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Power Wheels with Remote Control
Power Wheels with Remote Control

Power Wheels are arguably among the best toys to get your little one; these ride-on cars make children feel like adults and help improve their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. To enhance safety during play, some ride-on cars come with remote control to help parents regulate outdoor play. So, what are the best Power Wheels with remote control for parents?

The best Power Wheels with remote control should allow parents to control the toy from a distance without being too close. Besides speed settings, the remote control should also come with power settings to help parents turn the car off in case of looming danger or safety risks.

If you're looking for a remote-controlled ride-on car for your little one, you are in the right place. Read on as I review 13 of the best Power Wheels with remote control. I'll also provide a buyer's guide to help you choose a remote control Power Wheels that suits your child.

Uenjoy Maserati GranCabrio 12V Electric Car

This Maserati-inspired ride-on car by Uenjoy is meant for children aged 1-6 years. Besides manual operation, it can also be controlled by a parental remote, giving you peace of mind that your child will be safe during play.

All four wheels have high-quality suspensions that enhance your little one's comfort when playing on rough terrain and rocky surfaces. Older kids can ride the toy with a foot pedal, steering wheel, and shift lever, while you can use the 2.4G remote controller to regulate your toddler's play outdoors.

This high-quality toddler car also boasts a real FM radio and a music player with Bluetooth, TF card, and USB functionalities. This ensures that your little one is fully entertained during play.


  • Comes with real headlights and taillights
  • Equipped with a high-quality suspension system for increased safety
  • The seat belts are real
  • Music player and FM radio ensure your child is fully entertained during play.
  • Comes with lockable doors for ease of entry and enhanced safety
  • Has a pull handle that allows the car to be moved as a luggage


  • Manages a maximum acceleration of 3 mph (4.8 kph)
  • Doesn't come with a passenger seat

Dakott Lamborghini Centenario

Featuring a carrying handle located beneath the front bumper and dragging wheels at the rear end, your child can move this toy as a suitcase when the ride-on car is out of charge. As a concerned parent, you'll love the 2.4G remote control that puts you in charge of your kid's riding speed.

The suspension on all wheels enhances comfort during play, while the scissor doors (openable) give the ride-on car a genuinely realistic look. The presence of a battery indicator will help your little driver know when the car needs a recharge.

The steering wheel is multifunctional and comes with amazing sound effects. In terms of entertainment, your child is guaranteed to enjoy the MP3 connectivity and the real engine sounds it produces. The steering wheel is easy to assemble as its installation requires no screws.


  • Easy and fast assembly courtesy of the one-button steering wheel assembly
  • Suitable for kids as young as 1 year due to its remote-control functionality
  • MP3 connectivity and sound effects allow for entertainment during play
  • The battery indicator will notify your little one when the batteries need a recharge
  • Carry handle enhances the ride-on car's versatility


  • Only accommodates one child
  • Not too spacious

Moderno 12V Kiddie Roadster

Although this ride-on car has a low weight capacity—55 lbs (25 kgs)—it still stands out due to its amazing features like real fog lights, tail lights, storage trunk, and openable doors. The 5-point seat belt enhances rider safety, while the rear spring suspension helps make navigation past surfaces smoother.

The electric brake and soft start system will prevent your little one from getting scared during play. As a concerned parent, you'll love the 2.4G remote control that allows you to control up to three-speed settings.

The integrated, high-quality MP3 player can play music from different sources like SD cards, USB, and external devices like iPads, iPhones, and Android phones. The presence of a removable tray table and rubber floor mats give this ride-on car for kids an edge over other products.


  • Comes with a remote control that has stop, reverse, and forward buttons
  • The safety belt enhances overall safety during play
  • Functional LED headlights and taillights
  • Features a high-quality PU leather seat for your little driver
  • Comes with an integrated, durable MP3 player connectible to external sources
  • Storage trunk allows your child to carry his toys and play pretend


  • Not suitable for kids above 3 years
  • Wheels can't handle tough surfaces as it's meant for paved surfaces

Costzo 12V Licensed Mercedes Benz

This ride-on electric car resembles a real-life Mercedes Benz. It features bright rear and front lights as well as double-opening doors that have safety locks. The remote control has forward, reverse, and swing functions that allow you to regulate your little one's outdoor play.

The wheel is wear-resistant, allowing the ride-on car to cruise past rough terrain. While this is not the largest ride-on car on the market, the driver's seat is quite spacious to accommodate your child and one or two toys. You'll also love the safety-enhancing seat belts that can be adjusted to suit your child's body size.  

Not too many ride-on cars have a realistic dashboard like this licensed Mercedes Benz manufactured by Costzon. 

On the dashboard, you'll find an MP3 player, a USB socket, and a battery indicator towards the left of the multifunction steering wheel. The power button, light switch, and swing switch are located on the steering's right side. The sporty steering wheel has two functional buttons—the horn and music buttons.


  • Ideal for kids aged 2-8 years
  • Comes with real LED rear and front lights
  • Spacious seat with an adjustable safety belt
  • Explosion-proof, wear-resistant wheel
  • Can manage 3 speeds
  • Comes with a 2.4G remote for easy parental control
  • The swing button adds fun to your child's outdoor play
  • Comes with double doors that can open and close, allowing for ease of entry
  • Features a real rearview mirror that can rotate


  • Doesn't have a storage compartment for carrying pretend toys
  • The tires aren't wear-resistant, despite the manufacturer's claim

Moderno Kids Mercedes C63S 12V

This ride-on car comes with a 12V battery with overload and overcharges protection. What makes this ride-on car stand out is its impressive safety enhancement features like the adjustable seat belt, electric brake, and soft start system.

To ease your concerns about safe play, the ride-on car comes with a 2.4G remote control that has a stop button. Unlike Power Wheels, which come with plastic wheels, this highly-rated toy car features zero maintenance rubber tires that provide excellent traction for outdoor driving.  

Your little one will love the versatile MP3 player that allows you to link to a USB, SD card, and external devices like iPhones, Android phones, and iPads.


  • The electric brake and soft start systems allow for reliable braking and gradual acceleration, respectively
  • The 2.4G remote allows for long-range remote control of your child's outdoor play
  • Comes with high-quality EVA rubber tires that provide the needed traction to navigate past rough terrain
  • Real LED lights and a classy design make the ride-on car highly realistic
  • The battery has overload and overcharge protection


  • Doesn't have enough storage space
  • Extra features can drain and gradually damage the battery

Uenjoy 12V Remote Control

Nothing spells off-road adventures better than this electric jeep by Uenjoy. Using the toy's remote control, you can set your child's driving speed to slow, medium, or high. The remote can also help you determine whether to reverse or drive the car forward.  

The manual mode gives your child the freedom to operate the power wheels by gas pedal, gear shift, and steering wheel. Moreover, to supplement the outdoor fun, the ride-on truck comes with an MP3 system with Bluetooth functionality. The LED headlights, coupled with the colorful top bar lights, give the truck a realistic appearance.


  • Comes with a lockable storage box to store your kid's toys
  • The 2.4G remote control allows you to regulate play and keep your little one safe
  • Lockable doors for enhanced safety
  • All the wheels come with spring suspensions for extra comfort when driving past rough surfaces
  • Extra treaded, high-quality wheels


  • The maximum acceleration of 2.5 mph (4 kph) is considerably low
  • Doesn't come with a real FM radio

Best Choice 12V 3 Speeds Truck

This remote-control ride-on truck is widely viewed as the godfather of ride-on trucks. Made from high-quality ABS plastic, this 12V truck is built to last and serve your little one for years to come. The spring suspension system makes outdoor adventures fun and extra comfortable for your child.

Your kid can connect to external media devices courtesy of an inbuilt- AUX outlet, and for enhanced safety, you can use the remote control to choose between three acceleration options for the truck. Although this isn't the fastest ride-on car out there, it is among the most powerful in terms of cruising ability.

It features real headlights and a wide surface area for increased balance and stability during play. The cockpit area is spacious enough to accommodate your little one's growing feet, while the adjustable seat belt ensures your child remains safe when driving outdoors.


  • Made from quality, non-reactive ABS plastic
  • Features a spring suspension system that improves comfort during driving
  • Resembles an actual truck
  • Well-treaded wheels for extra traction
  • Real LED tail and front lights
  • Spacious cockpit complements the high-quality seat


  • Doesn't come with a real FM radio
  • The headlights rapidly consume the battery

Best Choice 12V Police Sports Car

Help your child keep the neighborhood safe by getting them this sporty ride-on police car. The LED lights (red and blue) will make your child feel like an actual cop on patrol. Since this car comes in both the manual and remote-control modes, you can regulate your little one's outdoor play until you're confident enough of their ability to drive manually.

The AUX outlet located on the dashboard allows you to plug in a USB or SD card and select the playlist of your child's choice. The amazing police car graphics, rare lights, and front headlights make the car highly realistic.  


  • Produces real siren and engine noises
  • Comes with an adjustable seat belt for additional safety
  • The spring suspension increases the stability of the ride-on car
  • Spacious and comfortable seat
  • Comes with blue and red LED lights that mimic an actual police car


  • Tires aren't of the highest quality
  • The maximum acceleration of 2 mph (3.2 kph) is fairly slow compared to the max speed of other cars

Uenjoy 12V SUV Police car

Since we've reviewed a sports police car, it's only fair to analyze an SUV police car. This beastly 12V ride-on truck by Uenjoy comes with a 2.4G remote control to give parents extra control when regulating external play.

Besides its realistic bumper guard, the police SUV comes with openable doors and real red and blue sirens. Once convinced your child is skilled enough to ride independently, he can manually operate the car by stepping on the gas pedal.

Compared to the previously reviewed sports police car, this SUV is more spacious, especially in the cockpit area. All wheels are fitted with top-quality spring suspensions for comfortable cruising on rough terrain.


  • Fast as it can manage a maximum speed of 5 mph (8 kph)
  • Features red and blue flashing lights and realistic siren sounds
  • Extra comfortable due to the spacious seat
  • Spacious cockpit area for comfortable driving as your child continues to grow
  • Comes with a portable handle that can be pulled to move the car like a luggage
  • Designed to move past mud, wet surfaces, and even gravel


  • The battery won't last if the sirens and headlights are used simultaneously
  • The seat belt isn't of the highest quality

Nishishabi 12V Racer Car

If you want to get your kid a unique ride-on car, then you should give this 3-speed ride on car by Nishishabi a try. You can make use of the sports car's 2.4G remote controller to enhance the safety of your toddler's outdoor play. Unlike most cars on this list, this high-performance ride-on car has 2 seats (great for twins) and two high-quality seat belts.

Don't judge the car based on its tiny appearance, as it's spacious enough to fit an 8-year-old comfortably, but if you plan to fit two children in the cockpit, then they shouldn't be over 6 years old. The spring suspensions enhance the car's overall comfort, especially when your child is driving through hard surfaces.

Your little one will also love the real rearview mirror as well as the realistic sporty steering wheel. Moreover, the engine and gear sounds will help make outdoor play fun for your little F1 racer.


  • Realistic, sporty design
  • Remote has direction, acceleration, and emergency brake buttons
  • High-quality spring suspensions make the toy ideal for outdoor play
  • Can be used by kids up to 8 years
  • Two-seater
  • Real rearview mirror to complement the car's sporty design
  • Spacious and ultra-comfortable seats


  • The sound system isn't loud enough
  • Shock absorber likely to spoil if constantly overworked

Moderno Kids Mercedes 12V CLA45

With a maximum driver weight of 66 lbs (30 kgs), this Mercedes-inspired ride-on car is perfect for boys and girls under 5 years. This is a second Mercedes Benz by Moderno to be featured on our list, which is a true indication of the toy's outstanding quality.

The high-quality perforated leather seat, combined with an adjustable seat belt, ensures your child will drive comfortably and safely. The long-range 2.4G remote control with a stop button allows you to regulate your kid's acceleration and cruise direction.

The rear and front spring suspensions absorb shock when driving on hard surfaces. Another great feature that your child is guaranteed to love is the pre-installed underbody blue LED lights that add a touch of class to the car.

Like other Moderno ride-on cars, this Mercedes CLA45 is packed with an MP3 player with AUX and USB ports. This allows your little rider to enjoy music from external sources like your iPad, iPod, Android phone, and iPhone.


  • Comes with a classy blue LED display on the car's underbody
  • The full-function remote control allows you to regulate your child's riding speed
  • Comes with a real, adjustable safety belt
  • Has a spacious cockpit that accommodates your child's ever-increasing height
  • Manages a maximum forward acceleration of 5 mph (8 kph)
  • The battery comes with overload and overcharge protection
  • High-quality audio entertainment system


  • Underbody LED increases battery consumption by up to 30%
  • One-seater
  • Not enough storage space for toys

Dolly’s Shop 12V Land Rover electric car

This dual operation ride on toy Land Rover can be controlled either manually or by a remote controller. You'll love the long-range 2.4G remote controller if you're buying this toy for your little toddler who just learned to walk. Once the child has grown enough, they can switch to manual driving and have a true driving experience.

Besides its realistic, Range Rover-inspired design, this 12V SUV comes with a host of entertainment features. You can use the MP3 socket to connect to external devices. It also features real headlights and a high-quality suspension that allows for comfortable driving regardless of where the car is driven.  

The car also comes with real, adjustable seat belts for enhanced safety when driving outdoors. The main demerit with this ride-on toy is the plastic seat, which is highly uncharacteristic of Range Rover cars that are renowned for their classy leather seats.


  • Classy, highly realistic exterior
  • Can manage a maximum of 4 mph (6.4 kph)
  • Powerful to cruise past rough terrain
  • Parents can use the remote even when 20 meters (66 feet) away
  • Made from durable, high-quality plastic
  • Enough legroom in the cockpit area
  • Highly detailed dashboard
  • Uses rubber wheels for increased, long-lasting traction  


  • The plastic seat can become uncomfortable after repeated usage
  • Could use some storage space to accommodate pretend toys

Ottaro Children Electric Car

The standout feature of this electric vehicle is its high-quality, wear-resistant wheels made from PP materials. While it might lose traction over time, the tires won't burst or leak, making them ideal for the vigorous adventurer.

The functional rear and front lights only add to this truck's overall beauty, while the double doors with magnetic locks enhance your child's safety when driving. The Ottaro Children Electric Ride-On Car also comes with a durable remote controller that allows you to determine your little one's speed and direction during play.

Are you concerned about sudden acceleration or braking that might frighten your little driver? Then, worry no more, as this beast of a truck features the famed soft start technology that allows for gradual acceleration and braking.

The presence of a durable spring suspension mechanism on all wheels ensures your child will cruise smoothly in the pavement, grass, gravel, and any rough terrain. Moreover, the MP3 player provides unmatchable entertainment as it can be connected to external devices to play your child's favorite tunes when in use.


  • Double lockable doors enhance safety
  • Features the soft start technology that prevents sudden braking or acceleration
  • Spacious enough to fit a couple of toys
  • High-quality entertainment system
  • Comes with two driving modes
  • Manages a maximum speed of 6 mph (9.7 kph)
  • High-quality realistic external design for a true outdoor driving experience


  • Excessive usage of the extra features might drain the battery

FAQs About Power Wheels With Remote control

Do Power Wheels Have Remote Controls?

Not all Power Wheels come with remote control functionalities. Some ride-on trucks meant for older kids don't usually have remote controllers. However, to make ride-on cars versatile, some manufacturers add the remote-control feature to allow parents to regulate their children's outdoor driving speeds. 

These ride-on cars usually have dual-mode operations: the remote-control mode and the manual operation mode. Once the child gets bigger (and improves driving skills), parents can stop using the remote controller.

How Long Will a Power Wheels Battery Last After Full Charge?

The duration of the battery depends on several factors. Besides your child's total weight, the driving location also affects battery duration. A Power Wheels battery will last longer when driven on soft surfaces like pavements. However, more power will be required to drive the car in tricky terrains like rocks, mud, and wet grass.

Another factor that determines battery duration is the features used when driving. Turning on the MP3 player, the headlights, and the rear lights will almost certainly drain the battery faster. The battery will also drain faster if your little driver tags a sibling or a friend along the ride since more power will be required to move the truck.

Tips for Buying a Remote-Controlled Ride-On Car

  • Buy a remote-controlled ride-on car at a tender age. The trick behind buying remote-controlled ride-on cars is to buy one your child can use for a long time. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase one when your child is between 1-3 years, so they can ride it manually for a couple of years as they continue to develop.
  • Check the entertainment value. Ride-on toys, when used correctly, can provide a lot of educational entertainment. A Power Wheels with Bluetooth functionality and the ability to be connected to external devices can be used to play songs and stories that educate and entertain your child simultaneously.
  • Check the cockpit space and overall space. While a small ride-on car might appear adorable at first, chances are it will become redundant after a couple of months or years as your little one continues to grow. As a result, purchasing a slightly larger ride-on car for your growing child is highly recommended. Check if the cockpit has enough legroom and if the seat is spacious enough.
  • Check the safety features. Remote control functionality is a major security feature that leaves parents comfortable when their little kids play outdoors. However, you should check on additional features such as seat belts, door locking mechanisms, and braking systems to determine whether a Power Wheels is suitable for your child, especially when dealing with kids under 3 years old.
  • Check the tire quality. If you don't want to buy replacement tires every now and then, it's best to go for ride-on cars with high-quality tires. While most of these toys usually come with treaded plastic tires, you can find some with high-quality rubber tires. Either way, be sure to check on tire quality before making any purchase.
  • Check the seating capacity. If you have a large family, then it's highly advisable to buy a 2-seater ride-on car. This will allow your children to take turns driving the Power Wheels. Point to note, though, the more weight a ride-on carries, the faster the battery will drain. As a result, you might need to buy one or two extra batteries to ensure your children have limitless fun while playing outdoors.

Wrapping Up

As can be observed from our above list, remote control ride-on cars come in different shapes and sizes. The best toy, however, should depend on your child's needs. Always aim to buy a slightly larger car than your child's current size to allow for longevity when using the toy.  

Other important features you should check on include:

  • Entertainment value (MP3, FM radio, and connectivity)
  • Seat belts
  • External design
  • Battery performance
  • Seating capacity
  • The maximum possible speed