bluetooth remote that connects easily to your power wheels vehicle. It has more buttons compared to other designs but is easy to navigate. These are the layouts of the buttons:

  • “S” represents the speed of your power wheels.
  • 1 LED lit up is low speed.
  • 2 LEDs lit up are medium speed.
  • 3 LEDs lit up at high speed.
  • The up arrow represents forward.
  • The down arrow represents backward.
  • The p key initiates the brakes.

With this remote, a battery is included. Check to see if it is damaged if you have trouble connecting it to your power wheels vehicles.

Shengle’s White Remote

Shengle’s white remote is a popular design and one of the cheaper options out of many of the best quality remotes at just $12. It resembles many video game manufacturers, so it is easier to learn the buttons, unlike some other designs.

This remote doesn’t come with batteries, so you will need to buy these separately and install the batteries yourself. It is a 2.4GB Bluetooth transmitter remote and can connect with most brands. If this remote doesn’t connect with your power wheels, you can purchase a receiver that will allow the remote to connect to your toy.

Shengle’s Motherboard Remote

The Shengle’s motherboard remote has more button options than other options. It is not a universal remote, so some brands don’t work with it, but it works with most ride-on cars.

Although it has more button options, this one is user-friendly. Manufacturers recommend that boys and girls as young as two years old and older. It is easy to pair, and it only costs around twenty dollars. 

How To Replace Your Remote Controller

It is great to replace the whole controller system when your power wheels system has gotten old or doesn’t work anymore. The best option is to buy a remote controller kit so you don’t have to search for all the right components and figure out how to assemble them.

Important Things To Know Beforehand

Before you buy yourself a power wheels vehicle and start changing the system, you may want to take a few considerations before you purchase anything. Here are some things to think about:

  • Match the voltage
  • Look into used power wheels
  • Cost of the new system

Match The Voltage

Always make sure that you choose a kit or remote control system with the same voltage as the power wheels. If you get something for a higher voltage, it can cause the battery to be drained quicker than the child can have fun driving it.

You can also burn out the electrical system of your power wheel toy. You don’t want this because you will need to buy new power wheels. If you buy a system that needs a higher voltage, you will need to upgrade the battery and maybe even upgrade the electrical system to work with the new remote controller system.

Look Into Used Power Wheels

If your main goal is to convert a power wheel into a remote-controlled one, you can look into used power wheels. Many parents out there are selling power wheels at low prices because their child has outgrown the old toy.

If you already have power wheels, you can replace the old system with the new one without purchasing a completely new remote-controlled power wheel. Don’t think you need to buy a brand new one because the remote control system is outdated.

Cost Of New System

Buying a new system for your remote controller is not too expensive. You will find yourself spending from $50 to $60 for a decent system that is perfect for your power wheels. If you are spending hundreds of dollars, you may want to think twice about who you are buying from. It shouldn’t cost more than that, and if it does, you may just think about buying new power wheels.

Tools And Products You Need

You will need a few things to take apart your power wheels and assemble the new system. First, you will need to pick out your remote controller system. Two choices are great to buy:

BrandE FastWeelye
Key Features2.4GB Bluetooth, Easy Installation2.4GB Bluetooth, Easy Installation
Batteries IncludedNoNot specified

These kits are great for those who don’t know how to build a remote controller transmitter from scratch. You don’t have to be a professional to install this.

Other tools that you will need besides the kit are the following:

  • Screwdriver
  • Handsaw
  • Electrical tape
  • Drill
  • A bowl or container

It is best practice to gather all these things before you get started. If you don’t have all of it at hand, you will find yourself forgetting what step you are at or find yourself losing things you didn’t mean to. 

You will also need to have your power wheels ready to be disassembled to replace the control system with the new one. Try not to lose any screws that you take out. Have a bowl or container beside you to store any pieces that could easily be lost.

Steps To Replacing Your Remote Controller

Now that you have bought your replacement parts and have gathered all your tools, you are ready to start changing out all the parts. Here are the steps to installing your new remote control system:

  • Prepare your power wheels.
  • Remove all the old remote control parts.
  • Put in the new controller system.
  • Connect the receiver.
  • Test drive your power wheels.

This process won’t take as long as you may think. It should take about a few hours to replace the old system with the new one completely. If it runs smoothly, you can see yourself test driving the vehicle in about an hour. It just depends on the pace you work at and how you organize your tools and parts.

Prepare Your Power Wheels

To make sure that everything runs smoothly, you should clean the power wheels of any dirt. Children can be messy and find themselves driving through all sorts of grime and dirt. Clean the power wheels to the best of your ability. Doing this will also help you get familiar with the toy.

Once you have cleaned away any grime (especially dirt under the hood), lift the hood and remove any parts that will get in your way. You will want to remember where these parts connect when you need to put them back in their original position. Make sure to keep all screws organized, so you don’t lose any of those pieces.

You will also need to remove any parts that will prevent you from accessing areas you will install the remote control system. These parts may include the following:

  • Car seats
  • The car’s grill
  • The windshield
  • Buttons

Remove All Old Remote Control Parts

Now that your power wheels are ready, you can go ahead and remove the old controller parts. But wait, don’t just start tugging. Go ahead and take a picture of the system to help guide you when you put the new system in.

You will want to remove any defective parts and replace those as well. Once you have removed as much as you can in that position, you will need to flip the vehicle over to access parts under the pedal tabs. You will need to press all four tabs to remove the gas pedals.

Take away all wires attached to the pedal area and saw off any excess plastic around it. Try not to leave anything in the pedal area, and there may be plastic protruding when you are done, but that is okay.

Taking all these things from this area will ensure that your child won’t drive the toy manually. It will also make sure you don’t have electricity going to other areas that could be harmful to your child.

Try to refrain from just yanking on wires to get them out. You don’t want to disrupt or damage any connectors that you may use for the new system. This will also reduce any damage to other parts that you may need later on.

Put In The New Controller System

Now that you have removed everything, you can install the new system. Have the instruction manual close to you. You should have gotten this when you bought the new kit. Ensure the instructions are within arms reach because you will want to do this part in one sitting.

You will also need to have the image you took open to refer to just in case there are differences in the mapping of the wires between the manual and your image. This can happen when you are installing a different brand than the kit manufacturer had considered.

Here are the steps to installing the new system:

  • First, connect the power switch to the power button.
  • Then connect the forward/back/stop switch to the foot pedal.
  • Connect the high/low-speed switch to the dashboard.
  • Then you can connect the music and light in the dashboard.
  • Connect the steering switch to the motor.
  • Finally, connect the power terminals to the battery.

Make sure everything is completely connected before moving on to the next step. Any loose wires can cause issues with the electrical supply. You don’t want to put everything back together, realizing that you may not have connected something correctly.

Connect The Receiver

Next, you are attaching the receiver. The receiver connects to your remote controller so you can tell the power wheels what to do. It is small, so you will need to attach the receiver to the dashboard using electrical tape.

You will need to adjust the receiver to the right channel, and most only have two. Use the manual that came with the kit to see the appropriate channel that your remote controller can connect to.

Make sure the battery is connected to the remote control and pair the remote with the receiver. You can test the buttons to see if they have been paired. If it doesn't work, try the steps again before getting too worried.

If it still seems like the remote isn’t doing anything to the power wheels, you will need to double-check to see if all the connectors are in the proper place and fully installed. Open circuits can disrupt the entire system, even if it is just one.

Use the directions from the manual first, and if it doesn’t seem to work, refer to the image you took of the old connections. See if there are any differences and try to connect them based on the image.

Test Drive Your Power Wheels

Once the pairing of your remote controller is complete, and everything seems to be in order, go for that test drive. Mess around with the buttons to get used to them. It is good to test drive all the buttons to make sure they all work.

Always test drive it first without your child. Once you are comfortable with the controls, try it with your child to see if anything changes. It should work perfectly, but sometimes things may get shifted with the extra weight.

Benefits Of Using A Remote Controller

There are many benefits to using a remote controller with a power wheel instead of letting your child drive it on their own, but the biggest one is safety. Children may often drive recklessly or get stuck. With a remote controller, you won’t have to deal with this issue.

Using a remote controller is also great for when your child doesn’t know how to drive or is too small to reach the pedals of the power wheels. You can drive them around without having a disaster. You will also reduce the number of collisions your child may have by having control over the vehicle.

Your child can also drive with the remote controller if they desire. It will be easier for them to control instead of figuring out the pedals with the steering wheel. Be sure that the child is at the age and experience to take control of the remote themselves.


You can find remotes and other parts anywhere on the internet to fit your power wheels. It is easy for you to find, install, and connect a new system to your power wheels car without having a professional do it with online markets. You will find that you will be able to do everything on your own with a little research. You got this!