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Power Wheels Accessories

We live in a world where just about anything can be accessorized or customized to match our personalities and lifestyles. You have likely noticed that people have begun to accessorize their children's Power Wheels™. You may be wondering what features people are modifying to make these ride-on toys safer and more fun for their kiddos. 

If you are wondering about how to accessorize Power Wheels for the children in your life, continue reading this article for cool ideas that will turn heads and bring smiles to everyone's faces as they drive by. 

Power Wheels Have Stood the Test of Time

Over the past 30 years, fisher-price™ has produced over 100 different models of Power Wheels. With so many models and styles, it's no wonder that people have come up with ways to make these super-cool, ride-on children's toys even more amazing. 

Some of the models listed on the Fisher-Price Power Wheels website include: 

The models listed come in alternate colors and styles. Some have popular children's television show and movie themes such as Disney™, Nickelodeon™, and more. 

Many of the Power Wheels that have been produced are replicated after real vehicles and other types of equipment that adults use on a daily basis. This appeals to those with children who may want to imitate their parents. 

The following section will give some details on the most common ways people are accessorizing and customizing their children's Power Wheels. 

9 Cool Ways to Accessorize and Customize Your Power Wheels

If you would like some ideas on how to improve your child's Power Wheels by adding more accessories for more fun and an exciting experience that will make the neighborhood kids jealous, keep reading this list for inspirational ideas. 

Add a Trailer Hitch for Your Little Workers

If you have a child who likes to help around the farm or in the yard, try installing a simple trailer hitch so you can add a cute little trailer. 

This will let them feel like they are helping. They can help carry grass clippings, leaves, and other yard debris that they may encounter. Perhaps they can haul the groceries to the house for you. The possibilities are endless. 

Installing a trailer hitch and trailer will also give them a place to store all of their toys and other fun things they find on their adventures. 

Create a Fun and Personalized Look with Sticker Decals

The simplest way to personalize and add some accessories your child's Power Wheels is to add some cool stickers and decals that show off their style. 

Some ideas of sticker kits to look for are: 

  • Farm or construction equipment
  • Favorite television show or movie themes
  • Firetruck
  • Garbage truck
  • Pizza delivery
  • Police car
  • Rescue vehicles

The world wide web offers many ideas and options for purchasing sticker decals that can make your child's Power Wheels one of a kind. 

This is one example of a sticker pack that can be purchased for your child's Power Wheels. 

Customize Your Kiddo's Power Wheels with a Fresh Paint Job

We all know that paint can make a world of difference when it comes to updating and creating anything. 

If you want your child to have a custom Power Wheel that shows off their personality, another simple and fairly inexpensive way to make visual improvements is to repaint the vehicle. 

The great thing is you can use any combination of colors or patterns that you want. Oftentimes adults will add accessories their child's Power Wheels to match their own vehicles or equipment, which children love because it makes them feel like they are an adult. 

Rather than use decal stickers, you could also make stencils and paint your own designs for a truly custom look that your children will absolutely adore. 

Pro tip: Be sure to lightly sand the areas that you are painting, so the paint has a rough surface to adhere to. 

Elevating Your Power Wheels for More Ground Clearance

If you really want to make your child's Power Wheels look like an off-road vehicle, you can try adding a lift kit. Not only will it look super cool and tough, but adding a lift kit will give them extra ground clearance when they are driving off the beaten path.

You can purchase the supplies you need to lift your child's Power Wheels or purchase an old used Power Wheels and use parts from it to make a custom lift kit. (Purchasing an old Power Wheels that is the same model as the one you currently have is the best way to accomplish this mission.)

It is always a good idea to try and acquire an old Power Wheels to use for parts, but once again, be sure it is the same model as the one you have. Many of the models have parts that are not interchangeable. It can save your wallet a lot of pain and also allow you to get creative with your accessorizing. 

Increase Traction for a Better Riding Experience

Nobody likes to get stuck when they are out for a joy ride. If you have noticed that your little one spends a lot of time spinning in place due to the lack of traction a plastic wheel provides, then you may want to consider beefing up the tires. 

Oftentimes plastic wheels will not move on very well on: 

  • Wet grass 
  • Mud 
  • Snow 

This ends up leaving your child stranded and upset because they can't go where they want. Thankfully, some parents have come up with some fairly inexpensive ways to combat this issue. 

If you are on a budget and would like to get more life and better grip out of your child's Power Wheels tires, then give one of these simple methods a try and see how it works for you.

  • Step 1 – Rough Up the Plastic Tires with Sandpaper. In order to properly add traction to your Power Wheels plastic tires, it is important that you begin by sanding the entire surface of the tires. You don't have to use a heavy grit, just something with enough grit to rough the surface up a little bit. Doing this will allow any adhesives or other traction materials to adhere properly and last longer. 
  • Step 2 – Remove All Dirt, Grime, and Debris from the Tires. Once you have given the tires a good sanding, it is time to thoroughly clean them. For this process, you will likely need a good scrub brush along with and an old toothbrush or something equivalent. Use the old toothbrush to get in the small cracks of the tread to be sure there is no debris stuck in the crevices. In order for any adhesives and tread material to stick to the tire, it is imperative that they are completely clean and free of debris, grease, oil, or any other substance that could prevent traction materials from adhering properly. 
  • Step 3 – Make sure the tires are completely clean and dry. After you have scrubbed all of the plastic tires and you are sure that there is nothing left over, flip the toy car over and let the wheels air dry. The tires need to stay clean and dry in order for the next steps to work properly. If the tires are not cleaned properly prior to the application of the tread material, you will have wasted your time and money because the materials will not stick properly to the plastic. 
  • Step 4 – Repair Cracks and Holes in the Tires. As your child rides, they will inevitably put some wear and tear on the plastic tires. Riding on gravel and other rough surfaces can put small cracks holes in the tires. Be sure to carefully inspect the tires for any damage before adhering the traction materials. This step is required because if you have cracks and/or holes in the tires, your adhesive will seep through and can cause the materials to fall off or wear out sooner than you would like, once again resulting in wasted time and money. To repair any cracks and/or holes in the plastic tires, you can use any fiberglass repair kit. Fiberglass kits are fairly inexpensive and are easy to use if you follow their simple directions. Take your time and be sure the tires are ready to go before continuing to the next step. 
  • Step 5 – Three Options for Applying Traction Materials. As previously mentioned, there are multiple ways to add grip to your Power Wheels. Try one of these and see how it works. You should be happy with the results if you follow the directions properly. 
Option 1

One great way you can add extra traction for your little driver's Power Wheels is to use Flex Seal Spray™. Begin by flipping the vehicle upside down (if you haven't already), and use painter's tape and newspaper or plastic sheets to cover up any areas that you do not want to be sprayed with rubber coating. 

Carefully and evenly spray one-half of the tires and let them dry thoroughly. Once the first half of the tire is dry, you can rotate the tires and spray the remaining portion and let them dry again. 

You may repeat this step one or two more times depending upon how much grip you wish to add to the tires. This is one of the simplest ways to add traction without breaking the bank. 

Option 2

Another simple option is to use Flex Seal Liquid™. This process will require having several clean paint brushes on hand as you will need a new brush for each application of the Flex Seal. Be sure to use a brush that is small enough to get into any tread that may be left on the tires. 

It is important to lay a nice even layer, so you don't end up with wobbly spots in the tires. They will eventually wear down, but it may make for a bumpy ride. 

This process will take considerably longer because the liquid takes longer to dry. It is recommended that you follow the same steps as if you were using the spray version; however, you will need to let each half of the tires dry for approximately eight hours before rotating them and covering the other side with the liquid. 

You may also repeat these steps one or two more times, depending upon how much additional grip you would like on your tires. Once you have completed the job, you can use a utility knife to cut any excess rubber off the edges if there is any. 

Option 3

Lastly, and probably the most simple way (if you can find them), is to add what is called traction bands. There are multiple websites that sell what appears to be a large rubber band that fits onto the tire of the Power Wheels. 

You will most likely need to know the model of your Power Wheels because one size does not always fit all. Unfortunately, these handy traction bands seem to be slightly difficult to find as of late. However, if you are able to acquire a set, they will save you a lot of time. 

There is no guarantee as to how long each of the previously mentioned methods of adding traction will last. However, they should last several months depending upon how often the Power Wheels are ridden. If your kiddo likes to ride a lot, you may have to repeat this process every few months. 

Install a Remote Kill Switch for Safety

For safety sake, install a remote kill switch that you can control in the event that your child gets into a bad situation, such as they are heading toward a busy road. These devices can prevent serious accidents and injuries from occurring. 

If your child is too far away for you to reach them in time, simply hit the remote to kill the power to the vehicle until you can catch up with them. You will be able to have peace of mind as your child rides when you know you also have control over the situation. 

Install a Sunshade  

Whether it's hot and sunny or it looks like there's a coming flood, adding accessories in the form of a sunshade or umbrella to your child's Power Wheels can be very beneficial. It can keep the sun off of their delicate skin and the rain from cutting their ride short. 

Let the Lights Shine Bright

Adding lights to your child's Power Wheels can certainly add an element of coolness, but it can also serve as a safety feature. 

Examples of the types of lights you could add are:

  • A light bar for better visibility
  • Fire and Rescue lights
  • Ground effects lights
  • Police lights
  • Strobe lights

Adding lights increases the visibility of the Power Wheels, so if your little one does go out of bounds, people can see them and react accordingly. 

Adding lights also increases the amount of time your child can play, so they don't have to park the vehicle when it gets dark outside. 

Sound Off the Horns and Let the Music Play

Let's face it, kids love to make noise, and they especially like to honk the horn on a vehicle, so why not add a fun horn to make their ride a little more exciting? You can add a basic horn or get silly and find one that makes funny noises. 

Examples of funny car horn sounds you could add are: 

  • An old fashioned car horn
  • Fire and Rescue sirens
  • Police Sirens
  • Semi-truck horn
  • Train horn
  • Various animal sounds

Another way for your children to have some extra fun and make even more noise with their accessories is to add a radio so they can jam out to their favorite tunes. There are aftermarket noise boxes and radios for Power Wheels available on various websites. You may have to search around a little before you find what you are looking for. 

Strap in for Safety

If you are not satisfied with the basic seatbelts that come installed on Power Wheels, it is possible to install a more secure seatbelt or safety harness. This will prevent your little tykes from falling out if things get a little crazy. 

When the Time is Right, Add More Power

As Tim, the Tool Man Taylor would say, “More power!” If you want to give your child's Power Wheels more power, you can try using a bigger battery. You can use a deep cycle lawn mower battery as long as it has the same voltage as the Power Wheels battery. 

For example, if your Power Wheels has a 12-volt battery, you would need to use a 12-volt lawn mower battery. If you don't have a deep cycle lawn mower battery, a regular one will work, but it will not hold up as long as a deep cycle because deep cycle batteries are designed to be charged over and over again as opposed to a regular battery. 

Safety Tip: Keep in mind, with more power comes more risk of accidental injury. Be sure that your child is ready to handle more power and knows how to handle the vehicle before letting them take off and get hurt. 

The next section will discuss other brands of ride-on vehicles for children and some cool options that they have available. 

Competitor Brands

Power Wheels are one of the most popular battery-operated, ride-on toys for children, but you may be wondering if they are the only company that makes this type of toy. 

Since the inception of Power Wheels, other companies have jumped on the bandwagon and created their own versions of this super-fun, ride-on toy for children. Luxury car brands along with farm and construction equipment are being replicated so children can match their parents while they play.

Continue reading if you would like to learn more about what other companies Fisher-Price Power Wheels compete with and be exposed to a whole world of customizable ride-on vehicles and accessories for children. 

Top 7 Competitor Brands

The following list gives the names and some details about the top competitors for Fisher-Price Power Wheels. 

Peg Perego™

Peg Perego is an Italian-based company that makes high-end, battery-operated, ride-on toys for children of all ages and sizes. These ride-on toys are extremely realistic looking and very popular. 

This company replicates brands such as: 

  • Case™ Tractors
  • Ducati™ Motorcycles
  • John Deere™ Tractors and Gators
  • New Holland™ Tractors
  • Polaris™ ATVs

If you live on a farm and have a little one who would love to copy what you are doing, these tractors and ATVs are identical to the adult versions. Your child will look so cute and be so happy that they can do what you are doing. 

Mercedes Benz™

If you live a life of luxury, Mercedes Benz has come out with its own line of ride-on vehicles for children. The ride-on vehicles that Mercedes Benz produces are top-of-the-line luxury vehicles. Your child will feel like the cream of the crop in one of these fancy toy cars. 

Kid Motorz™

Kid Motorz is another very popular brand of ride-on vehicles for children, but they do not have a specific website. However, all of their ride-on vehicles can be purchased online. 

 You can find Kid Motorz vehicles on websites such as: 

  • Amazon™
  • Ebay™
  • Target™
  • Walmart™ 

Here is a list of the type of vehicles that Kid Motorz replicates. 

  • ATVs
  • Construction equipment
  • Farm equipment 
  • Firetrucks
  • Police vehicles
  • Popular luxury brand cars
  • Rescue vehicles


When you hear the name Huffy, you most likely think of the popular bicycle brand, but that is not all they produce. Huffy has become a popular maker of many different styles of battery-operated, ride-on toys for children. 

Some examples of the types of vehicles they produce are as follows: 

  • ATVs
  • Motorcycles
  • Stand-on scooters
  • Tractors
  • Vespa™ ride-on scooters

Kid Trax™

Kid Trax offers many options for battery-operated ride-on vehicles for children. They are incredibly realistic looking and come in many varieties. 

Here are examples of the types of ride-on vehicles that Kid Trax offers: 

  • Trucks/SUVs
  • ATVs/UTVs
  • Sports cars
  • Farm and construction equipment
  • Vespa scooters
  • Motorcycles


This is another popular toy company that is now producing battery-operated, ride-on vehicles for young children. They replicate some luxury brands as well as have some police vehicles and more. 

Best Choice Products Store™

This company offers multiple products; however, we are only discussing their ride-on vehicles. They offer many options of battery-operated, ride-on vehicles for children with many styles and colors available. 

The types of ride-on vehicles that they offer include: 

  • ATVs
  • Cars
  • Motorcycles
  • Trucks

The next section will discuss a couple of commonly asked questions. 

Commonly Asked Questions About Accessorizing Power Wheels

Here are a few questions that have been commonly asked about Power Wheels accessories and upgrades

  • Is there a way to charge Power Wheels faster? Yes, you can purchase a 12-Volt quick charger that will charge much faster than the one that is included when you buy the vehicle. This charger also shuts off automatically when done so it will not overcharge or cause a fire. 
  • How do I get parts and accessories without breaking the bank? The best way to find parts and accessories is to shop around for used Power Wheels that people are selling or getting rid of. Oftentimes you will find many of the parts you need. The other way is to shop around online. There are multitudes of websites dedicated to accessorizing, customizing, and repairing Power Wheels and other ride-on vehicles for children. 

Get Creative and Let Your Children Help With the Process

Adding accessories and customizing Power Wheels can result in some pretty cool vehicles. Getting your children involved in the process can allow you to spend some quality fun time while teaching them how to be creative and how things work.