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Power Wheels Traction Bands

If you are looking to get more traction with your Power Wheels, adding traction bands is an effective way of going about it. This is going to make your child’s ride-on car, truck, or SUV even more enjoyable. Of course, buying some traction bands is only the beginning. You need to know how to add them to your Power Wheels properly. 

Traction bands effectively keep Power Wheels vehicles from slipping or becoming stuck on many types of surfaces. They do this by giving the plastic wheels much more traction no matter what kind of terrain is being traversed. This makes the vehicle much more functional than before. 

You will find that Power Wheel traction bands have a simple design. They effectively reduce the lateral movement of your Power Wheels, and they are simple to install. You just need to know what you are doing. Continue reading to learn more about traction bands and how you can quickly install them on your child’s Power Wheels for a nice upgrade.

Steps to Add Traction Bands to Power Wheels Tires

Because of the nature of the job, an adult should be the one to put a traction band on a Power Wheels tire. Doing so will ensure that it is done right and that no safety hazards are created in the process. There are a few steps you will want to follow to get the Power Wheels more traction. 

If you have your bands and are ready to install them on your Power Wheel, following these steps should help ensure that you do it effectively. 

Clean the wheels 

This is such an important step that I will discuss the steps required to do so in more detail in a subsequent section of this post.  

Take out the battery 

This is an often neglected step. You are going to end up placing the Power Wheels on its side, so before you do that, you will want to make sure that you remove the battery. This will keep it from potentially falling out and becoming damaged in the process. 

Give the traction band a good stretching 

This is easy enough to do if you will put your fingers inside the band. Once you have done that, stretch out the traction band into the oval. What you are doing here is getting the band ready to be placed over the tires of Power Wheels. 

Stretch the band over the tire 

Now it is time to get the traction band onto the tire itself. To do this, you will want to begin at the top of the tire. Once you have a footing, work the band over the sides of the tire and then toward the bottom until it is completely secure. 

Make sure the traction band is centered 

It is important to center the traction band directly over each of your Power Wheels. You can make sure that you have done this correctly by manually spinning the tire. When you do this, the traction band should remain in the middle of the tire itself. 

Get ready to apply the adhesive tape 

You need to apply the adhesive in order to keep the traction band in place. To do this, you simply need to fold the traction band back and apply the adhesive. Alternatively, you just lift up the traction band to get the same effect. A general rule is to use roughly half an ounce of glue for each tire to ensure the traction band remains in place even after heavy use. 

Clean up the glue

There will inevitably be some glue that oozes out of the bottom of the traction band. Make sure that you clean this up with a paper towel or an old rag lying around the house before it dries. Then, you will want to let the Power Wheels sit for a while so that the glue can completely dry. After this, it will be safe for your child to start riding once again.

As you complete these steps, you might discover that one of the traction bands is just a bit too tight when you fit it over the wheel. If this is the case, you can put a foot inside the band. This will stretch it out to the point that it loosens. Keep in mind that tractions should be quite tight and snug to the tire. 

While your child will want to ride the Power Wheel right away, it is important to keep in mind that it can take 24 hours for the glue to completely dry. Also, remember to clean up all excess glue before it dries, as it will become virtually impossible to do so after. The Power Wheels should not be driven until the glue is dry. 

Why Are Traction Bands Necessary?

Traction bands are necessary because they allow Power Wheels to be driven with much more continuity. This will lessen the level of frustration children feel when they keep getting stuck because the standard plastic wheels simply are not up to the job. 

Traction bands allow Power Wheels to drive more effortlessly. This means that a child can tour around the house or playground without having to worry too much about getting stuck. These bands also make it easy for ride-on toy cars and trucks to traverse various types of terrain. The tires will grip the ground more securely and keep the Power Wheels moving. 

While there may be other ways to help Power Wheel tires gain enough traction, many of them are not safe. The bands, when properly applied, offer a safe way for children to enjoy driving their Power Wheels without having to go through countless episodes, so spinning out of control, or getting stuck every time they try to get somewhere. 

Why Are Traction Bands So Effective?

Traction bands are effective because of their design. They are especially suited for toy car tires. This allows them to fit over the tires easily and gives them the traction they need to get over a variety of different surfaces. They are also effective because they are easy to apply, and they stay in place. 

Here are some of the more notable advantages of putting traction bands on your Power Wheels. 

  • Such bands will provide tires with added traction – You will notice that the Power Wheels can move more securely over pavement, grass, gravel, and other types of surfaces that it is used to struggle with. 
  • Traction bands are seamless – The rubber that goes into the band is all one piece that can be securely fitted to each tire on your Power Wheels. 
  • They have a simple design – There is nothing complex about these bands. The design is so simple that it prevents any lateral movement. This allows it to stay in place and provides tires with the additional traction that they need. 
  • Installation is safe and easy – Putting the traction bands on Power Wheels tires is easy and safe. Other types of do-it-yourself solutions that might be available today cannot make that same claim. 
  • The bands do not leave a mark – You will not have to worry about the bands leaving a mark on the tile around your house. They do not mark up floors, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor use. 
  • Tires will last longer – Another benefit of using traction bands is that they take much of the pressure off the tires. This will result in tires that last longer, saving you money in the long run and giving your child many happy miles of driving. 
  • Traction bands fit tires of varying sizes – You will find that traction bands can be applied to Power Wheels tires that have a circumference of between 42” and 50”. This makes them versatile accessories that you can count on working. 

The items mentioned here highlight why traction bands have become so effective when applied to Power Wheels tires. You can rely on them to last a long time and enhance your children's driving experience. 

How Should You Prepare the Tires for Traction Bands?

To prepare tires for traction bands, make sure the tires are completely clean. Prior to traction bands being added, you will want to focus on washing them before the installation begins. It is also important to smooth out the middle of the tire so that you have a suitable surface upon which to add the adhesive to the tire.

To begin, you will want to get the tires ready by sanding them down. This will create the adhesive surface that you will need to apply the traction band. You will want to use fine sandpaper. This will create some roughness on the plastic tires. After you have done this, go ahead and give the tires a good washing. 

As you clean the tires, make sure you do so thoroughly. Turn them around and go inch by inch to make sure you have removed every bit of dirt and grime that is there. This is going to help create the clean surface that you need to apply the bands properly. Any dirt still remaining would become stuck there and compromise the integrity of the band itself. 

You have two options when setting out to wash the tires on your Power Wheels:

  • First, remove all of the tires entirely and then put them back on. 
  • Turn the Power Wheel upside down and then wash the tires while they are still on. 

Using a large basis full of warm water will come in handy. Add some dish soap, and you are ready to give each tire the cleaning that it needs to be ready to receive a traction band. 

Using dish soap is important because it effectively removes the dirt and grime that tends to stick to a plastic tire. If you are having trouble getting into small crevices on the tires, you can use a small toothbrush. This will help you make sure that the tires are completely clean because you attempt to put on the traction bands. 

As soon as you have cleaned the tires, you will want to leave them sitting so that they can completely dry on a clean surface. Keep in mind that even then, you might notice some dirt that you missed. If that is the case, you can apply some rubbing alcohol to the area. This helps remove the grime that is still there without you having to wash them all over again. 

Should You Fix Cracks on the Tires Before Adding Traction Bands?

It is important to fix any cracks on your tires before you add the traction bands. This is because cracks will make it more difficult for the band to adhere to the tire properly. If you do not fix this problem ahead of time, you will most likely find that your traction bands do not last as long as intended. 

You can fix the crack on a Power Wheels tire by using either duct tape or a fiberglass kit. The fix should not take very long, and it will go a long way toward helping your child enjoy a ride with increased traction. You will want to take your time examining the tires in order to make sure you catch all of the cracks prior to putting the bands on. 

Make sure that you use extra strength glue on the tires as your wrap the tape around them. You will also need to make sure that the glue is sufficiently dried before applying the fix. Use one or two layers of tape in order to seal each crack properly. This is will help ensure that everything holds and that the traction bands stay on for a long time. 


The simple act of adding traction bands to your child's Power Wheels will give them so much more enjoyable. You will also not need to help bail them out as much. The vehicle will keep going and not get stuck like it used to. Consider buying your traction bands and getting them installed as soon as possible.