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Power Wheels Quick Disconnect

Power Wheels are great gifts for kids. These great battery-powered ride-on cars give your child a similar experience to riding a standard vehicle. However, they often come with some limitations to suit their users' needs. 

The best Power Wheels Disconnect Kit is the Power Wheels Quick Disconnect for a 20v Lithium DeWalt Battery. It's easy to use and install, has an LED indicator, and can increase Power Wheels speed by 60 percent. This upgrade kit doesn't cost much as well, and the warranty stays intact. 

In this article, I'll take you through the four best Power Wheels Quick Disconnect upgrade adapter kits to give more power to your kid's battery-powered ride-on toy. I'll also look at Power Wheels' various limitations and how a quick disconnect kit can help surpass them.

Power Wheels Batteries and Speed

Power Wheels are not meant to be fast as you may think. The standard Power Wheels top out at 6 miles per hour (9.6km/h). Safety concerns are one of the reasons why Power Wheels are limited in speed. It's also perfect for kids who are still learning how to drive their battery-powered cars. 

Additionally, Power Wheels come with a stock 6-volt or a 12-volt battery. Coupled with the maximum speed of 5 or 6 miles per hour. On a full charge, a Power Wheel can run for about an hour. As kids grow, the 6mph speed and walking pace might not be good enough to keep them entertained. And that's where a quick disconnect kit comes into play.

A Power Wheel Quick Disconnect Kit allows your child to increase the speed of their Power Wheel. Best of all, a quick disconnect kit bumps up the maximum speed without voiding the warranty. Various quick disconnect kits can increase the battery capacity to 18 or 20 volts and drastically increase the top speed by 60 percent. 

Why You Need a Power Wheels Quick Disconnect Adapter Kit

Power Wheels ship with 6- or 12-volt stock batteries. These batteries limit the speed of the Power Wheels. As your kids grow and the stock battery continues to wear out, the Power Wheel performance will only worsen. The default way to improve a Power Wheel performance is by buying a replacement 6 or 12v battery if the existing one is becoming weaker.

But this can be limiting. Opting for a bigger capacity 18v or 20v battery is a smart move and will provide a breath of fresh air to the Power Wheel as far as speed and performance are concerned. Additionally, getting a quick disconnect adapter kit is best because it allows you to upgrade your kids' Power Wheels without technical knowledge, as it's plug and play.

This is better than going the challenging route, which requires technical knowledge. This YouTube video showcases how to upgrade your 12-volt stock Power Wheel battery to an 18-volt third-party battery the hard way:

The best way to upgrade the battery is by purchasing a Quick Disconnect adapter. It helps you quickly hook an 18v or 20v third-party battery to the Power Wheel without getting your hands dirty. Here are the five best Power Wheels Quick Disconnect Kits you should check out today.

Power Wheels Quick Disconnect for a 20v Lithium DeWalt Battery

This quick disconnect kit is one of the easiest to use. The kit can increase your child's Power Wheel speed up to 60 percent with ease. No cutting wires, or soldering, thus keeping your warranty intact. It's easier to use and can be connected by anyone even without technical skills. 

The kit is compatible with any 20v Lithium DeWalt Battery, giving your kid's Power Wheels the highest power and speeds possible. It also provides an easy way of upgrading a 12v Power Wheel. 

For safety concerns, the kit has a 40 Amp fuse fitted inside, which protects against current overflow that could potentially spoil the motor engine. There are three additional fuses included in case the current one blows up. 

This quick disconnect kit also has an LED indicator that showcases the battery level when plugged in, which is a plus if the Power Wheel has none built-in. The kit also has two USB connectors that can be used to charge other devices. The latter is not necessary, but the addition is appreciated. 

Bottom Line: If you're looking for the best Quick Disconnect upgrade kit, I highly recommend this one. Not only does it provide an easy to install procedure, but it also does not void the Power Wheels warranty. Plus, it gives a significant speed jump from the standard Power Wheel stock speed, as much as 60 percent. And it comes at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, it does not come with a 20-volt DeWalt battery.

Power Wheels Quick Disconnect for an 18v Lithium Ridgid Battery

This adapter is perfect for those who don't need much power provided by the Power Wheels Quick Disconnect for a 20v Lithium DeWalt Battery. However, it can help bump up the speed by 50 percent, 10 percent less, than the 20v adapter can do. It also includes a 40Amp fuse with three extra fuses included in the packaging. 

It is also easier to use and will help you give your kid's Power Wheels more power without dealing with wires. Thus, your kid's Power Wheels warranty will also remain intact. This Quick Disconnect kit is compatible with any 18-volt Lithium Ridgid battery.

Bottom Line: I recommend this adapter for its ease-of-use design and safety. Besides that, it is ideal for parents who want to increase the speed of their kid's Power Wheels battery-powered ride-on toys by half. It also doesn't cost much and provides an easy way to upgrade the stock 6- or 12-volt battery to an 18-volt battery. 

Power Wheels Quick Disconnect for an 18v Lithium Ryobi Battery

If you have a spare 18v Lithium Ryobi Battery, this adapter will make it easy to attach the battery to the Power Wheel. This adapter's ease of use can help convert any Power Wheels ride-on toy to a more powerful one.

The adapter also ships with a built-in single 40Amp in-line fuse and three extras. With this, Power Wheel speeds will be up by 50 percent. For instance, if your kid's Power Wheel tops at 5mph or 8km/h, then expect speeds of up to 7.5 mph or 12km/h.

Bottom Line: I recommend this Power Wheels Quick Disconnect adapter to those who already own an 18v Ryobi Lithium battery. 

Power Wheels Upgrade Quick Disconnect Kit for an 18V Makita Lithium Batteries

This adaptor kit isn't any different from the one meant for 18V Lithium Ryobi or Ridgid batteries. The only difference is that this quick disconnect kit is compatible with any 18v battery from Makita. 

Besides that, you get the usual 50 percent speed increase, an in-line fuse, and three extra fuses. It is also plug-and-play. No technical skills are required whatsoever for installation.

Bottom Line: I recommend this one for those who can quickly get an 18V Makita Lithium battery and want to upgrade their kid's Power Wheels easily. The ease of use and quick installation without voiding the warranty is also attractive specs. 


With everything considered, the Power Wheels Quick Disconnect for a 20v Lithium DeWalt Battery is the best quick disconnect kit. It provides a full-speed upgrade and includes an LED indicator. But if the 60 percent speed bump is too much, alternative adapters in this list can provide up to 50 percent, and they don't cost much as well.