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12 volt power wheels battery alternative

If you want your children to have many hours of hassle-free performance out of their Power Wheels, the battery is an important place to start. Many people find that they want something a bit more powerful than the standard 12-volt battery that comes with many Power Wheels today. The question becomes what the effective alternatives are. 

If you are one of the many Power Wheels owners that have become frustrated over the short lifespan of the batteries included with your child’s ride on toys, you are not alone. If you want to get rid of that frustration, you will want to keep reading to learn about some of the better alternatives currently available on the market today. 

Power Wheels 12 Volt Battery Alternatives

When a kid gets a Power Wheels vehicle, they look forward to driving it for hours on end. This is only possible if the battery holds up for them. Unfortunately, far too many Power Wheels have a battery that is not built to go for very long. That is why you will want to consider one of the following 12-volt battery alternatives for your Power Wheels. 

The ExpertPower 12 Volt Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery

In a nutshell, the ExpertPower 12 Volt Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery is a great option for your PowerWheels because of the following three features alone:

  • It is extremely durable. 
  • It operates at a high level of performance. 
  • It has a long life cycle. 

This is a battery that is built to withstand even the deepest of discharges. It will serve your Power Wheels well, particularly if you use them frequently. It can withstand the constant stopping and starting that your children might put it through much better than many other 12-volt battery alternatives on the market today. 

Many of the rechargeable 12-volt batteries sold today can replace the standard OEM batteries on the Power Wheels, but they cannot be deeply discharged. In fact, when they are deeply discharged, their lifespan will be reduced significantly. This is why they do not make a good choice for your Power Wheels, but the ExpertPower 12 Volt does. 

Children may not realize why but they will love the performance that results from the ExpertPower 12 Volt Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery. It is a power wheels upgrade that comes with many advantages. Some of the more notable include the following:

  • Long lasting performance – This is a battery that can operate continually without compromising its functionality. Your children can use it day after day without even needing to charge it up. This creates even more independence for them and allows parents to be a bit more hands off. 
  • Small size – You will find that this battery is a bit smaller than others, meaning that you can easily fit it inside the compartment of most Power Wheels. You may need to remove some hardware that is in place, but that is simple enough. There will be plenty of space to add this battery, no matter which type of vehicle you happen to own. 

It should be noted that it is quite possible that you will need to make some modifications to your particular Power Wheels vehicle in order to make this battery operational. One such upgrade that you might want to consider is the addition of a 30 amp fuse. This will effectively minimize the potential of a fire in the event that the battery was too short out. 

The Weize 12 Volt 18AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery

The Weize 12 Volt 18AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery is another alternative that is quite effective when put to use in Power Wheels. Some of its more notable advantages include the following:

  • Its cover is designed to prevent overheating and extend the life of the battery. 
  • It is constructed using Absorbed Glass Mat technology. 
  • This battery is virtually maintenance free. 
  • You can use this battery immediately upon taking it out of the box. 
  • The Weize 12 Volt 18AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery offers excellent resistance to leaks. 

Power Wheels vehicles can drain a battery quite quickly because of the juice that it requires to operate. This is a battery that can accommodate that need courtesy of its 18 amp per hour potential. 

The Weize 12 Volt 18AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery also makes use of Absorbant Glass Mat technology. This is known to increase the performance of batteries, meaning that Power Wheels can benefit from its longer overall life. It is rated to last two times as long as other similarly positioned Power Wheels replacement batteries. 

Another added advantage of this battery is that it cost less to produce, with the savings being passed onto the consumer. It is also spill-proof, eliminating the risk of possibly burning a child while operating the vehicle. 

If you decide to use this battery as an alternative in your child’s Power Wheels, you will need to be ready also to purchase an after-market connector. How the battery fits will depend on the particular Power Wheels that you have. It would help if you also had a 30 amp fuse to use this battery in order to protect your child. 

One other useful feature of this battery is that it can be charged using the battery charger from your car. It can also make use of a battery charger that uses a fully automatic microprocessor-controlled system. In some cases, the charger that was included with your Power Wheels can also be used on this battery. 

The ML12 Volt 12 AH Mighty Max SLA Battery

The name attached to the Mighty Max gives it away. This is a battery that can take your Power Wheels to another level. The ML12 Volt 12 AH Mighty Max SLA Battery is designed such that it provides a deep discharge recovery. This lends well to its longevity which means that you will be spending far less money on replacements over time. 

As a parent, you will love the fact that this is an entirely spill-proof battery. You can be confident that your kids will be riding their favorite Power Wheels with a battery that is safe to operate and will provide them with hours of continual enjoyment. 

When it comes to longevity, the ML12 Volt 12 AH Mighty Max SLA Battery will run about three times as long as the standard 12-volt battery that comes with your Power Wheels. This is another battery that makes use of Absorbed Glass Mat technology. This means that it will not be bothered by the constant shocks and vibrations that Power Wheels put batteries through. 

Installing this battery is simple. You will just wire it up properly to the connector on your Power Wheels. Make sure that you add the proper fuse. Depending on what type of Power Wheels your child is driving, you may need to make some modifications to fit them snugly into the battery compartment. 

The ExpertPower 12 Volt 7 Amp Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery

This one is different from the other ExpertPower on this list, as it is a lead-acid battery. The acid that is inside the battery becomes absorbed by the plates, which is then further immobilized by the included high-quality fiberglass mat. This creates a spill-proof design that is regulated by a valve. Not only is it safe for use by children, but it provides great protection for your Power Wheels. 

If your child runs the battery charged, it is great to know that the ExpertPower 12 Volt 7 Amp Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery can be recharged in just four hours. If you don’t use the vehicle for a while, the battery will hold that same charge for between three and five years. Compared to other battery alternatives, this is quite impressive. 

Another appealing aspect of this battery is the case itself. It is constructed of a non-conductive form of plastic that gives it the ability to resist the biggest of shocks and vibrations. It also performs well in warm and cold weather conditions, meaning that you do not have to deal with a disappointed child when the vehicle fails to start up. 

The ML18-12 12 Volt 18 AH SLA Mighty Max Battery

This is another Mighty Max battery that makes a great alternative power source for your Power Wheels. It is relatively small and can fit inside the compartment on virtually any Power Wheels in operation today. Keep in mind that you will need to have some screws and a battery harness available in order to make it secure. 

The ML18-12 12 Volt 18 AH SLA Mighty Max Battery is rechargeable and can be mounted just about anywhere. You will love the way it continues to perform even in the presence of numerous shocks and vibrations. It is designed to last for a long time and can withstand both hot and cold weather extremes. 

Another great facet to this battery is that it requires no upkeep on your part. It is completely sealed and spillproof. It is able to handle deep discharges, and it is a durable battery that you can rely on to power your child’s Power Wheels for quite some time to come. 

The ExpertPower EXP 12180 12V18AH Lead Acid Battery

This is another viable battery alternative for Power Wheels that ExpertPower produces. The ExpertPower EXP 12180 12V18AH Lead Acid Battery is housed in a rugged case that is built to last. It is made from a non-conductive type of plastic that makes it suitable for the type of socks and vibrations that Power Wheels produce on a regular occasion. 

This is an 18 amp battery that will run for quite some time before it needs to be charged again. It is one of the more highly rated lead-acid batteries available on the market today. Beyond this, it is quite simple to take it out of the box and get it properly installed in your Power Wheels. 

The ExpertPower 12 V 12AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery

This is not just another lead-acid battery that serves as an effective alternative for your Power Wheels. The ExpertPower 12 V 12AH Sealed Lead Acid Battery has f2 fashion terminals, giving it an operational temperature at a discharge of between -40 and +60 degrees Celsius. This is a battery that you can count on working in a variety of climates and environments. 

What makes this ExpertPower battery unique from others on the market is that the acid inside becomes absorbed by the plates that are built into its design. There is a high-quality fiberglass mat facilitating this process to the point that the battery becomes spillproof. This is one of the safer batteries that you can install in your Power Wheels today. 

The Weize 6 Volt 4.5AH Sealed Lead Acid Rechargeable Battery

If you are looking for a battery that you can install in your Power Wheels once and then forget about it for the foreseeable future, this may be the one for you. The Weize 6 Volt 4.5AH Sealed Lead Acid Rechargeable Battery is regulated by a valve, and it is completely maintenance-free. It will be an efficient and productive replacement for your existing Power Wheels battery. 

This is a versatile battery that can be used in a variety of equipment that you have around the house. Because it is so safe to use, it is ideal for Power Wheels. It is small and compact, so you will need to do a bit of installation work to get it snuggly into the battery compartment, but once you do you will be all set for quite a while. 


Now that you know about some of the 12-volt power battery alternatives currently available for Power Wheels, it is time to consider changing things up a bit. Adding one of these batteries to your Power Wheels can be a real game-changer. You will love watching your child get so many more hours of enjoyment out of their ridable car, truck, or SUV.