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Do power wheels batteries come charged?

Power Wheel batteries require proper maintenance, especially when it comes to charging frequency and patterns. Power Wheels are made from durable, high-quality components and–thankfully–fairly easy to maintain. And while parts like seats and tires are subject to gradual wear that’s based on usage, the overall battery performance greatly hinges on your charging habits. But, do power wheels batteries come charged?

If Power Wheels batteries don't come charged, you must first fully charge the battery before putting the toys to use. Fisher-Price recommends charging the battery for 18 hours before the first use. Once fully charged, the battery is safe for use but should be recharged after every use.

Curious to learn more about the proper maintenance of Power Wheels batteries? If so, then you'll find this article useful. Read on as I discuss all you need to know about proper Power Wheel Battery maintenance. 

Charging the Power Wheels for the First Time

While it might be tempting to unbox a Power Wheel and allow your little one to take it for a spin, doing so will only compromise your battery's overall performance. Instead, the first thing you ought to do is to read the user manual to learn about proper care for optimum performance. Let’s go through some of that information now. 

The Power Wheels manual specifies that new batteries must be charged for a minimum of 18 hours. Charging for anything less than 18 hours might affect the battery's performance and reduce its useful life. You should also avoid charging the battery for more than 30 hours, as doing so might also damage the battery. 

Therefore, when charging for the first time, it's integral to observe the 18-30 hour specification. You can set a reminder to notify you when to turn off the charger. Some smart Power Wheel chargers are designed to stop charging the battery once the process is complete. Charging for 18 hours is crucial as it ensures the battery functions as needed throughout its lifespan. 

Tips for Handling a Power Wheels Battery

Charge the Battery for at Least 14 Hours After Every Use

How you handle a Power Wheels battery plays a vital role in determining its lifespan. Fisher-Price recommends that all batteries should be charged for at least 14 hours after each use. This means that you should always charge the battery whenever it's used during play. 

Don’t Charge Power Wheels Batteries Over 30 Hours 

As mentioned earlier, charging Power Wheels batteries for over 30 hours is a surefire way to damage them and reduce their lifespan. It is advisable to set a timer. You can also use a smart charger that will automatically stop sending electric current to your Power Wheels battery once fully charged. Charging the battery for 14-18 hours is advisable. While charging for 20 hours might not ruin your battery, it can lead to gradually weakened performances.  

Use the Dedicated Power Wheels Charger

If you've bought your little one a 12V ride-on car, then you should use a 12V charger to charge the battery. Similarly, you should use a 6V charger if your little one uses a 6V ride-on toy. Disclaimer, using an incorrect charger can damage the battery and expose you to the risk of explosion. 

Inspect the Battery Case for Damage

Due to the risk of wear and tear, it is crucial to examine the battery case every now and then, especially before charging. This is because a damaged case may lead to the leakage of sulfuric acid, which is known to corrode surfaces it comes to contact with. In case you detect damage, avoid charging the battery or using it until you buy a replacement. 

Use Power Wheels Components Exclusively

With several ride-on cars in the market, it might be tempting to use another brand's charger or battery. Fisher-Price strongly advises against using foreign batteries or chargers as doing so can lead to overheating, risk of fire, and even worse, explosion. As a result, when looking to buy replacement parts, check on the exact specifications to ensure you get a product that's compatible with your child's ride-on toy. 

Charge Power Wheels Batteries at Least Once a Month

Leaving Power Wheels batteries uncharged for extended periods is the leading cause of premature damage. The owner's manual strongly advises against storing Power Wheels away with uncharged batteries. To keep the battery in peak performance, you should charge it at least once a month, especially when the ride-on car is not in use. 

Remove and Replace Exhausted Batteries From Power Wheels

Exhausted batteries and ride-on cars don't get along well. Therefore, once you notice the battery is exhausted, remove and replace it since leaving it inside the toy might lead to acid leakage. 

The sulfuric acid can corrode (and damage) some of the toy components it comes in contact with. You should also avoid storing a Power Wheel battery in temperatures above 75°F (23.88°C) or below -10°F (-23.33°C). 

FAQs About Power Wheels Chargers

Are Power Wheels Batteries Durable?

The life expectancy of Power Wheels batteries greatly hinges on their handling. Observing the battery care and charging instructions that come with the user's manual will help prolong battery life. On average, most Power Wheels batteries tend to last between one and three years, depending on how well they're maintained

Can I Leave the Power Wheels Battery Attached When Not in Use?

Allowing the battery to remain attached to an unused Power Wheel might not ruin the battery, especially if you charge it at least once a month. Nonetheless, Fisher-Price recommends charging the battery and removing it from the car when not in use, like during winter or when the ride-on toy is likely to sit idle for extended periods. This is because the battery is capable of draining even when sitting idle. 

Can I Wait for the Power Wheels Battery To Run Out Before Charging?

While you and your little one may wish to use the Power Wheel until its battery runs out, draining the battery might end up ruining it. You should ideally charge the battery after every use, even when used for just a few minutes. Frequent charging is a great way to maintain the battery and increase its durability. 

How Can I Avoid Overcharging a Power Wheels Battery?

The best way to prevent a Power Wheels battery from overcharging is by keeping track of its charging time. Most owners avoid overcharging the Power Wheels battery by charging overnight and removing the charger in the morning or before heading out. You can also set a reminder to ensure you disconnect the charger once the battery is fully charged. 

Can I Replace a Power Wheels Charger With Another Brand?

Fisher-Price advises against using other chargers to charge Power Wheels batteries. However, there are some trusted brands out there that are compatible with Power Wheels batteries. Just be sure to check for compatibility with your child's ride-on car before buying a replacement charger.

Chargers like the Kukale 12V charger for Kids Ride On Car and the FLHFULIHUA 12 V Battery Charger for Ride-On Toys are among the best replacement chargers around. They both come with LED light indicators to notify you when the battery is fully charged. 

Final Takeaway

If you want to avoid purchasing replacement batteries within the first year of buying a ride-on car, then you should strictly observe the charging instructions indicated on the user manual. 

Before allowing your child to use a Power Wheel, you should first charge the battery for no less than 18 hours before putting it to use. Charging the battery for 18 hours will allow it to perform optimally and retain charge during play. Subsequent charges should last for 14 hours but should never exceed 30 hours, lest the batteries overcharge and get damaged.