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Power Wheels Weight Limit

Before you go out there and buy your child one of the cool top-rated ride-on Power Wheel vehicles, there is something important to consider. These cars have weight limits, and you would want your kid to enjoy them for as long as possible before they grow out of them. So you need to look closely at the limits of the car you've got your heart set on.

The right Power Wheels weight limit for your child depends on the model you want to buy for them. The factory specifications say that the maximum weight of the smallest one is 40 pounds (18KG), and the maximum is as high as 130 pounds (59KG). 

It would be best to remember that all types of Power Wheel vehicles have a different maximum load capacity. As such, it’s a good idea to determine what your chosen model can handle to avoid disappointment. I’ll be looking at the different types of vehicles out there, and what their weight limits are.

How Much Weight Can a Power Wheels Hold?

The amount of weight that power wheels can hold depends on the model and manufacturer. 

In general, the models meant for very young children at only one year of age can carry up to 40 pounds (18KG).

On the other hand, those models made to be used by children of five years and older will easily carry up to 130 pounds (59KG). The average weight for a 10-year-old boy is anything from 57 to 100 pounds (25.9 to 45.4KG).

What Is the Weight Limit on Power Wheels?

The weight limit also depends on the manufacturer and model of the vehicle in question. Typically, weight limits are between 40 pounds (18 KG) to 130 pounds (59KG).

Different Weight Categories

It is important to keep in mind that the different weight categories are linked to different vehicles for different age groups. 

Larger ride-on vehicles can easily be used by children up to 10 years of age before they will outgrow them. As such, they have quite a long time to enjoy the benefits of the Power Wheel ATVs and trucks as well as the Jeep vehicles.

Different Types of Ride-On Vehicles

Power Wheel Ride-on vehicles are a ride-on toy that comes in different shapes and colors and vehicle type. The following is a list of the ride-on vehicles that are available from Power Wheels.

  • Jeeps: While jeeps are just another type of car, they are slightly larger and heavier than the standard car models available and suitable for three to seven years. There are different Jeep themes for boys and girls, such as the ‘Frozen' one for girls and ‘Paw patrol' for boys.
  • Quads: These ride-on vehicles are available for different age groups; the Lil Quad is for one to three years, and the larger ATVs are for three to eight-year-olds. These Quad ATV typically go faster than the other vehicles and are quite popular with boys.
  • Trucks: These are models based on real-life truck models such as the Ford F150 and are suitable for ages one to four years. There are also the larger Ford F150 Raptor and Camo for the older children, and they are popular with older boys.
  • Dune Racers: These little ride-on toy vehicles are modeled after the popular Dune Buggies and are quite popular among boys and girls. These vehicles are made to be used by children of ages three to seven as well as by older children, such as the Dune Racer Extreme.
  • ATVs: It is necessary to mention this category separately even though there are other types of vehicles that overlap with these. Vehicles that fall in this category are also the Jurassic World Dino Racer and the Kawasaki Batman, and the trail racer.

The Different Age Groups

The age groups start as young as 12 months and can go up to 10 years of age for the larger ride-on vehicles. There is a complicated system with which the manufacturer calculates the weight categories and age groups of different vehicle types.

For instance, you will find that if you select a particular theme, such as a Jeep vehicle, there are fewer age groups to choose from. In this example, the age group three years and older and five years plus are the groups you can select from, as well as different weight capacities.

The best way to make the right decision is to look at the mainstream models in the different age groups. You can then determine whether it will be the right one for your child by looking at each car's specifications.

Which Is the Best One for Your Child?

In this section, I take a closer look at these popular models so you and your child can make an easy choice. I will list them according to the manufacturer's age categories, but some age groups may overlap with other age groups. 

12 To 18 Months – 40 Pounds (18KG)

In this weight category, there are a few ride-on vehicles that are quite popular amongst young children, and they include:

  • The Nickelodeon PAW Patrol Lil Quad. It is great for toddlers and comes with a load capacity of 40 pounds (18KG). This one falls in the ATV types of vehicles and is popular with both boys and girls alike.
  • Thomas With track. It can be used on tracks and without the tracks and will hold 40 pounds (18KG). All toddlers and little older children will enjoy the Thomas train while it is an easy one-button go and stop ride-on toy vehicle.

All the vehicles of this age group have a maximum load capacity of 40 pounds (18KG), which is the average for this age.

18 to 24 Months – 40 Pounds (18KG)

This age group comes with the same set of vehicles as well as the same weight category as those listed for the 12 to 18 months. In this case, you can either select from the 12 to 18 months weight category or the two years and older group.

Two Years and Older – 40 Pounds (18KG)

The only one that is added to the list already mentioned in the 12 to 18 months category is the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Tough Trike. This also comes with a load capacity of up to 40 pounds (18KG). It is best for the two years and older age category. This one is great for all ages, suited for boys and girls to help them get started on the trike to bike training. 

Three Years Plus – 65 Pounds to 130 Pounds (29.5KG to 59KG)

At this age, things are starting to get interesting and a little vague where it comes to the weight categories. Most of the vehicles in this age group will also fall in the next category meant for older children.

Instead of naming every ride-on vehicle available for this age group, and they are a lot, I will concentrate on vehicle types. To come back to the interesting thing is that most Power Wheel vehicles are made for the three to seven age group.

However, let's look at what types of vehicles with their weight categories are available without wasting any more time.

65 Pounds (29.5KG) Weight Category

The vehicles available in this weight category are mostly from the three to seven-year age category and include several vehicles.

  • The Jurassic World Dino Racer. This is one of the very popular ones among these and is part of the ATV types of vehicles. This ride-on vehicle is excellent for all children if they can learn how to drive it, even those that are a bit younger.
  • Trail Racer. Another one of these ride-on toy vehicles that also comes with a 65 pounds (29.5KG) maximum load capacity. This one is also a great option for most children and is a favorite with boys and girls for outdoor riding.
  • Kavazaki Batman ATVs. Every single child who watched the Batman movies and series will want to have one of these to ride on. They also come with the 65 pounds (29.5KG) load capacity and are great for ages three to seven years.
  • Racing ATV. Still in the 65 pounds (29.5KG) maximum weight category, this ride is available in many different colors. Girls and boys of all ages who can use it also love this ride-on Power Wheels ATV that can drive on hard surfaces and wet grass.

130 Pounds (59KG)

There is quite a wide range of ride-on vehicles and toy vehicles available from Power Wheels in this weight category. These include almost all the Jeep Wrangler ride-on models that are available in many different sub-brands as well.

They are popular among boys and girls of all ages and comes from many different movie titles and casts:

  • Disney
  • The Minions
  • Spiderman
  • Paw Patrol
  • Jurassic Park
  • Barbie

Many vehicles fall in the weight category of 130 pounds (59KG), and all are from the three years plus as well as the five years and older age groups.

  • The Barbie Dream Camper. One of those that can be used by all ages three and older and up to 130 pounds ( 59KG) maximum. This ride-on vehicle is perfect for children ages three to seven, but children up to 10 years can still ride on it without trouble.
  • The Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler ride-on. Comes in many different categories from ride-on toys to Sports & outdoors and vehicles. They are also available in a wide range of themes that included Barbie and Frozen, to name but a few of them.
  • The Baja Trailster. Boasts a load capacity of up to 130 pounds (59KG) to ride on most surfaces. It is a nice vehicle that can be used by all ages three to seven and up to 10 years of age.
  • Dune Racers. Also comes in a wide range of configurations and colors and is a favorite among boys with a high top speed. They run at a whopping 5 miles an hour (8Km) on most terrains and will easily carry 130 pounds (59KG) of weight.
  • Power Wheels Trucks. These rides come with a high 130 pounds (59KG) maximum load and can be used by all ages from three years and up. These trucks include the Ford F150 Raptor from Power Wheels that are loved by boys, as well as the Purple Camo.

Five Years Plus

These include all vehicles and ride-on toys and the Outdoor & Toys category of the three-year and older age group. There is just one ride-on vehicle that can be added here. It is only available for the five years and older age group.

100 Pounds (45.4KG) Load Capacity

The Power Wheels Hot Thing is a ride-on with two wheels only and will take some getting used to before your child can master it. This two-wheeler comes with a load capacity of up to 100 pounds (45.4 KG) and has a top speed of five miles an hour (8Km).

It is made for children ages five to 10 years and comes with a safe parent's maximum speed control included. As mentioned before, this vehicle will not be easy to simply get on it and drive, so you may need some tips on maintaining it.

Please note that this is an average estimation. It is not unusual for children to weigh differently than is ‘normally' expected. Find the right vehicle for your child by testing them out before you buy them. Make sure your kid is comfortable and will be able to fully enjoy the vehicle at home.

Battery Power

The battery's strength in your Power Wheels ride-on toy or vehicle is closely related to the maximum load capacity. You will find that those with a lower load capacity come with a 6V battery included, and the stronger ones have a 12V battery.

An example is the Thoms with tracks, and the PAW Patrol Lil Quad that can only handle 40 pounds (18KG) have 6V batteries. On the other hand, the Barbie Dream Camper and the Dino Racer ATV have 12V batteries included with the ride-on.

The Dream Camper can carry up to 130 pounds (59KG) and has a maximum speed of five mph (8 Km/h). The Dino racer carries only 65 pounds (29.5KG), but it has a maximum speed of up to 6 mph (9.7 Km/h).

Battery Safety Precautions

Before you use the battery for the first time, you should fully charge it for at least 18 hours. However, do not charge it for longer than 30 hours. Always fully charge the battery before storing it to prevent premature battery failure while you are using it at a later stage.

Always replace old batteries with the recommended battery size when replacing your Power Wheel ride-on vehicle battery. This will help to keep the battery and the motor safe. The required battery is 12V and 12 Amp/hours capacity.

Can You Change Maximum Load Capacity and Speed?

You can increase the load capacity and the speed of the Power Wheel by changing only two components of the ride-on.

Increase Battery Power

It is possible to change to a more robust battery for the Power Wheels ride-on. However, this needs to be done by someone with professional experience. If your Power Wheels only has a place for one person to sit, it may be faster, and your child may use it for longer.

So, by increasing the vehicle's battery power, you can prolong the usability time of the vehicle for your child to a later age. There are many ways to improve your Power Wheels ride-on vehicle's speed and load capacity by increasing the battery power.

If your child has outgrown the Power Wheel, you can change it from a 12V to a 24V vehicle with a conversion kit. The best thing about this conversion kit is that you can change the Power Wheel back to the original power output.

Increase Motor Size

Another way to improve the load capacity, as well as the speed of the large Power Wheel ride-on vehicles, is to change the motor. This means you can remove the 12V motor and quickly and easily replace it with a stronger and more durable 24V motor.

Here is a useful video that will explain how you can go about changing the motor:

Many people are doing these conversions to enhance the vehicles. As a result, the company started to manufacture these more robust motors to do just that. It is essential to follow the instructions and replace all parts on the Power Wheel recommended by the manufacturer for safety purposes.

They say that your Power Wheel's overall performance may increase by up to 33 percent or even more. The best way to go about modifying your Power Wheel is to do thorough research before you undertake such a task.

Final Thoughts

After reading through all the information, it should be an easy task for you to get the right Power Wheel ride-on vehicle for your child. If you buy one of these for your toddler and find that they have outgrown it, you can make it a bit stronger.

A stronger vehicle will provide them with many more hours of fun and learning with their favorite ride-on toy or vehicle from Power Wheels. As you can see, these Power Wheel ride-on vehicles for children are safe to use for all ages to provide them with many hours of fun.