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Power Wheels are a fantastic way for young children to experience the thrill of driving before they're old enough to get behind the wheel of a real car. These battery-powered ride-on toys, designed for toddlers and preschoolers, offer endless backyard adventures and a great way to encourage imaginative play. With models inspired by popular brands and themes, every child can find their perfect Power Wheels vehicle for countless hours of fun.

These ride-on vehicles come equipped with impressive features, including different voltages to accommodate varying ages and weights, as well as remote control options for parents who want more control over their child's driving experience. Additionally, Power Wheels are designed with safety in mind, ensuring kids have a blast while staying protected. As a parent, having a plan for storage and maintenance is essential to keep your Power Wheels in top shape for years of exploration and enjoyment.

Key Takeaways

  • Power Wheels provide young children a safe, fun way to experience driving.
  • These battery-powered vehicles offer a variety of features and designs for a customized adventure.
  • Proper storage and maintenance ensure a long-lasting enjoyment of your Power Wheels ride-on toy.

What Are Power Wheels


Power Wheels are a line of battery-powered ride-on toys primarily produced by Mattel. Mattel's Power Wheels come in various designs, including options such as the Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler, Hot Wheels Racer, Jeep Wrangler Willys, and Jurassic World Dino Racer. These ride-on vehicles are typically designed for kids ages one to seven, and their prices can range from $144.99 to $449.97.


Fisher-Price, a subsidiary of Mattel, also offers a selection of Power Wheels toys. One of the popular options from Fisher-Price is the Harley-Davidson Toddler Tricycle, an Amazon Exclusive which comes with handlebar grips and storage for kids. The Fisher-Price Power Wheels offer similar features and functionality to those of Mattel's, and they provide kids with an engaging and thrilling experience.

Kids Ride On Electric Cars

Power Wheels and other kids' ride-on electric cars aim to provide children with a realistic driving experience. These battery-powered vehicles often come equipped with functional features such as FM radios, opening and closing doors and hoods, and forward and reverse motions. Some of the designs even feature oversized tires and lifted bodies, allowing kids to ride over various terrains such as wet grass, mud, or rocky surfaces.

To keep these ride-on cars running smoothly, it's important to maintain the batteries, which can be easily replaced as needed. By providing well-crafted and engaging battery-powered ride-on toys, companies like Mattel and Fisher-Price encourage exploration, play, and fun for children of all ages.

Power Wheels Features


Power Wheels ride-ons are designed to provide a realistic driving experience for kids, and their motors are essential. Most Power Wheels come equipped with a 12-volt battery, allowing them to reach up to 5 mph speeds. Some models even feature a parent-controlled high-speed lockout for beginner drivers, ensuring a safe and controlled experience.


The battery life of a Power Wheels can vary depending on usage, but generally, the 12-volt battery can last a good amount of playtime. To prolong the life of the battery, it is crucial to follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper charging and maintenance.

Sounds and Accessories

I find that many Power Wheels ride-ons come with exciting features and accessories that truly enhance the driving experience for kids. Some examples include:

  • FM radios
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Opening and closing doors
  • LED headlights and taillights
  • Adjustable seats

Weight Limit Ranges

Power Wheels are built to accommodate different age groups and weight ranges. While specific weight limits can vary, the five largest Power Wheels—including the Ford F-150 truck and Jeep Wrangler—can typically handle heavier and taller kids.

Age Ranges

Power Wheels are designed for various age ranges, allowing kids to find the perfect ride-on toy that suits their size and skill level. Following the manufacturer's recommendations for age and weight limits is essential to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Comfort and Safety Features

Lastly, Power Wheels prioritize the comfort and safety of its young drivers. Many models offer:

  • Spring suspension for a smooth ride
  • Comfortable seats
  • Power Lock brakes
  • Parent-controlled high-speed lockout

I hope you find these features as exciting as I do in Power Wheels ride-on toys. Remember to follow manufacturer guidelines and choose the right model suitable for your child's age and weight range to guarantee a safe, fun experience.

Remote Control Power Wheels

As a toy enthusiast, I always look for the latest and greatest gadgets. Remote control Power Wheels have become increasingly popular among parents and kids alike. These battery-powered ride-on vehicles have a remote control feature allowing parents to control the toy and ensure their child's safety.

One option for remote control Power Wheels is the Best Choice Products 12V Kids Ride On Truck Car. This car comes equipped with a parent remote control, spring suspension, LED lights, and even an AUX port for playing music. It has a price of $199.99 and is available on Amazon, making it accessible and affordable for most families.

Another interesting option that caught my eye was the Costway Mercedes Benz ML350 6V Electric Kids Ride-on Car. This licensed vehicle features a striking design similar to the real-life Mercedes Benz ML350, equipped with MP3 and remote control capabilities. It is currently on sale for $169.99 – $189.99 at Target, a significant discount from its original price of $359.99.

While browsing the various remote control Power Wheels, I discovered the impressive officially licensed Land Rover ride-on car. This toy boasts a two-seater design, perfect for siblings or friends to enjoy the ride together. Offering both manual and remote control functionality, this Power Wheel ensures that parents can guide their children safely while allowing them to enjoy the thrill of driving.

In summary, remote control Power Wheels offer a safe, interactive, and exciting toy experience for both kids and parents. These powered ride-on cars come with a range of features and designs, making it easy to find the perfect one for your child and their adventurous spirit.

Different Voltages

6 Volt

From my experience, I've noticed that 6V Power Wheels are designed for younger kids, usually between 1-3 years old. These vehicles have a single 6V battery and one 6V motor, making them slower and safer for toddlers still learning to navigate. A key characteristic of 6V Power Wheels is that they typically have a throttle switch, a Forward/Reverse switch, a fuse, and a resistor.

12 Volt

Children become ready for 12V Power Wheels as they age and develop better motor skills. These are suitable for kids aged 3 years and up. With a 12-volt battery, I've found that these vehicles offer faster speeds and higher power, making them more exciting and engaging for older kids. The 12V Power Wheels have more advanced features, including two 6V motors, which provide higher speeds than the 6V models.

24 Volt

Finally, for those seeking even higher speeds and performance, 24V Power Wheels are available. These vehicles usually have multiple motors and larger batteries, allowing faster speeds and more power. In my experience, these are best suited for older and more experienced kids, as the added power requires more skill to control. Upgrading a Power Wheels vehicle to 24 volts requires upgrading the whole vehicle to account for added power and putting the safety of the child first. Remember, Power Wheels do not recommend increasing the battery's voltage for safety reasons.


As a Power Wheels owner, I always want to ensure that my vehicle stays in top-notch condition, so finding the best storage solution is essential. Storing Power Wheels properly keeps them safe and extends their life and performance.

When I choose a place to store my Power Wheels, I like to ensure it's an area that can shield them from harsh outdoor elements, such as extreme temperatures and moisture. For me, the garage has proven to be an ideal location, but a sturdy shed can also do the trick. More creative options might include hanging the car from a wall or a load-bearing shelf.

Keeping my Power Wheels clean and maintaining their battery health are other factors I consider when storing it. I habitually clean my vehicle before putting it away and ensuring the battery is fully charged. This way, I avoid unwanted surprises when I take it out again.

As an environmentally-conscious rider, I also like to think about where I purchase my Power Wheels batteries and chargers from. Shopping for these items from reputable sources in the U.S. can significantly impact the quality and safety of my Power Wheels vehicle.

In summary, storing my Power Wheels correctly helps me ensure they stay in excellent condition and are ready for action whenever I want to ride. Doing so allows me to enjoy my vehicle for longer periods and make the most out of my investment.


Storing my Power Wheels properly is essential to ensure its longevity. When not using it, I keep it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and harsh weather conditions, as both can damage the plastic parts and battery.

As for daily maintenance, I clean my Power Wheels to keep them looking great and functioning optimally. I simply use a mild soap and water mixture to clean the body and wheels, avoiding harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that can harm the plastic.

Working on the battery is crucial for maintaining my Power Wheels' performance. Power Wheels batteries typically last 45 to 90 minutes on most models. To prolong the battery life, regularly charge it, but never overcharge. Staying on top of battery care in the U.S. and Canada can be easy, thanks to the Authorized Power Wheels® Service Centers.

Here's how I manage my Power Wheels battery care:

  • Charging: I follow the recommended charging time mentioned in the manual, ensuring not to exceed it.
  • Replacing: If my battery isn't holding a charge as well as it used to, I'll replace it with an authorized Power Wheels battery.
  • Storage: When storing my Power Wheels for extended periods, I remove the battery and keep it in a cool, dry location.

Tire maintenance is also essential for a smooth ride. If I notice any wear or damage on the tires, especially after rough pavement use, I'll replace them following a guide or seek help from a service center.

In case I lose the charger during my shopping experiences, I remain calm because Power Wheels Quick Chargers are available to help me out in a pinch.

With my friendly approach to maintaining my Power Wheels, I can ensure that it will stay in great condition, providing endless fun for years.

Where to Buy

When looking to purchase Power Wheels for my little one, I have found a few reliable sources that offer great variety and competitive prices. Here, I'll share my findings with you if you're on the hunt too!


You can find a range of Power Wheels models on Amazon. Not only do they typically have a wide selection, but you might also be able to find some discounts. For example, I found a Kids 12V Ride-On Truck with spring suspension, remote control, and LED lights for $279.99, discounted from $299.99. One important tip: if you're a Prime member, you may qualify for additional discounts and free shipping.


Walmart is another place to get Power Wheels and other brands of kids electric ride-on cars. Shopping online at makes it easy to find and compare various models. Sometimes, they also offer bundle deals, like a rechargeable 12-Volt Replacement Battery for $99. Be sure to check for any current promotions before making a purchase.


Browsing through the Target website, I found Power Wheels options such as:

  • 12V Disney Princess Frozen Jeep Wrangler for $299.99
  • 12V Barbie Jeep Powered Ride-On for $339.99
  • Jurassic World Dino 12V Explorer Wrangler Jeep Ride-On for $349.99

When shopping at Target, don't forget to explore their current offers to get a better deal potentially.

Facebook Marketplace

Lastly, browsing the Facebook Marketplace for used Power Wheels, I've had luck. This option is perfect if you're on a budget or seeking a specific, discontinued model. Individuals post the listings, so prices and conditions may vary. Always thoroughly inspect the item and test its functionality before finalizing any transactions.

In summary, I found Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Facebook Marketplace valuable resources for purchasing various models and prices of Power Wheels. Keep an eye out for deals, discounts, and bundle offers to get the most bang for your buck. Happy shopping!

Troubleshooting Power Wheels

When I am troubleshooting Power Wheels, I always start with the basics. One common issue I often encounter is the car not having a reverse function. To resolve this, I check the foot-pedal switch, which might be malfunctioning. If needed, I clean the connectors or replace the switch altogether.

Another key component to inspect while troubleshooting Power Wheels is the battery. I ensure that the battery is properly connected and charged. If there is any sign of damage, replace the battery immediately.

I also pay attention to the wiring and switches. Using an ohm meter, I test the switches for resistance. Sometimes, a switch might appear fine on the outside but could be faulty on the inside. In such cases, I go ahead and replace the problematic switch.

In addition to the switches, I examine the wire harness. If I notice any blackened copper wires, I replace that specific wire harness section to ensure smooth functioning.

While dealing with Power Wheels issues, I find it helpful to refer to online resources like the Mattel and Fisher-Price customer service page or the MLToys troubleshooting guide. These resources provide additional information and support, making troubleshooting more efficient.

Remembering to maintain a friendly and patient attitude throughout the troubleshooting process is essential. Power Wheels are designed for fun, and with just a bit of effort, I can continue to enjoy a fully functional and entertaining toy car. Happy troubleshooting!


As a fan of Power Wheels ride-on toys, I've come across various models that cater to children's preferences and interests. With ATVs, trucks, Jeeps, dune racers, and trikes available in their lineup, there's something for every child to enjoy. These battery-powered vehicles are designed for kids aged one to seven, making them the perfect addition to outdoor fun.

For example, the Power Wheels Ford F150 Raptor Extreme caught my attention because it's a 12V ride-on truck with a $484.99 price tag. It's designed with oversized tires and a lifted body to handle rough terrain like wet grass and mud. The lifelike features make it a stand-out model for adventurous kids in the Power Wheels collection.

Regarding dune racers, the Power Wheels Dune Racer consistently ranks as one of the best electric ride-on cars out there. It's suitable for children aged three to seven and offers hours of entertainment for little explorers. The reliable and enjoyable nature of this model is one of the reasons why it's held in such high regard by parents.

Speaking of more niche models, Power Wheels also offers licensed vehicles inspired by popular franchises like Jurassic World Dominion and DC League of Super Pets. These cars provide a unique experience for fans of these franchises and contribute to even more imaginative playtime.

Inevitably, there will be times when issues may arise with a Power Wheels vehicle. From my experience, I recommend that Power Wheels troubleshooting begins by checking the basics, such as the battery’s charge level, the connections, and the switches. If any issues persist, it's always best to consult the official Power Wheels customer service or relevant documentation for further guidance.

Power Wheels offers a diverse and exciting range of models, ensuring that every child's interests and preferences are catered to. With a friendly tone, I hope this brief overview of some Power Wheels models has been informative, helping you better to understand this incredible world of battery-powered ride-on toys.

Other Kids Electric Ride-On Car Brands

In this section, I will introduce some popular brands of kids electric ride-on cars, besides Power Wheels. The brands I will cover are:

Peg Perego

Peg Perego offers high-quality ride-on toys for kids with an impressive range of models and features. Their products are known for their durability, attention to detail, and safety features. Some popular models include the John Deere Tractor and the Polaris RZR 900.


Tobbi is another brand offering electric ride-on cars for kids of various ages. Their products have exciting features, such as working LED lights, MP3 players, and realistic designs. Tobbi focuses on providing a comfortable and safe experience for kids.


Moderno Kids is a brand that offers stylish and modern electric ride-on cars for kids. Their products are designed with a strong emphasis on style, making sure your child's ride looks stylish and they have fun while driving. Some popular Moderno models include the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG and the Lamborghini Aventador.


Uenjoy is a brand known for making electric ride-on cars with options for every budget. Their ride-on toys offer parents exciting designs, LED lights, and even remote controls. Uenjoy ensures that its products provide kids with a fun and safe experience.

Best Choice Products

Best Choice Products offers a variety of affordable electric ride-on cars for kids. They offer a range of stylish and functional models, like Jeeps, ATVs, and sports cars, with many coming with options for parental control and safety features.

Kid Trax

Kid Trax is a well-known brand offering kids a range of electric ride-on cars. Their products are designed with realistic features and attention to detail, providing an enjoyable experience for children. Popular Kid Trax models include the Dodge Ram 3500 Dually and the CAT Tractor.

Big Toys Direct

Big Toys Direct is a brand that provides electric ride-on cars with attractive and exciting designs. Their products cater to different interests, offering a range of cars like the BMW i8, Audi R8, and Ferrari F12. They focus on providing a great driving experience for kids.

In summary, there are many options for kids electric ride-on cars, with each brand offering a variety of models and features. When looking for the perfect ride for your child, consider their interests, age, and safety features to find the ideal electric car.


As a friendly reminder, Power Wheels toys can provide kids with hours of fun and entertainment. These battery-powered ride-on cars have been around since 1984 and have become popular for children ages one to seven. With various sizes, designs, and features, there's a Power Wheels option for almost every child.

When choosing a Power Wheels, it's essential to consider factors such as safety features, battery life, price, and customization options. Considering these elements beforehand, I can ensure my child gets the best riding experience possible.

Additionally, it's important to remember that younger children, especially those around 18 months old, need cars with a top speed of 2 MPH for safety reasons. As they grow older, kids may enjoy slightly faster options ranging from 6 to 20 MPH.

In order to maintain a fun and safe environment for my child, I must also teach them proper safety procedures. By doing all this, I can help ensure that my child has a fantastic time driving their Power Wheels and make some unforgettable memories!