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Charge Power Wheels Battery
Power Wheels Battery Charging and Storing Safely

If you have purchased a Power Wheels car for your child, you may be wondering how you can charge the battery on the car. Power Wheels are a fun and exciting toy for children, and thanks to their battery they are a safe and reliable electric-powered vehicle.

Power Wheels can be charged by plugging the Power Wheels battery and charger into a standard wall outlet. Power Wheels batteries are easy to charge and can often be charged in anywhere from 14 to 18 hours. 

Although most Power Wheels cars might require that you have a charger, there are some ways that you can charge your Power Wheels vehicle without a charger. Keep reading to learn more about how to charge your child’s Power Wheels car, and some tactics you can use if the standard charger fails.

How Do Battery-Powered Power Wheels Operate?

Battery-powered Power Wheels have been gaining in popularity on the children’s toy market due to their ease of use and fun attributes. Standard battery-powered Power Wheels rely on a 12-volt battery to provide power. 

This type of battery is almost always rechargeable. Within the Power Wheels car, different types of batteries might be required to operate features such as the radio. These batteries may not be rechargeable, and you should consult the operation manual for more information on how to replace these batteries. 

Do Power Wheels Include a Battery?

Power Wheels should always come with a battery and charger if you are buying one new. If you buy a Power Wheels used or from a different source, you may run into the issue of not having a suitable battery or charger for the vehicle.

If you purchase a Power Wheels from a reliable store and it does not have a battery or charger, be sure to contact the store immediately as there may be an issue with the product you have purchased.

How to Charge a Power Wheels Battery?

A Power Wheels Battery can be charged by using the standard charger that comes with the Power Wheels car. The charger connects directly to the battery in a designated port. It should be able to be used in any standard wall outlet. 

Most people choose to charge their Power Wheels cars in the following locations:

  • Garages
  • Basements
  • Next to outdoor outlets

Keeping a designated area for your Power Wheels charger will minimize the risk that the wall charger is lost and also make sure that the vehicle does not get in the way of any daily household activities while it is charging.

How to Charge a Power Wheels Battery SAFELY: 10 Tips

You might wonder how you can make sure that your Power Wheels battery is charging safely. Battery leaks can be very serious and can result in poisoning or bodily injury. To safely charge your battery, follow these tips:

Remove the Battery from the Power Wheels Car

Before beginning to charge, be sure to remove the battery from the vehicle. Leaving the battery in the vehicle while charging can cause lasting damage both to the car and the battery. It also increases the likelihood of dangerous events, such as battery leakage. Batteries should always be charged outside of the car on a flat surface for best results.

Supervise all Battery Charging

Although children might ask to charge their Power Wheels battery by themselves, adults should always be present for the charging process. Children should not try to remove the battery on their own, as it can be very heavy.

Children should also not handle the charger. They could be harmed by any battery damage or electrical currents from the wall outlet. Adults should inspect the battery thoroughly before allowing their child to touch the battery or interact with the charging process in any way.

Check the Battery Beforehand for Leaks or Damage

The Power Wheels car will include a 12-volt battery. Before beginning the charging process, inspect your battery thoroughly. The most common issue that could arise with your battery is leaks.

If you notice that your battery is cracked or leaking, immediately avoid contact with the battery. Place it in a sealed plastic bag to prevent spillage before you can dispose of it.

If the battery acid touches your skin or eyes, flush the affected area with cool water for a minimum of 15 minutes. After this point, you should call your physician to see if further steps are needed.

If the battery acid becomes ingested, you will need to immediately contact a physician or a poison control center to confirm what steps you need to take to protect your health.

Charge the Battery Once per Month

Charging the battery every month, even if it hasn’t completely run down, will protect the structure of the battery. It will reduce the likelihood of future damage to the battery that could cause harm or negative consequences.

When you store your Power Wheels car for longer periods of time or over the winter, set a reminder to charge the battery each month. This will benefit your Power Wheels car in the long run and keep it operating well when it is time to use it again.

Charge the Battery Even if it is Not Fully Drained

It may seem intuitive to charge the battery only when it is empty. However, batteries are under the most strain when they are completely empty, and this could cause permanent damage to the structure of the battery itself if you are always draining it before a charge.

Power Wheels recommends the following strategies for charging your battery:

  • Charge the battery after every use
  • Charge the battery before storing the vehicle for long periods
  • Do not allow the battery to completely die before charging

If you follow these guidelines, you will keep your battery healthy and run your Power Wheels car for a long time to come.

Regularly Check Wall Outlets

Because the battery can charge off of a standard wall charger, you should take steps to make sure that the outlet is functioning properly. Test your outlets at least once per year with a cube or block tester. This device will identify if there are any issues with the outlet and diagnose what these are.

Wall outlets that are not functioning properly are susceptible to surges or other electrical errors that could damage your battery or the Power Wheels car. Especially if it is an outdoor wall outlet, do regular inspections to make sure that exposure to the elements has not harmed the outlets in any way.

If it seems as though your outlet is not charging properly or is releasing strange smells or sparks when you plug the charger in, avoid using it. When you avoid faulty outlets, you are protecting yourself and the battery.

Charge the Battery in a Dry Area

Power Wheels cars are durable, but when you charge them you should do so in a dry place. Avoid charging cars outdoors on a rainy day as this could lead to battery damage or electrical complications.

Sometimes, the best place to charge your Power Wheels battery is in a covered garage. Your battery will stay safe and dry until it can charge to full capacity.

Make Sure There is Ventilation

When you charge your battery, do so in a well-ventilated area. If there are any battery leaks, you will be protecting yourself and others from inhaling any fumes that could result from the leakage. Ventilation can also decrease the risk of fires or other explosions.

Protect the Charging Surface

Avoid charging the battery on a plastic or laminate surface, such as a kitchen or bathroom countertop. Battery acid is extremely corrosive, and if the battery leaks, permanent damage could be done to the surfaces.

Your battery may charge best on a concrete surface that is not susceptible to damage from leakage. Please do not charge your battery on the grass or a natural outdoor surface. If the battery leaks, this could have extremely grave environmental repercussions and could lead to soil contamination.

Stand the Battery Upright

Keep your battery upright while charging. This will avoid any internal damage to the battery that could be caused by slanting the battery or turning it upside down. 

Store Your Battery Properly

When you are not charging your Power Wheels battery, you should keep it in a safe space where it will not be subject to extreme cold or heat that could cause damage.

Power Wheels recommends that the battery storage area meets the following requirements:

  • Does not exceed 75 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Does not go below -10 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Is not exposed to water

If these requirements are not met, the battery could easily become damaged or leak, resulting in hazardous consequences for its surroundings.

How Long Should You Charge a Power Wheels Battery?

How long you charge your battery depends on whether it is your first time using the battery. 

Before using the vehicle for the first time, you should charge your battery somewhere between 18-30 hours. This is the initial charge, and it is required to get your Power Wheels car properly powered. After you have surpassed the first charge, you can then charge your battery for 14-18 hours after each use. 

How Do You Know if the Battery is Charging?

Most Power Wheels batteries have an LED light to indicate when the battery is charging. This light is often directly on the charger itself. 

If the LED light is on, this typically is caused by the following factors:

  • The wall outlet is not working
  • The battery is not properly connected to the charger
  • There is an issue with the battery itself

Most of the time, the LED light will turn on with no issues. If you do notice that the LED light is not on, do some troubleshooting by plugging the battery into a different outlet and making sure that the charger is properly connected to the battery.

How Can You Tell if a Power Wheels Battery is Exhausted?

At some point, your Power Wheels battery may no longer be functional. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but the most common is that the battery becomes old and no longer works properly.

You should be able to tell if your Power Wheels battery is exhausted or becoming exhausted when it shows the following characteristics:

  • Not retaining a charge
  • Draining much more quickly
  • Not powering the car to the same speeds as it used to

You can also tell if the battery is exhausted by measuring its power with a voltmeter. A fully charged 12-volt battery should measure at 12 volts when tested with a voltmeter. If the reading is significantly less than this, this is a good indicator that your battery is beginning to become exhausted.

If your Power Wheels battery is starting to become exhausted, you will need to replace it if you still want the car to be functional. Exhausted batteries should be immediately removed from the Power Wheels car. If they are left in, they can cause lasting damage and corrosion. It is better to let the Power Wheels car sit without a battery than with an exhausted battery.

How Long is Average Battery Life?

Even if you provide proper care for your battery, a rechargeable battery will reach a point where it becomes exhausted and no longer works. For most Power Wheels batteries, this happens within 1-3 years of first use.

When your battery dies, you should replace it with a new Power Wheels compatible battery to keep the vehicle running properly.

Disposing of an Old Power Wheels Battery

Once your battery no longer works, you will need to dispose of the battery carefully. Batteries should never be thrown out with standard garbage because of their high toxicity if they leak or break. Not only is this damaging to the environment, but it is also illegal to throw away batteries in such a manner in most states.

Like most other batteries, Power Wheels has instructions to follow when you dispose of your battery. If your battery is exhausted, you can return it to an approved battery recycling center. Most Power Wheels authorized service centers can dispose of the battery for you at no cost.

If the battery is damaged or leaking, you should contact your local waste management officials for advice on what to do. Damaged batteries are not always able to be recycled with intact batteries. Your officials can give you guidance on how to dispose of a damaged battery while keeping yourself and the environment safe.

Purchasing a New Power Wheels Battery

Once your current battery is dead or exhausted, you can purchase a new battery. Many distributors of Power Wheels will have replacement batteries for sale that can be shipped to your home or picked up in person at a store.

Additionally, Power Wheels Batteries can be purchased on Amazon, although you will need to make sure that the battery is compatible with your model of Power Wheels.

You should not purchase a battery that is not approved for use in Power Wheels. Although it may be tempting to use a car battery or lawn mower battery in your Power Wheels car for the sake of convenience, this can potentially cause lasting damage to the vehicle.

You should also avoid trying to upgrade your Power Wheels battery if the vehicle has not yet been approved for a battery upgrade. Please contact a Power Wheels authorized service center for more information on whether or not your Power Wheels model can handle an upgraded battery.

Can You Charge a Power Wheels Battery Without a Charger?

Although there are ways to charge your Power Wheels battery without a charger, it is usually not recommended. 

If you have extensive knowledge on how batteries operate, you might be able to charge your power wheels battery using the following methods:

  • A car battery: if done properly, it is possible to jump-start a Power Wheels car battery using a car battery.
  • Solar power: those with a knowledge of solar energy could modify their charger to function off of solar power.
  • A portable battery starter: Much in the same way that you would jump the battery using a car battery, portable starters can be used if the standard charger is not available.

If you choose to start your Power Wheels battery without a designated charger, be sure that you are only doing so as a last resort. Take time to research your chosen method extensively beforehand to avoid the likelihood of injury or lasting damage to the Power Wheels car.

It is strongly advised that you order a replacement charger if your charger dies instead of relying on alternative methods. Replacement chargers can be ordered directly from Power Wheels distributors or can be found on Amazon. Please wait to use your Power Wheels vehicle until you have your new charger on hand. 

Can You Overcharge a Power Wheels Battery?

You will know that you have overcharged your battery if you charge it for more than 30 hours on the first charge, or more than 18 hours on a regular charge. For this reason, it is very important to follow the time guidelines for charging.

If your battery is overcharged, it will begin to deteriorate. This will impact how your battery holds a charge and lead to it exhausting much faster.

Can You Undercharge a Power Wheels Battery?

It is possible to undercharge a Power Wheels battery. Regardless of how long your child uses their Power Wheels on a single ride, you should recharge it for 14 hours. If you do not charge your Power Wheels for the amount of time that is advised, you can cause lasting damage to your battery or cause it to deteriorate quickly.

When Should You Charge Your Power Wheels Battery?

Because of the length of time it takes, many parents choose to charge their Power Wheels batteries overnight. It is easy to forget about the battery once you start charging, so consider using the following strategies to make sure that the battery is not overcharged or undercharged:

  • Set a manual timer in the area where the battery is charging.
  • Set a reminder on your phone.
  • Charge overnight in a visible place and disconnect before leaving for work in the morning.

Many people choose to make charging their Power Wheels batteries part of their routine. If you regularly set reminders or have a time where you always check on the charging status, you will be much less likely to overcharge or undercharge your battery.

Are There Warranties for Power Wheel Batteries?

When you purchase a Power Wheels car, you are eligible for protection under the company’s 6 Month Limited Warranty. This warranty plan will reimburse you if your Power Wheels battery is defective or becomes exhausted within this period.

Keep in mind that the warranty does not protect the battery against damage from the following circumstances:

  • Improper charging
  • Neglect or misuse of the battery
  • Accidents or other errors not caused by material defects

If you find yourself in a situation where it appears you received a faulty battery, contact Power Wheels to learn more about how your warranty can benefit you.


A Power Wheels car is a great way for your child to have adventures in your own yard and neighborhood, and with the rechargeable battery, you will have endless opportunities for fun. Each Power Wheels model may be slightly different, but they are all the same in their commitment to a reliable and safe battery charging experience.

Before charging your Power Wheels battery, take some time to read the manual and familiarize yourself with the charging process and time requirements. Be sure to maintain your battery properly and follow guidelines, and do not hesitate to contact a Power Wheels service center for more information on the coverage provided by your warranty or with any issues that may arise.

With a little practice, you will soon find that you have purchased a toy for your child that is as easy to use and maintain as it is fun.