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Power Wheels Quick Charger

There’s nothing quite like having a car at the age of five. Fisher-Price and their Power Wheels product lineup has been producing child-friendly vehicles for decades, and there’s no end in sight, but how can parents ensure that their little one’s wheels are adequately charged and raring to go? Quick chargers might be the answer.

Power Wheels quick chargers are challenging to find. Power Wheels batteries are 12V 12AH, so they cannot accept high amplitude which may shorten charging time. Additionally, these brand-specific batteries don’t have traditional positive/negative battery terminals.

Most chargers are going to produce similar if not identical, charging times. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a reliable charger for your tiny tot’s Jeep, pick-up truck, dune buggy, or ATV.

What Are Power Wheels Quick Chargers?

A Power Wheels quick charger is a device that helps battery-powered vehicle toys recharge. While the product lineup doesn’t entirely consist of electric toys and child-sized vehicles, it is known for these specific products.

Unless you own an uncommon or a past-production Power Wheels product, the battery in your child’s toy car is a 12V 12AH and is rechargeable. However, parents hoping to charge their child’s toy as quickly as possible (especially if wishing to give it as a gift for a birthday or significant holiday) might feel frustrated with standard Power Wheels chargers and their slow charging rates.

Fisher-Price recommends that users charge most of their vehicles for at least eighteen hours before first use. That’s practically a full day of charging! To make matters slightly more frustrating, they also recommend an after-use charging period of fourteen hours. 

That can be a lot of charging for only a little bit of playtime unless you have a reliable Power Wheels battery charger. That’s why it’s crucial to choose the best possible option. Don’t worry. This article can help guide you in the right direction.

Choosing the Right Quick Charger

Finding and selecting the right charger for your play vehicle can be tricky. Choosing the charger with the greatest amperage is tempting, but this could prove a dangerous route. 

Additionally, Power Wheels batteries have unique inputs that only receive specific charging heads. This design feature makes it nearly impossible for owners to utilize standard chargers with a clamp or eyelet attachments. 

Generally, to select the perfect charger for your Power Wheels, you’ll need to consider the following:

  • Make and model
  • Battery type
  • Amperage
  • Charger voltage

These factors can be challenging to keep organized, and you may not be familiar with all of them. Let’s learn more about how these aspects might influence your final purchase. 

Make and Model

The Power Wheels line consists of battery-powered electric vehicles designed for children. Like standard motorized vehicles, these unique toys come in various body styles, colors, and capacities. Lately, Power Wheels seems to produce three types of child-friendly electric vehicles:

  • Themed Jeep Wranglers
  • Pick-Up Trucks
  • ATVs
  • Dune Buggies

This limited in-brand variability is a small blessing for parents hoping to find the correct charger. That’s because these Power Wheels products utilize a generic 12V battery. 

If you own a non-Power Wheels toy vehicle (Best Choice Products, Aosom, Kid Trax, Razor), the precise type of charger you need may vary depending on the exact battery within the toy. Always check the play vehicle’s battery before making a final purchase.

Battery Type

While nearly all Power Wheels toys use a 12V gray battery, some outliers exist. Some smaller powered toys might house a blue or red 6V battery. Additionally, older, outdated models might feature batteries that are no longer in production.

Because all current toy electric vehicles for children aged three and older use the 12V battery, it’s the type I’ll focus on throughout this guide. Also, when considering battery charging times, you can’t forget to mention amperage.


Understanding the difference between volts and amperes can be tricky. To simplify things, imagine that electrical currents move and flow like rivers or streams. An item’s volts can be compared to a river’s depth and width. It determines the amount of electricity (or water) flowing through it.

Amperage refers to the rate of that flow. Chargers that offer higher amps can charge batteries more quickly than those with low amperage. Notably, batteries almost always have an amperage limit. Power Wheels batteries have a 12AH (amp hours) rating. 

Anything more could cause an explosion, injury, or battery failure. This facet limits the consumer’s ability to recharge their toddler’s vehicle quickly.

Cable Head Compatibility

If your electric toy car has a Power Wheels battery inside, you’ll likely need a specialized charger to keep it powered. These in-brand batteries only accept unique cable heads that fit snugly beneath the upper lip of the battery. 

Standard chargers with clips or eyelet attachments can be exceptionally dangerous when used with Power Wheels batteries. Sadly, the initial temptation to invest in an affordable 12V/12AH charger is obliterated by the fact that no such charger can work safely with the Power Wheels-brand batteries. 

Should you replace your Power Wheels battery with an off-brand option that fits, you may be able to invest in a standard handheld quick charger. Of course, doing so does pose certain risks and may void warranties. Purchase and install off-brand components at your own risk. 

Otherwise, stick to the specialized chargers designed and produced specifically for Power Wheels toy vehicles. Speaking of which, let’s check out a few of the best options.

Best Power Wheels Quick Chargers

Without further ado, let’s explore some of the best Power Wheels battery chargers to keep those wheels turning and your little one smiling! Remember, always check the in-toy battery before clicking that ‘buy’ button.

SafeAMP 12-Volt Charger for Power Wheels

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This charger can fit two distinct types of Power Wheels batteries. It’s compatible with gray Power Wheels batteries, specifically those with gray and orange lids. 

This battery charger can also be used with SafeAMP replacement 12V batteries. With an output of one amp per hour, you could charge your tot’s vehicle in eight to twelve hours.

Bestlaixing 12 Volt Battery Charger

While this charger has the perfect head to fit Power Wheels batteries, it does have a relatively unimpressive amp output. However, it also has an automatic shut-off feature that can help you prevent undue damage to your kid’s car. 

This is a great option for those ready to plug in their child’s set of wheels and walk away. You’ll just need to stay away for a while if you want to enjoy a full battery upon returning.

Power Wheels 00801-1778 Gray Battery Charger

If you have your vehicle model number handy (it should be located within the owner/user manual), you can compare to see if it falls within the 00801-1778 range. This option is an official Power Wheels battery charger, and it’s compatible with the gray 12V vehicle battery.


Finding a quick charger for your child’s electric toy car doesn’t have to be a challenging ordeal. To choose the best option for your little one’s tiny vehicle, you’ll want to pay attention to the toy’s model and battery type. 

You’ll also need to consider your preferred charger’s amperage, voltage, and compatibility before making a final purchase. I’ve included some of our top picks to help you save time and ensure you end up with the best possible Power Wheels battery charger.