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Can you use a 12v battery in 6v power wheels?

Fisher-Price Power Wheels are quite possibly the most fun toy vehicles that a child could ever dream of. Power wheels are powered by either a 6 or 12-volt battery, but sometimes the former can seem slow and bog down. This will inevitably lead some to wonder if you can use a 12v battery in 6v Power Wheels.

You can use a 12v battery in 6v Power Wheels. To convert a 6v to a 12v, cut the plug off the stock 6v battery, then attach the white (+) wire to an inline fuse holder with a 30amp fuse. Next, connect the black (-) wire to a separate wire. Lastly, fit both ends with a 12v battery quick connect.

This article will quickly go over how a Power Wheels battery works and the difference between the 6 and 12v models. Next, I will provide detailed step-by-step instructions on converting your 6v Power Wheels to accommodate a 12v battery. Lastly, I will guide the reader on where to find all the supplies needed for performing the conversion at a quality price, so keep reading!

How a Power Wheels Battery Works

Power Wheels vehicles have an incredibly simple mechanical design, which is powered solely by a single battery and a motor, as mentioned in the introduction.

Stock Power Wheels batteries are encased for safety purposes to prevent spilling and corrosion. They have a single quick-connect plug that easily attaches to the corresponding plug of the vehicle's motor.

When not in use, the Power Wheels' battery can be quickly unplugged and connected to a charger using a typical wall plug. This will replenish the battery and keep it full.

However, one of the first things you will notice when scrolling through the different models of Power Wheels in the Fisher-Price catalog is that they do not all come with the same size batteries. 

Replacing the stock battery on a Power Wheels with a more heavy-duty grade all-purpose battery can greatly improve its power and performance. Commercial grade batteries tend to be stronger and more durable, in general, as they are meant for more demanding tasks such as usage in lawnmowers, boats, and cars. 

The majority of Power Wheels use a 12v battery, but some only use a 6v. Let's find out why that is.

What Is the Difference Between a 6v and a 12v Power Wheels?

The main difference between a 6v and a 12v Power Wheels is the vehicle size. 

Some of the smaller models of power wheels only use a 6v battery because they can get away with it due to their small frame and lightweight. On the other hand, the bigger models, such as the Ford F-150 model, are much larger, and as such, they require a more heavy-duty 12v battery.

However, the problem with the 6v battery is that some users will find that they do not produce enough power and can lead to slow and dull motor functions. Moreover, 6v batteries will not hold a charge as well and also have a shorter lifespan.

Thankfully, there is a way that you may be able to upgrade your 6v to a 12v and resolve this issue.

How To Convert Your 6v Power Wheels to a 12v Battery

You can use a 12v Battery in 6v Power Wheels. Follow the steps below to convert your 6v Power Wheels to accommodate a 12v battery, the following tools/supplies will be required:

  • Wire strippers
  • Extra wire (12v)
  • Battery quick connectors
  • A sealed 12v battery
  • A 12v inline fuse holder
  • A 30-amp fuse
  • Twist-on wire connectors

Now that you have your supplies, you are ready to begin the conversion. Follow these steps exactly how they are ordered and described to perform a safe and simple conversion:

  1. Take the 6v battery that came stock with your Power Wheels and cut off the connector plug by cutting both wires close to the battery, one at a time. Use your wire strippers to strip an inch of casing off the end of both.
  1. Next, attach your fuse wire with a twist-on wire connector to the positive (white) wire of the plug that you have just removed in step 1. strip the fuse wire if it is not already exposed. Place your 30amp fuse in the fuse holder.
  1. With the extra 12v wire that you purchased on the side, cut it to the same length as the wire with the fuse and then attach it with a twist-on connector to the negative (black) wire of the plug from step 1. Again, you will need to strip this wire.
  1. Finally, attach your quick connect tabs to the opposite ends of the wires as the plug, and you are all done with the wiring modifications.

Now you will be able to attach the plug to the vehicle's motor and the other ends to the 12v battery with the quick connectors. 

There is just one more concern that I must address before the conversion is complete, with all of that taken care of. 

Body Modifications

In many cases, body modifications will have to be done to your Power Wheels to safely house the new 12v battery.

12v batteries are considerably larger in size than 6v, and Power Wheels typically design their products to house the stock batteries very snugly. This means some modifications may need to be done to fit the battery in.

If you are lucky, the new battery may be able to drop right in with little trouble, but if not, you may be required to cut out or remove certain plastic pieces to create a little bit of space for it.

This can be done with jigsaws and razor blades and will require a certain degree of logical intuition as every vehicle is different, but the main point here is to avoid weakening the vehicle's structure.

Safety Concerns and Risk of Damage

Whenever converting and modifying a Power Wheels vehicle, certain risks should be considered.

First and foremost, the vehicle will be a lot faster after converting it to a 12v battery, and this can cause it to spin out or behave unpredictably. Always be careful of traffic and other potential hazards, and never leave children unsupervised when operating Power Wheels.

Another potential downfall is that the motor will overheat or reject the battery outright and continuously pop the fuse. 

Never under any circumstances use a battery that is not sealed. Regular unsealed batteries are prone to exterior corrosion and leaking, which can damage your Power Wheels or injure the rider.

Where to Buy the Conversion Materials

Since no kit exists for the specific purpose of converting Power Wheels from 6 to 12v, I have taken the liberty of compiling a list for the reader so that they may get everything they need safely and reliably without scouring the internet.

Sealed 12v Battery Interstate 12v Sealed Lead Acid BatteryWire StrippersMulWark 8” Heavy Duty Wire Strippers12v WireTyumen 18 Gauge Wire12v Fuse HolderMuhize In-Line Fuse Holders30 amp FuseFymuSing FusesTwist-on Wire ConnectorsEFIXTK Wire ConnectorsBattery Quick ConnectsHYCLAT 2-4 Gauge Battery Quick Disconnectors

If you are interested in purchasing a Power Wheels vehicle, visit the Fisher-Price website for the best deals available.


In this article, I set out to determine whether or not you can use a 12v battery in 6v power wheels. 

The answer is yes, but modification is required.

First, remove the stock battery's plug and attach the white wire to an inline fuse holder with a 30amp fuse. Next, attach the black plug wire to a separate wire. Fit both ends with a 12v battery disconnect, and you're done.

Somebody alterations may be necessary to house the battery in the vehicle if it does not fit.