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Power wheels electric motor

Power Wheels are great toys to get your little one. The good thing with most Power Wheels is their ease of modification, which allows you to change and upgrade some parts to increase the ride-on car's overall performance. One part that can be easily modifiable to enhance a Power Wheels` performance is the electric motor. So how can you install a new motor in your little one's Power Wheels?

To replace an electric motor for a Power Wheels, you'll need to remove the wheels to access the gearboxes where the motors are attached. Disconnect all the wires before sliding off the gearboxes. Next is to remove the stock motors and reinstall the new motors to the gearbox.  

Curious to learn more about how to replace electric motors in your little one's toy car? Then you couldn't be in a better place. Read on for an in-depth guide on how to DIY replace a ride-on car's motors.

Remove the Wheels

Removing Power Wheel tires can prove daunting, especially if it's your first time. Luckily, there are several methods to get the job done. Tools like pliers, a blow torch, and air chisels can help you remove the wheels a lot faster, but chances are you might not have all these tools in your home garage.

Although not necessary, a blow-torch helps to expand the plastic to allow you to remove the wheel from the ride-on toy's axle. Don't have these tools? Worry not, for a simple paint can lid opener can help you remove the plastic caps.

While paint can lid opener might damage the plastic caps, that won't be much of a problem since the caps are usually affordable and readily available. After removing the cap, use needle-nose pliers to hold the push nut (bottom and lower part). 

The push nut should be straightforward to remove, thus giving you access to the easily-removable bolt. Pull out the wheel once you've removed the bolts.

Remove the Stock Motor

Once the wheels slide off, you'll spot some gearboxes right behind (where motors are attached). Be extra careful when disconnecting the wires to ensure the gearboxes come off as expected.

To remove the Power Wheels motor out of the gearbox, you'll first need to remove the flat head screws that hold the motor in place. A basic screwdriver should get the job done. Once you have removed the stock motor, it's time to start placing the gearbox's replacement motor.

Install the New Motor

When looking to make electric replacements to your kids ride-on car, it's best to check for compatibility before purchasing. You can choose to replace the entire gearbox (by purchasing a gearbox with an installed electric motor). Alternatively, you can purchase a motor independently, provided you check on the pinions to ensure it locks well with the gears.

Below are some of the best Power Wheels motors you can get for your child's ride-on car. 

2 Pcs 550 Universal Electric Motor 35000 RPM   

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This high speed motor stands out due to its compatibility with most ride-on toys. It contains 2PCs A and B-gear. It manages 35000 RPM, which is a welcome boost if you want to improve your kids ride-on toy's performance.

12V 7R Pinion For Fisher Price Ride-On Cars

This high-performance motor comes with a pre-installed 19-tooth pinion and is compatible with all 12V Fisher-Price electric cars that come with a 7R gearbox. As proof of the motor's superior quality, the manufacturer (Pyram) provides a friendly 1-year warranty.

Reconnect the Wiring

Once you're done installing the Power Wheels motor and closed the gearbox, next is to connect the wiring you had initially disconnected. When working on the wiring, it's important to check how the connections work by testing to observe how the wheels rotate.

Be extra careful when reconnecting the wiring as you want to do a thorough job to eliminate the risk of damaging your little one's ride-on car.

Install Heat Sinks

Before installing heat sinks, ensure that every wire is securely tied out of the way. The heat sinks will snap on and play the crucial role of cooling the motors when your little one is playing outside. While it's not mandatory to use to cool motors, doing so helps prevent different types of mechanical failure.

You might want to consider high-quality sinks like Hobbypark Aluminum Electric Motor Cooling Fins or the XtremeAmazing Electric Engine Motor. These cooling fins will help extend the durability of your motors, more so during extended outdoor play.

Should You Hire an Expert To Replace Electric Motors?

The decision to outsource a Power Wheel's repair or upgrade should depend on your skill level and availability. While it might be fulfilling to replace the motor as a DIY project, you might end up taking too much time if you have a busy schedule.

And you might also want to avoid the DIY replacement path if you don't know a thing or two about handling Power Wheels. However, if you've got the time and interest to learn, replacing Power Wheel motors shouldn't be too hard.

Is It Necessary To Remove the Battery During Repairs?

Regardless of the type of repair or upgrade you're making to a Power Wheel, you should always remove the battery. Removing the battery not only ensures you're working in a safe environment it also prevents the ride-on car from getting damaged. Remember to store the battery in a cool, dry place that's stable enough.

How To Extend the Life of a Power Wheels’ Electric Motor

Power Wheels` electric motors can be replaced with relative ease. However, to ensure you don't spend all your weekends in the garage repairing motors, it's important to learn how to extend the useful life of these devices. 

Below are crucial tips to observe to ensure the new motor lasts long enough.

Purchase quality motors

When replacing electric motors for your kids ride-on car, it is hugely important to purchase quality motors from trusted brands. Getting good motors will save you the labor of making regular replacements. 

Routine Cleaning

Although not every weekend, you should aim to clean an electric car‘s motor at least once in two to three months. Proper cleaning will help remove debris build-up and keep all the venting free from unnecessary blockages. Use only approved chemicals to clean a motor.

Check on cooling and voltage

Ensuring the motor remains cool during usage is a sure way to enhance its durability. You can set up cooling sinks to protect newly installed motors from overheating.

Proper Lubrication

Lubrication helps to reduce friction and heat in the motor system, thus reducing the chances of damage or malfunction. Please note that ride-on cars don't need much lubrication due to their relatively low power.  

Proper motor storage and handling

Always handle new motors carefully as they can easily get damaged. Therefore, keep the motors safe in a dry environment when removing stock motors from your kid's ride-on toy. Try as much as possible to minimize condensation and degreasing. It is also advisable to work in an environment free from excessive moisture.


Replacing a Power Wheels electric motor isn't rocket science. However, it can also prove daunting if you have little to no experience. If you choose to go the DIY way, remember to start by removing the wheels to access the gearbox.

Remove the stock motors and replace them with the new ones. Be sure to check the new motor to ensure they're compatible with the gear system of your little one's Power Wheels. Remember to put the new motors firmly in place before closing the gearbox.