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When you think of Power Wheels, you probably picture kids driving around, not adults. Surprisingly, there is a whole world of adults driving Power Wheels and even participating in Power Wheels racing. It is a fun and exciting race to watch. Adults get to live their best life and act like kids again. The Power Wheels cars you are thinking of are not the exact ones adults will be driving.

When racing or driving a Power Wheels as an adult, there are modifications that are needed. There are three main parts that will be replaced in Power Wheels for adults:

  • Battery
  • Tires
  • Frame

These will need to be changed to hold the weight of an adult rider and to allow for more speed during a race.

The modifications that will need to be made can range from inexpensive to top of the line, depending on what your preferences are. A Power Wheels will need to safely hold the weight of the adult and have enough power to send you flying down the road without falling apart. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the basics of using Power Wheels as an adult.

power wheels for adults

What Do Power Wheels for Adults Look Like?

If you are picturing your childhood Power Wheels with a bigger battery and a modified seat, you are picturing it correctly. Power Wheels for adults has become a very big trend in all types of crowds. Adults Power Wheels is a simple concept and not too hard of a hobby to do it yourself. 

Power Wheels made for adults will need to be able to handle the extra wear and tear. The simple plastic tires might not work for heavier adults. Sometimes adults will simply charge the battery to a bigger one, and that can be enough. You may not get the top speed others will get during a race, though.

Racing Power Wheels for Adults

Why grow up when you can race Power Wheels? It is fun, and racing leagues can be found in many areas around the world. Racing go-carts can mean a few different things depending on where you are racing. There are three main types of Power Wheels racing which are:

Drag Strip Style Racing for Power Wheels

This may be a more well-known type of race. This is where two Power Wheels line up and take off at the same time down a straightaway. These types of Power Wheels will need a lot of speed and power. They don't technically need much more than that, though, because the races are very short.

Racing Power Wheels Around A Track

Next, there is a traditional race around an oval type of track. There can be many laps, crashes, and even injuries. Speed is not as important as handling for these types of races. You need to be able to steer around the track while safely maneuvering around the other racers.

Racing Power Wheels Downhill

This is somewhat of an extreme sport and can get really intense. Picture a very steep hill and Power Wheels without batteries unleased down the hill. There will be bouncing and sometimes rolling/flipping. It is not for the faint of heart and will almost always end up in a wrecked Power Wheels, but racers have the time of their life. It is also a very hilarious sport to watch. 

How Much Weight Can a Power Wheels Hold?

Power Wheels without any form of modification can typically hold over 100 pounds. There are also many Power Wheels that can hold 110-130 pounds which some adults can ride in without any issues.  The higher the weight limit, the fewer modifications you will end up needing. 

Technically a 150-pound person can still ride in one that has a maximum weight of 110 pounds. It just may put too much strain on the battery and motor. The battery should be upgraded to a more powerful one to handle the extra weight. The frame may take a bigger beating or start to bow with too much weight. 

For the most part, the battery is the most important part of a Power Wheels being able to handle the extra weight. Power Wheels can take a beating by:

  • Kids jumping on them
  • Kids running over things they shouldn't
  • Kids piling in way more than the recommended weight 
  • Kids putting dirt and other things inside of them

The recommendations are for the safety of a child. As an adult, you will be able to gauge when the weight is too high for the frame or when you need an even bigger battery.

Is Adult Power Wheels Racing an Expensive Hobby?

This all depends on what type of racing you would like to do and what you want the Power Wheels to look like. It could be as simple as finding secondhand Power Wheels and replacing the battery. There are a few ways you can add things to a Power Wheels to make it capable of holding an adult, such as:

  • Changing the gas pedal to be a button (This makes it easier when racing, the small spaces where your feet will be makes it hard to hit a pedal.
  • Getting a more powerful battery
  • Replacing the plastic tires with rubber tires
  • Taking out the seat to replace it with one that allows you to sit in the Power Wheels

There are tons of modifications you can do to your Power Wheels to make it the best in a race. Some only use the body but replace everything else. This means it's essentially a small race car with a plastic Power Wheels body sitting over it. No matter what you choose, there will be a place to race the Power Wheels.

Power Wheels For All Ages

Now you know that while it may take some time and money to upgrade your Power Wheels, it is so much fun to act like a kid again. There are power wheels for all ages, and some even work for adults.. While speeding in a Power Wheels can sometimes lead to an injury, there are plenty of safety precautions you can take into consideration. Live your best life and ride the Power Wheels you never got to have as a child. So, will you start riding Power Wheels for adults?