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Old Power Wheels

Power Wheels has been the top brand for ride-on toys for decades. This means you could come across very old Power Wheels from time to time, and some people even look for them. An older Power Wheels can still be very useful. 

There are a number of things that can be done with older Power Wheels such as:

  • Repairing parts to make it like new again
  • Repurposing the Power Wheels
  • Safely disposing of it
  • Turning it into an adult Power Wheel

All of these options are fairly easy to do, depending on your needs. 

Whether you want to repair your current Power Wheels or refurbish one from your childhood, there are plenty of options. If you end up not needing the Power Wheels, it’s important to know how to dispose of it correctly. Read on to find out everything there is to know about older Power Wheels and what to do with them.

How Do You Find Old Power Wheels?

Older Power Wheels can be found in all types of places, including:

  • eBay
  • FB Marketplace
  • Flea Markets
  • Local yard sale sites
  • Yard Sale

While you can find Power Wheels when searching these places, you can also build one from scratch. When you piece your own together, it will be easier to find parts.

When you find parts here and there, you can create a custom Power Wheel. This makes it easier to have a working Power Wheels as you won’t need to find a fully equipped one that’s ready to go (which is harder to find). eBay will have them but expect to pay a good bit of money for a fully ready-to-go Power Wheels. 

Your best chance to find a Power Wheels is by posting on social media that you are in search of one or by scouring local yard sales. Social media is a great way to reach a lot of people for free. Think of it as free advertisement. You make a public post and allow friends to share it. As for yard sales, parents are always getting rid of Power Wheels that their child has outgrown and will most likely be willing to make a good deal.

How Do You Repair Parts On an Old Power Wheels?

Repairing Power Wheels to what they once were is quite an easy task. There are hundreds of places to find parts online. There are a few tips that you can follow when it comes to repairing your Power Wheels, such as:

  • Check the tires – If the tires are cracked or filled with holes, it will be easier on you to just replace them (Replacing them with rubber tires is much better than the weaker plastic)
  • Give it a fresh coat of paint – A fresh coat of paint and adding new decal stickers can make even the oldest Power Wheels look new.
  • Patch the frame – Any small imperfections can be filled with plastic sealant putty to fill the cracks or holes. Sealant putty can be formed to fit any type of space. It can then be sanded down.
  • Remove Electronic Components – Radio, lights, horn, etc. Just like with the wires, it is best to start over.
  • Replace all of the wiring – They can rust over time, and it is better to start fresh, so you do not run into issues after the Power Wheel is built.

You can also go for a more original look or if you would prefer to keep everything that originally came on the Power Wheels. A quick search to find out the exact model and year of the Power Wheels you found will open up a world of people selling parts fit just for that particular Power Wheels. Piece by piece, you will be able to make your Power Wheels look like new.

How to Dispose of Old Power Wheels

If you end up not wanting to fix or repair your old Power Wheels, you can always dispose of it. While you technically could just toss it to the curb, there are better ways to safely dispose of an old Power Wheels. There are also things you need to remove to make it safe for a landfill (if you choose to go that route).

Remove The Battery From Any Ride On Toy Before Tossing It

The most important part of disposing of a Power Wheel is taking out the battery. Batteries can NOT end up in a landfill as they will leak lead and acid into the earth over time. They can also be very dangerous to the sanitation workers who will be handling the trash. Look for places to safely dispose of batteries, such as any Power Wheels Authorized Service Center or a local mechanic shop.

Put Your Broken/Old Power Wheel on The Curb Marked As Free

If you no longer need the Power Wheels, even if it does not run anymore, you can always set it out for free. Someone who wants a project or has the ability to fix it for their child would jump at the chance to pick it up.

Recycle Parts on a Broken/Old Power Wheel if You Are Able

Some parts of certain Power Wheels can be recycled. You will simply need to look up your model number to see what you can recycle. After you remove parts that can be recycled, the only other thing to do is toss the remaining parts of the Power Wheel. 

Keep in mind that as long as the battery is removed, you can also toss it at any time if your trash will pick it up, or your local dump will let you drop it off.

Repurposing Old Power Wheels Is Easier Than You Think

If you would like to keep your old Power Wheels out of a landfill, you can always try to repurpose it for your benefit. There are some chemicals that may still find their way into the soil of a landfill when disposing of them. If you are able, it is better to try and repurpose the Power Wheels. You could:

  • Turn it into a cute flower bed. 
  • Make it a toy box for your child. 
  • Turn it into a cute dog house.

The ways to re-use a Power Wheel are endless. 

Giving Old Power Wheels a New Life

Trying to repair a Power Wheels may seem overwhelming, but it is anything but that. Let your inner child come out as you transform what use to be a run-down Power Wheel into a like-new kid’s toy. The options to repair and fix up the Power Wheels are endless and far more inexpensive than you would think. Give life to something older over tossing it.