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Power Wheels Storage

Power Wheels are a kid’s favorite form of entertainment. However, they aren’t always ideal for the cooler months. You’ll have vehicles sitting untouched, just waiting to be used again, so where do you store them, and how do you extend their longevity?

Storage options for extending the longevity of your Power Wheels include a location that keeps them free from the harsh outdoor elements. Further, the vehicles should be maintained properly and stay in good condition by keeping them clean and the battery charged. 

In this article, I will discuss some helpful tips on where to properly store your Power Wheels, so they are ready in the spring and ways to extend your Power Wheels lives. Let’s take a look below. 

Don’t Overcharge or Leave the Battery Hooked Up

Depending on the type of battery your Power Wheels vehicle has, the charging should take between 12 to 15 hours. Any longer than that can start to overcharge the vehicle. You might wonder how overcharging a battery can damage it – well, when charging a battery, it will generate heat in the internal plating.

The longer that the heat is applied, the more likely it will cause swelling of the battery. Eventually, the battery will start to crack and will no longer be usable. So, I definitely don’t recommend overcharging if you want to extend the life of your vehicle. 

Disconnect and Remove Vehicle Battery

When you are getting ready to put your kid's Power Wheels into storage for the colder months, you will want to make sure to disconnect and remove the battery from each vehicle. This way, there will be no further draining of the battery while in storage. Experts recommend storing the battery in a moderately warmer climate, typically between 55 to 70°F (12.78 to 21.11°C).

If you don’t remove the battery, you might find that it will not be able to charge. Or, the battery won’t hold a charge for very long. That last thing you want to do is have a destroyed battery! 

Keep Battery Charged During Storage

Storing an uncharged Power Wheels battery is one of the most common causes for a decreased lifespan on the battery. In fact, if you store the battery uncharged, you will most likely find yourself purchasing a new one when it’s time to get it out again! However, this is not a problem you necessarily have to encounter. Just so long as you make sure to have the battery charged before storage, it should be ready to go come spring!

Pro Tip: Make sure not to store the battery in any freezing temperatures. Also, you will want to get the battery out approximately every month or two to recharge it for about 12 hours. Make sure not to leave it any longer than that because you don’t want to overcharge/damage it. 

Clean the Vehicle

Before you decide to store your Power Wheels, you will want to take the time to clean it. If you don’t, not only will it be all dirty and stained when you go to reuse it, but it might cause further damage on the surface (like scratches or scuff marks). It will also give you a chance to check out any loose parts, wiring, or something else. Then it can be fixed during the time it isn’t being used!

When you clean the vehicle, you will want to wash the surface and underside of dirt and debris. You might even consider spraying some lubricating oil (like WD-40) on the metal parts to prevent rust from forming. Just make sure to be careful while you are cleaning and steer clear of the wiring.  

Store It appropriately

When the colder months start to come in, it is time to find a storage location for your kid's Power Wheels vehicle. This can be one of the hardest and most frustrating parts of having a Power Wheels vehicle. However, I have a few great ideas for where you can keep them placed, whether it's a small one or one of the largest Power Wheels options out there. Below are five great options for storage. 

Outdoor Storage Shed / Covered Kiddie Garage

If you have space, you might consider getting an outdoor storage shed for storing your vehicles. 

There are plenty of great options out there, including this Rubbermaid Outdoor Garden Storage Shed from Amazon. This shed is heavy-duty and durable with double-walled features, plus it is lockable for some added security. The shed is made for all types of weather! So, not only can you use it for your Power Wheel, but it can also store items like winter toys or snowblowers in a secure location during the summer!

However, I know that some of these sheds can get a bit pricey. However, that shouldn’t stop you from having a covered area for your kids’ Power Wheels. You can even make your own if you want! One family was quite creative and came up with a covered kiddie garage just for their kids’ Power Wheels car. You can check out how they did it and see if you can do the same!

Outdoor Resistant Cover 

If you are looking for something much simpler for storing vehicles, you might consider getting an outdoor-resistant cover. They come in all sorts of sizes, styles, and colors. Not only are they convenient, but they are also super easy to use and can still provide a great amount of protection against the elements. 

Garage or Basement Storage Ideas

You might be lucky enough to have a garage or basement with a great amount of storage left, which is great! It makes for an easy go-to. If you don’t necessarily have a lot of floor space, there are still ways you can store the Power Wheels vehicles in them. Check out some of those ideas below:

  • Hanging on the wall. One family found some extra room in their garage by “hanging” the Power Wheels vehicles on their wall. If you can find a sturdy holder or create your own, you should be good to go! 
  • Overhead storage. Another great option is storing Power Wheels overhead. There are plenty of heavy-duty overhead storage racks that you can find for placing the vehicles above and out of the way. 

Leasing a Storage Unit

Sometimes there just isn’t any room for Power Wheel storage in or around your home. That’s okay! There are other storage space options for you to use. If you have a storage unit that you have been leasing, you might be able to find some space in there for the vehicles. Or, if you aren’t already leasing one, you might consider doing so. Depending on the storage unit, you can find some that are very budget-friendly!

Finding Space in Your Attic

Finally, if you have a big enough attic and there isn’t already too much up there, then you might consider storing your Power Wheels in there. You can even apply the same idea of the wall hanger in there. Just make sure that there isn’t too much weight up there!

Final Thoughts

Chances are your kid(s) find Power Wheels ride-on toys to be one of the most exciting ways to have fun during the warmer months. That’s why it is important to find the best tips and tricks to increase the longevity of the vehicles by keeping them stored correctly, so they will have for several years to come! 

Luckily, there are a wide variety of Power Wheels storage resources available to extend the lifespan of your vehicle. Not everything will best apply to your situation, but the chances are that this article’s information will guide you to determine the best fit for you.