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How long should power wheels battery run?

Power Wheels gained a lot of traction over the years because of the entertainment and amusement that it offers for the kids. It's no wonder many parents are looking at it as the next gift for their little ones. But there's one concern that parents usually have with it: battery life.

How long a Power Wheels battery will run depends on several factors, including the terrain, the kid's weight, model, and how long you charge the battery. All of these can significantly affect a Power Wheels battery life. Some models will run for about 30 minutes, while others can last for 4 hours.

In this article, we'll provide you with all the information you need to know about a Power Wheels battery life. We'll also share some information that will help you avoid a problem that some parents have with them—running out of juice.

Power Wheels Run Time: An Overview

Before I talk about the various run times that different Power Wheels models have, let us make a disclaimer: the run time we'll share with you for various models is based on estimates. The actual run time will ultimately depend on how you and your kid will use them.

Here are some of the factors that affect how long a Power Wheels battery will run:

  • Terrain: this includes the condition of the road where it runs and the slope. The estimates for various models are based on normal conditions—a paved road without a slope. Steeper slopes and rougher roads need more power, so the battery may not last as long as expected.
  • Weight: some models are designed to carry more than one kid, and the estimates are based on the max load different models have. The lighter the carry is, the longer the run time gets. Models with longer battery life and can carry a heavier load will run longer if only one kid uses it.
  • Speed Mode: given the same riding conditions, a Power Wheels will get to the same distance with the same full charge. However, if you set it at 5mph (8kph), the battery will run out much faster than it would if it's running at 2.5mph (4kph).
  • Model: as mentioned, some models may have more juice than others, depending on the weight that it can hold. However, aside from the weight, the actual battery inside every model may also vary, which can give your kid a longer or shorter playtime.
  • Charging Time: how you handle charging also affects how long a Power Wheels will run. First-time use will require you to charge it for at least 18 hours. However, after the first charge, the charging times will significantly vary, and it determines how long your kid can use it.

Examples of Power Wheels With Different Run Times

Despite the varying run times that you will get from Power Wheels, there are some guidelines that you can get from their store. It's important to note, though, that these numbers aren't the exact run times you will get from their models. It will still be affected by the factors we've shared with you and are based on normal riding conditions.

  • Power Wheels® Ford F150 Raptor has a run time of 30 to 35 minutes with a max load of 130 lbs. under normal conditions. Since this model comes with Monster Traction™ that allows it to work well under various terrain, the actual run time you can get from it will greatly vary.
  • Power Wheels® Dune Racer Extreme can run for 30 to 35 minutes with a max load of 130 lbs. under normal riding conditions. Similarly, it features Monster Traction™, making it suitable for various settings and the perfect Power Wheels model for a young off-roader.
  • Power Wheels® Jurassic Park™ Jeep® Wrangler can run for 1 to 3 hours on a single charge. It can hold the battery longer than most Power Wheels models and even features spacious storage for your kid. It can also work on various settings but may not be as good for rougher roads.
  • Jurassic World™ Dino Racer ATV can run continuously for 1 to 3 hours on a single charge with a max weight of 65 lbs. It has a variable speed that can go up to 6mph (9.6kph) forward and 3mph (4.8kph) reverse. This variable speed feature can significantly affect the run time that your kid can get from this model.
  • Tough Talking Jeep® Wrangler has the longest battery life that we've seen—it can continuously run for 2 to 4 hours on a single charge. The max load it can carry is 130 lbs. It also comes with a variable speed that can go up to 5mph (8kph).

From these examples, you already know how much the battery life varies for different Power Wheels models. However, it doesn't always depend on the model because someone who uses the Tough Talking Jeep® Wrangler may still get less than 30 mins run time without proper charging and if the battery is no longer efficient.

Do Power Wheels Batteries Go Bad?

Power Wheels batteries go bad, and you'll know this if your kid no longer gets the normal playtime that he expects from it. However, before you replace the battery, it would be best to check the charger first. Based on my experience and others I've talked to, the battery charger is often the reason why the run time gets shorter.

All Power Wheels come with a standard 12-volt charger, so it'll be easy to replace them. I'd recommend replacing it first instead of replacing the battery whenever you think that the Power Wheels batteries go bad. Of course, taking care of the batteries is much easier than replacing them, so here are some things that you need to do to prolong a battery's lifespan:

  • For first time use, charge the battery for 18 hours. After that, you'd have to charge the battery for 14 to 30 hours after each use.
  • Charging Power Wheels batteries takes a lot of time, so it would be best to have it charged after each use. However, charging it for more than 30 hours can deteriorate its efficiency.
  • Even if your kid isn't using the Power Wheels, you still have to charge it at least once a month to prevent the battery from going bad.
  • The battery life may vary, depending on many factors, including the charging time, but it doesn't mean that you have to charge it more to give your kid an extended playtime. It would be best to have an extra battery ready to swap whenever the first one runs out of juice.
  • Never try to modify or repair a faulty battery. Alterations can result in a fire or even damage the electrical system.
  • Never drop the battery or install it without the battery retainer. Aside from the risk of causing injuries, a fall out may also cause the battery to go bad.
  • Never lift it by the wires or connectors, especially if you have a replacement battery and you're switching batteries often. It's another common reason for a battery to go bad. Replacing the batteries to extend playtime isn't bad, but lifting it on the wrong side could be.


It's impossible to know for certain how long a Power Wheels battery will run because of the many factors that can affect its life. However, with the estimates that we've shared with you, it'll be easier to determine how long your kid can ride it.

If you're concerned about the playtime that your kid gets from Power Wheels, it's actually not that much of a concern because it's easy to get a replacement battery for them. It's not that expensive, and it also helps prolong the lifespan of the original battery that comes with it.