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Peg Perego vs Power Wheels
Peg Perego vs Power Wheels

There is more history and prestige between Peg Perego and Power Wheels than any other ride-on toy on the market. These two companies have created great children's ride-on vehicles for years. However, when it comes to the comparison of Peg Perego and Power Wheels, there is more to it than meets the eye. 

The main comparisons and contrasts between Peg Perego and Power Wheels are: 

  • How the toys get propelled forward
  • The speed and the power of the toys 
  • The different models and styles available for the body types of each brand 

Both Peg Perego and Power Wheels have had their share of successes and failures over the years. Both companies got a summons and got hit with battery recalls in the 1990s. Despite the similarity of the toys on the surface, there are many things that need further comparison and contrast for a proper understanding of each of these ride-on toy manufacturers. Read on for a breakdown of Peg Perego vs Power Wheels. 

Peg Perego vs. Power Wheels: 8 Distinctions

When it comes to ride-on toys, two brand names have been selling quality products for families and kids to enjoy for decades. Peg Perego and Power Wheels have made names for themselves by providing fun and adventurous ride-on toys that are reasonably priced and give kids the excitement of driving vehicles like adults. 

However, many distinctions need clarification and comparison for an accurate breakdown of these ride-on toy manufacturers. 

The top seven differences for both Peg Perego and Power Wheels are substantial. They include: 

  • Battery design 
  • Battery function 
  • Battery size
  • Control
  • Cost 
  • Speed 
  • The vehicle models
  • Where the companies originated

Just because they both make ride-on toys doesn't mean that they are similar. Peg Perego and Power Wheels manufacture quality ride-on toys for children, but that is basically where the similarities end. Between these two ride-on toy manufacturers' products, the seven significant distinctions make for a different experience when: 

  • Riding 
  • Playing 
  • Considering appearance 
  • Looking at maintenance 

The seven most essential distinctions between Peg Perego and Power Wheels are listed with details about each below. 

Where The Companies Originated

Peg Perego was started in the 1970s and was a revolutionary toy design company for the period. No one was making ride-on toys designed like Peg Perego, which made the Italian-based company a considerable hit in the United States. 

However, Power Wheels wasn't far behind and released their first line of ride-on toys with battery power in the 1980s. The massive popularity of the Indiana-based toy company's designs gave the company colossal popularity that they haven't looked back from.

At the end, where the ride-on toys originated doesn't make a massive difference in quality or popularity. Many families in the United States indeed appreciate the American-made toys of Power Wheels compared to the Italian-made Peg Perego ride-on toys. However, the Italian toy manufacturer is still very popular worldwide, including in many places in the United States. 

How Much the Vehicles Cost

Most parents are on a shoestring budget and want the most bang for their buck when buying toys for their children. When you start browsing the different ride-on toy options between Peg Perego and Power Wheels, you might notice that Power Wheels are generally less expensive. 

Peg Perego is more expensive on average than Power Wheels for several reasons, including larger batteries and better quality parts. However, suppose you are looking for an economical product that is still fun and entertaining for your child. In that case, Power Wheels might be the best option. 

Peg Perego ride-on toys cost around $400 to upwards of $500. These toys get made with high-quality parts and use more prominent, more powerful batteries that last longer and pull more weight. They are also capable of tackling more robust off-road terrains. 

Power Wheels are less expensive than Peg Perego and generally cost somewhere in the range of $250 to $350. The cost of a ride-on toy that is in the hundreds or even several hundreds of dollars might be daunting for some parents. These hundreds of dollars are still a good amount of money for a toy. With their smaller batteries and less robust design, some parents might be persuaded to spend a little extra for the superior quality of some of the Peg Perego ride-on toy products. 

The Various Available Vehicle Models

One of the most significant differences between Peg Perego and Power Wheels is the vehicle models that the manufacturers make. The toys are both ride-on vehicles, but the similarities stop there. Peg Perego is known for building vehicle miniatures, whereas Power Wheels make miniatures of consumer cars, trucks, and other vehicles. 

The vehicle models of Peg Perego play on the designs of working vehicles. Most of the designs for Peg Perego have been criticized as being overall masculine in nature. Many of the products they sell as ride-on toys are either construction vehicles showcasing boys driving them or off-road vehicles with multiple boys in the two-seater vehicle. 

On the other hand, Power Wheels embraces both girls and boys with their vehicle designs. In fact, one of the most popular designs for the Power Wheels line of ride-on toys is the Barbie Jeep which is made with bright pink decals and plastic and marketed towards children with feminine preferences. 

Overall, there are a lot more options for vehicles when it comes to Peg Perego. However, many of these options are masculine and not great for those who prefer the more feminine side of things. Suppose you have a child who wants a specifically feminine-looking appearance for their ride-on toy. In that case, Power Wheels might be a better option. 

Peg Perego Vehicle Models

The most popular Peg Perego ride-on toys are the ones that involve construction vehicles like tractors or off-road vehicles, like quads. Peg Perego has a much more extensive inventory of ride-on toys than Power Wheels. From a more traditional perspective, their toys might be overly masculine in representation, but many are simply construction-style vehicles that many children love. 

Another thing that Peg Perego offers is the functionality of vehicles that are better off-road. The suspension, treaded tires, and larger battery pack allow for better gravel and grass riding for more adventurous children. These more significant and more powerful vehicle models are great for those who have yards or off-road trails where their kids can ride. 

The best part about the design of the Peg Perego ride-on toys is that they are working vehicles with multiple moving parts that make them seem like actual work vehicles. For example: 

  • The tractors have working front-end loaders 
  • The trucks have trailer hitches for hauling trailers and other things 

The larger 24-volt batteries in Peg Peregos make these additional moving parts on their construction-style vehicle possible. These vehicle models will delight most children with their:

  • Power
  • Realistic function
  • Realistic appearance
  • Durability in rough off-road conditions 

Below are some of the best Peg Perego Vehicle Models: 

Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor with Trailer

One of the most popular designs for the Peg Perego is the John Deere tractor with a trailer. This powerful little toy is great for kids to ride on and haul around toys, dirt, or anything they want. The motor's power is better than most Power Wheels, and it offers some great features like a working front end and trailer hitch. 


  • Moving work tools and trailer hitch
  • High power 24-volt battery and motor
  • Auto braking system


  • Some confusing instructions for use and assembly
Peg Perego Polaris RZR 900 Ride On

This toy has an excellent set of wheels on it that make it fantastic for off-road adventuring and two-person fun. The two-seater style makes playtime fun for multiple kids, and the 12-volt battery churns the wheels enough for most conditions on the road. The roll bar adds realistic design and safety for your kids as they ride over obstacles or small dips and gravel. 


  • Fun horn options
  • Two-speed settings
  • Excellent traction of the wheels


Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw Citrus

One of the most fun and powerful little ride-on toys by Peg Perego is the Polaris Outlaw Citrus. This little quad has suspension and large treaded tires for a smooth and adventurous ride over most off-road terrain. This model comes in multiple colors that excite and please all children. 


  • Two-speed options for slower play
  • Suspension for a smooth ride
  • Multiple color options


  • Complex assembly with confusing instructions

Power Wheels Vehicle Models

When Power Wheels came on the ride-on toy scene in the 1980s, this Indiana-based company blew families and kids away with their realistic designs and models. Power Wheels are known for manufacturing ride-on toys that are miniature replicas of sports cars, trucks, and other personal vehicles. 

The best Power Wheels are the ones that look like either sports cars or large trucks. These Power Wheels tend to come in many designs with colors to meet even the most finicky child's preferences. 

Some of the best Power Wheels vehicle models are listed below with details and pros and cons: 

Power Wheels Jurassic World, Jeep Wrangler

Ever since Jurassic Park came out as a Blockbuster movie, the Jeep has been a massive hit for Power Wheels. This Power Wheels Jeep has excellent colors that replicate the same paint job as the Jeep used in the movie. The two-seat design allows for multiple children to play with the ride-on toy. There are also functioning lights and horns for a realistic experience. 


  • Great colors for design
  • Safety braking
  • Pretend radio with driving and dinosaur sounds


  • Battery life is reportedly not very long
  • Difficult assembly of wheels
Racing ATV

As another off-road option, Power Wheels offers the ATV in white, blue, pink, and black colors. These little ride-on toys are vehicles that reach speeds of up to six mph. The toy is also powerful and light enough it handle off-road conditions well. 


  • Incredible graphics, designs, and colors 
  • Realistic wheels and shocks
  • Works well off-road on grass or gravel


  • It can be too fast for younger drivers. 
  • Only has the one-speed option
Barbie Jeep

As one of the most popular and best-selling ride-on toys in the line of toys manufactured by Power Wheels, the Barbie Jeep is a hot pink Jeep with all the charm and stylish appeal your kids will love. This ride-on toy can drive on hard surfaces and grass and even has a parent lock for slower speeds for beginners learning how to operate the toy. 


  • Cleaver two-seat design for multiple kids to enjoy
  • Great colors, decals, and design features
  • Parent controls for safe play


  • Not as fast as other ride-on toys

One Battery Size Does Not Fit All

Another glaring difference between the Peg Perego and Power Wheels ride-on toys is the size of the batteries. The size of the batteries in each of these ride-on toys is typically the same 12-volt size that comes standard. The 12-volt battery size is fine for slower speeds and shorter playtime. 

However, only the Peg Perego has multiple ride-on toy options that offer a 24-volt larger battery. The larger 24-volt battery in Peg Perego allows for more powerful vehicles that tow trailers, push dirt, carry multiple people, And drive faster. These larger 24-volt batteries in Peg Perego are also longer lasting than comparable 12-volt batteries. 

Power Wheels has almost no options for 24-volt batteries. In comparison, Peg Perego is the only ride-on toy you should consider if you want more power and faster driving speeds for your children's playtime. Peg Perego also offers off-road capabilities and towing capacity with their larger batteries. 

Battery Functionality Makes A Difference

With each of these toys, charging is a must if you want your children to continue the fun they are having driving around like little bitty adults in their vehicle. The 12-volt charging required in all Power Wheels ride-on toys takes less time than the 24-volt larger battery in the Peg Perego ride-on toys. 

Batteries in Power Wheels are considered better functioning batteries because they require less charging time. Also, the smaller 12-volt batteries in the Power Wheels are lighter and must have less wear and tear on the system. The lighter weight of the battery provides the battery system with better functionality overall and helps it to last longer. 

Does Your Child Feel The Need For Speed? 

Speed on some of the Power Wheels ride-on toys are pretty fast, with some of the smaller ATV models reaching speeds of up to six mph. These Power Wheels also offer parental control for speed reduction. Some even have two settings for a faster and slower pace. 

The speed reduction setting is a great feature that gives parents peace of mind to leave their kids alone with the toys, even if they are younger or first learning how to drive and use them. 

However, Peg Pergo has 24-volt battery packs in some of their ride-on vehicles, making them much faster than the Power Wheels. Comparatively, just like the Power Wheels toys, these Peg Perego toys also have: 

  • Safety braking features
  • Parental controls
  • Multiple speed settings 

The 24-volt battery-powered Peg Perego delivers quite a lot of power, and kids should never be left unattended while driving these strong toys in a high-speed setting. 

Peg Perego is generally faster than Power Wheels because of the larger battery packs. However, each of these brands offers comparable safety and speed settings features for parents to keep their children safe while learning how to use their ride-on toys or when they are very young. 

Suppose parents are concerned with the speed of the ride-on toy. In that case, they should consider buying one of the many options of Peg Perego or Power Wheels that have adjustable speed settings. Several of the Power Wheels have parental controls, and Peg Perego has a two-speed setting on almost all of their faster designs of ride-on toys. 

Do Parents Have The Ability To Control The Vehicle?

There have been some complaints about the pedals and steering of Peg Perego over time. When both Peg Perego and Power Wheels are fresh and new out of their packaging, the control is very good. However, Peg Perego does have reported issues with steering control after some time of use. The wear and tear on the components of any ride-on toy tend to give them control problems. 

The parental controls of both of these toys are substantial and allow for safety measures like speed settings and even remote control to be used. These safety controls keep kids from getting hurt or damaging property when they are too young or just learning how to use the ride-on toys. 

One of the best features of the Power Wheels line of ride-on toys is that some of them have remote-controlled parental options. This feature means that children ride around while parents switch the Power Wheels vehicle over to remote control mode and:

  • Accelerate 
  • Brake 
  • Drive 
  • Steer 

Power Wheels comes out on top with the added benefit and peace of mind that the parental remote control option provides. However, the ability of both Peg Perego and Power Wheels to change speed settings allows for added control on either brand and the safest control and driving for all children. 

Battery Design Impacts Ease of Charging

The battery design of Peg Perego is far superior to that of Power Wheels. Even though Power Wheels' 12-volt battery systems take less time for charging, they are also integrated into the entire system of the ride-on toy. This means that you must charge the entire system with the vehicle body. 

Peg Perego, on the other hand, has a replaceable and removable battery that allows for battery pack charging without the system being attached. Charging only the battery as a smaller unit instead of the entire vehicle is much more convenient. This is a great feature because it allows you to store your ride-on toy in a safe place and then charge the 24-volt battery inside of your home. 

The battery designs of both of these ride-on toys are made for long-term use, so they both should last for years of riding fun. However, the fact that the Peg Perego 24-volt batteries are detachable for charging means that they will get taken care of better. Keeping the batteries out of extreme weather conditions like cold or severe heat prolongs the life of the batteries. 

The ability of the Peg Perego batteries to get detached from the inside of the vehicle makes them more versatile and better-designed for long-term use and play. 

Are Power Wheels Worth It?

Power Wheels are lacking in several of the distinctions offered by Peg Perego. So, the question is whether Power Wheels are worth buying? These ride-on toys might not be as expensive as some of the Peg Perego toys, but they still cost hundreds of dollars. Some people might argue that paying a little extra upfront for a superior ride-on toy in Peg Perego might be worth it. 

However, Power Wheels offer some great advantages. As was stated in control, they all have speed and parental controls on their ride-on toys that not all Peg Perego ride-on toys have. Also, the battery is smaller and takes less time to charge. If the smaller 12-volt battery becomes damaged or stops working for any reason, they are also less expensive for replacement. 

In the end, Power Wheels are worth it if you want to save a little money and aren't very concerned with a toy that is very fast and powerful. Some parents might prefer the slower and less powerful design and nature of the Power Wheels, and everyone loves saving money on their purchases. 

In Conclusion

Both Power Wheels and Peg Perego have been competitors for years in the ride-on toys market. Each of these companies has its own niche, with Power Wheels catering to a less expensive and more inclusive gender market. Peg Perego has higher quality and more powerful ride-on toys, but many of them are focused on attracting only those leaning toward a more masculine predilection rather than inclusive audiences. 

In the end, Peg Perego is a more expensive but higher quality option that parents should consider before going with the better-known name brand of Power Wheels. Even so, the power, functionality, and realistic designs of some of the ride-on toy vehicles are exciting and fun for all kids.