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Power Wheels for Big Kids
Power Wheels for Big Kids

Power wheels are arguably the best gifts to get your child. Besides encouraging physical play and hand-eye coordination, these toys help teach your kids the value of being responsible at tender ages, but not all ride-on cars and trucks are ideal for all age groups. Big kids love sporty, extra-powerful Power Wheels that can comfortably cruise past rough terrain. 

The best Power Wheels for big kids should have 12V or 24V batteries, which translates to more power during outdoor play. These ride-on cars should also have enough legroom to accommodate the large-size of big kids. The tires should have enough traction to accommodate high-energy outdoor play.  

If you're looking for a review of some of the best Power Wheels and trucks for your big kid, you couldn't be in a better place. Read on as I look at some of the best options in the market. 

Best Choice Products 12V kids Truck 

Don't be fooled by the remote control; this ride-on truck is ideal for kids as old as eight years. It is made from a non-toxic outer body that's extra durable, allowing your big kid to drive freely past tough terrain and obstacles. 

The good thing with this truck is you can purchase it when your child is young and expect him to use it until he's old enough. The AUX outlet adds entertainment value to this truck, making it an excellent option for your grown kids. Older kids love to be in control of their music and podcasts, so you can attach a USB drive or even connect via Bluetooth and play his or her favorite songs. 


  • Realistic design with authentic LED designs that'll make your big kid feel like an adult 
  • The non-toxic, durable outer body allows for roughness during play 
  • The spring suspension system makes it possible to cruise past tough surfaces 
  • Real FM radio and built-in AUX outlet 


  • Not the fastest Power Wheels out there 

Moderno 2-Seater Kids Truck 

Although the manufacturers claim the vehicle is meant for children aged 2-6 years, you'll be glad to learn it can comfortably fit bigger kids up to 10 years. But if driven by a 9- or 10-year-old, he or she must use it as a one-seater.

This bad boy can manage an impressive 6mph total speed while the soft, perforated, high-quality leather seats make the children feel like adults. This kids car is available in different colors from army green to blue, white, purple, yellow, and pink, which gives you a wide range of options when gifting power wheels for bigger kids. 

The 12V ride-on truck doesn't disappoint when it comes to entertainment. Your kid will love the updated sound system packed with awesome features like a real FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity, an actual horn, and an on-and-off switch for the lights. 


  • Comes with real, openable doors
  • Made from high-quality foam, well-treated rubber tires 
  • Features a battery life display (digital) 
  • High-quality leather seats for the genuine driving experience 
  • Fast speed of 6mph, which can be increased through DIY modifications 


  • Costly 

Costzon 12V kids Truck with Double Magnetic Doors 

The high profile of this truck by Costzon has adventure written all over it. The remote-control mode is meant for younger kids who might be gifted this truck. However, your big kid can comfortably drive this power truck manually. 

The car has an inbuilt AUX input, a TF card slot, and a USB port for real entertainment value. You can also connect to the music player via Bluetooth and play your child's favorite music to make his or her adventures more exciting. 

All the wheels are wear-resistant, made from PP material that can't leak or burst. Moreover, the spring suspension system allows for extra-comfortable drives when cruising past rough terrain. And since big kids love aggressive play, you'll be glad to know this ride-on car comes with top-drawer stock tires. 


  • Spacious cockpit to fit bigger kids 
  • Two-seater to allow for extra fun during play 
  • Classy, authentic look that makes it ideal for growing kids who know about cars 
  • Modern entertainment system 
  • Comes with real fog and rear lights 
  • Features real side mirrors for a genuine driving experience 


  • The magnetic doors can fail if not properly handled  

Aosom Kids Off-Road Truck 

Show your growing kid that you trust them by getting them this powerful 12V off-road truck. Most of this truck's features are meant for grown boys and girls who know a thing or two about how actual cars function. This truck is perfect for kids between 4-7 years and comfortably fit older kids below 9. 

Your growing adventurer will adore the working headlights and horn, the real dashboard light, reverse and forward gears, a fairly large, usable trunk, and a power indicator for ease of monitoring for these battery-powered rides. Moreover, the movable side mirrors and openable doors only add to the practicality of this amazing off-roader. 

Big kids love outdoor adventure, and the 12V twin motor present in this truck will allow your kid to drive over all sorts of surfaces. And to accommodate the needs of your growing child, Aosom designed this ride-on truck to have enormous cockpit space to provide enough legroom. 


  • Comes with an MP3 port that allows for endless entertainment 
  • Can be connected to external devices either manually or through Bluetooth connectivity 
  • Spacious cockpit to accommodate bigger kids 
  • The realistic design is suitable for the type of play older kids love
  • Extra powerful 12V motor (twin) allows the car to move past tricky surfaces 
  • Highly affordable compared to other ride-on cars 


  •  Not built from the most durable materials 

Aosom 12V Off-Road SUV 

Featuring a shock absorber and a high-quality spring system, this truck is perfect for older kids yearning for exhilarating outdoor adventures. The Aosom 12V truck comes with a remote to help children drive safely during their younger years. But the manual (and more fun) mode is ideal for older kids who want to drive using the gas pedal.

Advanced entertainment features like Bluetooth connectivity, real FM radio, and an integrated music player make this ride-on car the perfect gift for a big kid who already has preferences in terms of music. It's a great gift to buy your child either when young or a bit older as it can accommodate the weight of big kids aged 9. 


  • High profile, authentic design for proper outdoor use in tough terrain and hard surfaces 
  • Spacious enough to accommodate a driver and a passenger without compromising comfort 
  • Comes with top-drawer shock absorbers for increased comfort during rough outdoor play 
  • High-quality, well-treaded wheels provide extra traction during play 
  • Features real safety belts, horn, tail, and headlights, making it ideal for older kids who want to play a lot more than just pretend


  •  Costly compared to other ride-on kids' cars  

Power Wheels Ford F150 Raptor 

power wheels for older kids
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The Power Wheels Ford F150 Raptor by Fisher-Price is designed with a lifted body and oversized tires to give bigger kids the high-octane fun they often relish. And it gets better. The Ford-inspired interior and exterior are highly believable, making this ride-on truck ideal for big kids who know a lot about cars. 

The extra-rugged tires make it possible for kids to cruise smoothly past rough driving conditions like muddy surfaces, gravel, wet grass, and even stones. The working tailgate (lift and lower) helps make the Power Wheels more authentic, which is a huge plus for any big kid! Moreover, the extra spacious truck bed allows your child to carry his play gear and other toys when out on his or her outdoor adventure. 

The maximum driving speed of 5mph means the truck is powerful (and fast enough) to leave your big kid fully entertained during outdoor use. This superior ride-on truck can also manage an impressive reverse speed of 2.5mph, meaning your kid will feel like he or she is driving a real Ford. 

With a maximum weight capacity of 59 kg (130 lbs), your child can drive this 2-seater ride-on truck until he or she is ten years. Please note that the Power Wheels should convert to a one-seater as your child becomes heavier. However, provided your growing kid can comfortably fit in the cockpit and is still beneath the maximum recommended weight, then he or she can use it without any concerns. 


  • High-quality, realistic exterior that's durable enough for years of use 
  • Comes with a spacious truck bed that features a functioning tailgate 
  • The Fisher-Price exclusive Monster Traction functionality allows for increased traction on rough terrain and slippery surfaces 
  • Ideal for big kids under 59 kg 
  • The spacious cockpit area provides the required leg space for comfortable driving 
  • Lifted body and oversized tires allow for more aggressive outdoor adventure


  • Pretend radio can get boring and monotonous for older kids

Power Wheels Dune Racer  

Power Wheels for Bigger Kids
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The Power Wheels Dune Racer needs no introduction when it comes to top-notch ride-on cars. This off-roading beast has gotten rave reviews due to its spacious cockpit and high-quality, well-treaded tires. With a maximum capacity of 59 kg, this Power Wheels car can accommodate your little adventurer until he or she is almost or slightly above 10 years. 

Even adults under 59 kgs can comfortably fit in the Dune Racer. However, don't allow two children to hop on the ride if your kid is almost nearing the weight limit. This powerful off-roader can manage a thrilling maximum speed of 5mph and comfortably cruise past rocky surfaces, mud, and gravel, courtesy of Fisher-Price's Monster Traction technology. 

Your kid will also feel like an adult when driving outdoors due to the sturdy metal sidebars that provide additional hand support. The exterior is also cool enough for grown kids due to the flashy grille and chrome wheels. 


  • Spacious enough to accommodate kids above 10 years (provided they're below 59 kgs)
  • Comes with a secret storage compartment 
  • Metal sidebars provide additional hand support, allowing for a comfortable ride
  • Can smoothly navigate past tough terrain due to the Monster Traction technology 
  • Impressive, sporty exterior that sets the tone for off-road adventures 


  • Has a basic interior 
  • The bucket seats can prove uncomfortable after a while  

Power Wheels Baja Trailster 

Few power wheels cars speak off-road like the Baja Trailster from Fisher-Price. Judging from the external appearance, this truck is meant for serious drivers who love outdoor adventures, hence making it an ideal gift for big kids. 

The sturdy steel frame and extra-large tires make this battery-powered ride-on car capable enough to cruise past uneven surfaces, gravel, mud, and even rocks. Fisher-Price claims the toy is suitable for kids aged 3-7. However, older kids can enjoy the ride provided they're below the maximum weight limit (59 kgs). 


  • Designed for rough terrains and driving past uneven surfaces, making it a great gift for big kids 
  • Features big, well-treaded tires and a sturdy steel frame for extra support during play 
  • Spacious enough to accommodate growing kids 
  • Comes with a unique design that sets the tone for aggressive outdoor play


  • The pretend light bar isn't a cool feature for older kids 
  • Doesn't come with a Music system for additional entertainment 

24V Electric 4-Wheeler ATV 

If you want to get your grown child a thoroughly entertaining ride-on toy, then perhaps you should consider this superior, kid-friendly ATV that comes with an adjustable handlebar. Made from alloy steel, you can expect this high-performing ATV by Razor to serve your child for years. 

Featuring high-quality rear suspension packed with coil-shock absorbers, there's practically nowhere in your backyard this ATV can't cruise. The 13″ knobby tires (pneumatic) add a bit of gloss to this superior ATV that can comfortably manage a maximum forward speed of 8mph. 

While Razor hasn't specified the maximum age range for this ATV, it isn't advisable to allow kids below 8 years to play with the toy. 


  • Comes with aesthetically appealing plastic fairing (shatter-resistant)  
  • Features a tubular frame (powder coated) for all-weather purposes 
  • High-quality knobby tires that can cruise past tough terrain 
  • Spacious enough for comfortable riding 
  • The rear suspension and coil shocks ensure your child smoothly cruises past tricky terrain


  • Can only be used for 40 minutes continuously after full charge 

Rollplay GMC Sierra Denali 12 Volt

Power Wheels for kids that are bigger
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This 2-seater 12V ride-on car can comfortably manage a maximum weight of 130 lbs (59 kgs). This means your child can use the car until he's 10 years or even older, provided he's below the maximum weight. Besides the hugely realistic exterior, the ride-on car also features two realistic windows, a clear windshield, opening doors, side-view mirrors, and an MP3 connector with quality speakers. 

The presence of an LED battery indicator ensures your little adventurer will know when it's time to recharge the battery. The working headlights and realistic engine sound make the vehicle more authentic and appealing to bigger kids. 


  • Authentic outward appearance 
  • Comes with real LED headlights, an MP3 connector, and side-view mirrors 
  • Large tires for increased stability 
  • Can accommodate two riders 
  • Ideal for kids aged 3 and up and can even accommodate 10-year-olds 
  • Manages a maximum forward speed of 5mph and a 2.5mph reverse speed


  • Tires aren't the most durable 
  • Costly 

Aosom 12V Kids Electric Police Car SUV 

Although this powerful SUV can only manage a 3mph top speed, it makes up for its low speed with its custom, well-treaded tires that increase overall traction for outdoor adventures. It features real headlights, an LED light bar, dashboard gauges (illuminated), a realistic steering wheel, and wing mirrors. 

This car is suitable for kids under 9 years and comes with a state-of-the-art entertainment system that allows for Bluetooth connectivity, a USB port, and an aux cord plug. Your little one will love the spring struts (metallic) that allow for smooth driving on rough surfaces. 

The tires are made from polypropylene, which enhances their durability. While these tires will probably wear out over time, they'll last more than other tires within the same price range. It also comes with a remote control that makes the ride-on car ideal if you want your kid to use it for years. 


  • A spacious cockpit that provides enough room for your growing child 
  • High-quality entertainment features as it allows for USB, SD card connection, and Bluetooth connectivity 
  • Made from wear-resistant tires that allow for aggressive outdoor play 
  • Elevated suspensions make the toy perfect for cruising past tricky terrain  
  • Realistic appearance makes the toy a great toy for big kids 


  • The suspensions can be costly to replace if damaged

Moderno 2020 Carbon Black AMG Mercedes Benz 

Older kids love using phones and tablets since these tech devices make them feel like adults. The Moderno Black AMG Mercedes Benz comes with a touchscreen tablet (located on the dashboard) that allows for cartoon or series viewing, and playing music. Besides the tablet, the highly capable ride-on car comes with extra clear speakers that add to its entertainment value. 

This adventurous ride can manage an impressive forward speed of 6mph, while the remote-control feature allows for parental control when the child is young. To highlight its class and superiority, this battery-powered ride comes with high-quality leather seats (fully adjustable) and extended seating space to accommodate your child's ever-growing feet. 


  • Includes high-quality, well-treaded rubber tires 
  • Battery designed to last longer, thus allowing up to 2 hours of play 
  • Comes with a tablet that indicates battery percentage while also allowing kids to view cartoons and listen to music
  • Manages an impressive forward speed of 6mph 
  • Comes with clear speakers for enhanced audio quality 
  • The leather seats are highly adjustable to increase legroom when driving 


  • The battery wears out pretty fast when all features are in use

12V BMW L8 Ride-On Car  

This 12V BMW ride-on car is the perfect gift for that big kid who is starting to know about cars. It comes with a 2.4G remote control to help parents regulate play when dealing with kids under 3 years. But grown kids can enjoy driving the car manually by stepping on the gas pedal. 

Featuring two openable doors and a shifter for reverse and forward functionalities, this battery powered ride-on car is the ultimate gift for the enthusiastic driver. According to the manufacturer, the wheels are wear-resistant, meaning they can be used for aggressive outdoor play. 

Impressively, this classy BMW ride-on car can manage a max speed of 5mph, which is pretty fast for kids. The MP3 interface, coupled with the TF card slot and USB port, ensures your child will remain fully entertained during play. 


  • Classy, highly-realistic BMW-inspired exterior and interior 
  • Comes with real seat belts 
  • Includes wear-resistant wheels and two openable doors
  • Real LED lights and horn buttons add to the driving experience 
  • Spacious cockpit area makes it convenient for bigger kids 


  • One-seater 

Radio Flyer Red Tesla Model S for Kids 

If your kid is a Tesla fanatic, then he or she will love this Tesla-inspired ride-on car. Similar to an actual Tesla, this sports car can charge through the unique charging port without the need for battery removal. Moreover, the lithium-ION battery's inclusion in the package means the vehicle will charge fast and retain the charger for longer. 

As one of the most technologically advanced ride-on cars, this bad boy can achieve an impressive forward speed of 6mph and a 3mph reverse speed. Your kid will also love the LED headlights, working horn, AUX input, and frunk storage, which all add to the value of this high-performing ride-on car.  


  • Spacious cockpit area to provide enough room for kids up to 8 years 
  • Can charge directly through its unique charging port; hence no need to remove the battery 
  • Comes with a unique lithium-ion technology that allows for faster charging time and better battery retention
  • Classy interior integrated with high-end entertainment features 
  • Can manage an impressive forward speed of 6mph 


  • One-seater
  • Doors don't open 

buying guide for big kids power wheels

Buying a Power Wheel for a small toddler isn't the same as buying one for a big kid. As far as toddler electric cars go, 6V ride-on cars work just fine. But when dealing with energetic 7- 10-year-olds, the needs tend to change. Below are some of the main considerations to make when buying Power Wheels for big kids. 


Due to their larger body sizes (compared to toddlers), older kids tend to have longer legs, meaning they'll struggle to fit inside ride-on cars with small cockpits. As a result, it is crucial to check on the ride-on car's overall space to ensure you purchase one that can fit your growing child. The trick is to buy a Power Wheel that's larger than your child's current size to accommodate his or her growth. 

Entertainment Features 

Unlike toddlers who can be easily fascinated by pretend radios, older kids need a genuine entertainment system to have fun while playing outdoors. This means you should consider a Power Wheels car that comes with advanced entertainment features like a real FM radio, MP3 player, Bluetooth connectivity, and a USB port. The better the entertainment features, the more your grown kid will enjoy the ride. 


Speed is a crucial factor to consider when dealing with ride-on toys for big kids. An electric ride-on car that manages a max speed of 3mph won't be as fun as one that can hit a top speed of, say, 5 or 6mph. 

Therefore, try buying a 12V ride-on car that can cruise a little bit faster than the kid-friendly 3mph. Ideally, you should also go for cars that can reverse, as not all ride-on trucks come with reverse functionality. 

External Features 

Grown kids aren't big on cartoon-themed Power Wheels cars like toddlers. Instead, they want Power Wheels for big kids that come with advanced features that resemble actual cars. This means that, for the older kids, you'll need to buy cars that come with real lights, seat belts, functional tailgates (for trucks), real side mirrors, and well-designed dashboards. 


Pay extra attention to tire quality when buying ride-on cars for big kids. And since big kids tend to play aggressively when outdoors, be ready to make regular wheel replacements if you purchase ride-on cars that come with cheap plastic tires. 

Ideally, the tires should be well-treaded and made from quality rubber. But most cars come with plastic tires, so be sure to check whether the tire is durable enough to withstand rough driving conditions. 


Older kids are heavier, and therefore, more likely to wear out different parts of the car. As a result, it is crucial to check on the quality of seats and space as these two play a huge role in determining the overall comfort of a ride-on car. 

Cars that come with cheap plastic seats tend to get super uncomfortable over time. Therefore, if possible, go for cars that come with comfortable leather seats. Some premium options also come with reclining seats for enhanced comfort. 

Wrapping Up 

Now that we've discussed some of the best ride-on cars for big kids, you should be well-placed to pick one that satisfies the need of your ever-growing adventurer. Remember to check on maximum speed and battery capacity when buying these cars.

For older kids, it's best to steer clear of 6V Power Wheels as they're mostly meant for toddlers. But for big kids, go for ride-on cars and trucks that are spacious and powerful enough to cruise smoothly past rough terrain and slippery surfaces.