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Do power wheels run on grass?
Our dune racer in the yard.

Depending on where you live, there is a good chance your child will need to ride their Power Wheels through the grass at some point. Do Power Wheels run on grass? If you have found yourself asking this question about power wheels and if grass will be an issue for your child’s ride on, you have come to the right place.

Many Power Wheels can drive through a flat area of grass. Many issues, however, can make a Power Wheel slow or stop on grass, such as:

  • Too much weight
  • Slopes/Hills
  • Wet grass
  • Uneven terrain

All of these scenarios can make your child’s Power Wheel spin tires in your yard. 

When your child’s Power Wheel gets stuck in the yard, it can dig holes and just become frustrating in general. The battery will die faster when it is stuck, and your child keeps pressing the gas pedal. It can also ruin the motor. Read on to find out tricks and tips on how to make your child’s Power Wheel drive through grass effortlessly. 

Six Tips for Using Power Wheels on Grass

The most frustrating thing about owning a Power Wheels is the child wants to drive everywhere no matter what the terrain is. You want your child to have fun without needing to buy a different ride-on toy. If your child’s Power Wheel is having trouble getting through the grass, several things can be done. 

Applying Rubber Spray To Tires

The wheels on a Power Wheel are typically smooth plastic, or some may have small plastic ridges. Both types of tires can slip on wet grass or spin tires when trying to go up a hill. When you add rubber spray to the wheels, it helps them to get a little bit of grip. This can help in situations where you only have slight hills in your yard. It is an easy fix that is inexpensive. 

Adding Traction Bands

If that doesn’t work, you can also add traction bands. This is yet another simple and inexpensive trick to make the plastic wheels grip better. You simply take the slim band and stretch it around the wheel. It will help to grip the grass better when it is wet or going up a hill.

Applying Tread Tape

Thread tape costs under $15 and can be wrapped around the tires to add traction. It is weather-resistant from -40 degrees to 220 degrees. So, you do not need to worry about it falling off. People use it for sidewalks and ladders, but it can technically be used anywhere. It’s a very quick solution for the Power Wheels that just need a little help.

Replace the Tires with a Different Kind of Tire

When you live in certain terrains, your child’s Power Wheel may need even more help. The bands and sprays may not help with multiple children or a bigger kid. The extra weight will need even more help to get traction on the grass. You may need to fully replace the tires on the Power Wheel. Thankfully they do not cost much. 

Many tires are not universal when it comes to Power Wheels, so it is important to measure the wheel diameter to buy the right size. There are many different types of wheels that you can buy, from very rugged ones to realistic-looking wheels.

Take Weight Into Consideration 

If your child is not a tiny toddler anymore, that could be the reason behind the Power Wheel not getting as much traction as it could be. Also, if there is more than one child in the Power Wheel, it could cause it to slip due to excessive weight.

While this is not so much of a tip that you can easily fix, it is worth mentioning. If there is no way around having only one child in the Power Wheel, you may need to upgrade to a bigger model and find one that has a bit more power.

Get a Better Battery

If your child’s Power Wheel came with a 6-volt or 12-volt battery, you could try upgrading to a 24-volt battery for more power. It may help with the traction issue by having much more power pulling the car compared to a weaker battery that will cause the tires to spin.

Power Wheels Handling Rough Terrain

Some Power Wheels can handle rough terrain without any extra help. If you are Power Wheel shopping, look for those that have deep-treaded rubber wheels. They will be able to handle just about anything that is thrown at it.

Check for the maximum weight limits and try to stay well under them. If your child is close to the maximum weight, it can weigh the vehicle down so much that it will spin tires. Upgrading to a bigger Power Wheel may be the only option.

Power Wheels Riding on Grass

When you create a slip-resistant tire or buy a different deeper treaded one, your child will be able to take on just about every terrain. The great thing about fixing Power Wheel tires is you can start with a $5 fix and slowly move up to a full replacement. It is a very inexpensive way to make the most out of your child’s Power Wheel.