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The Power Wheels Jurassic World Dino Racer is an exciting ATV ride-on toy that allows kids to experience thrilling dinosaur adventures right in their very own backyard. Designed for preschoolers aged 3 and above, this battery-powered vehicle features a ferocious green dinosaur with a mouth that young ones can open and close for some fantastic chomping action. Young riders can zoom across hard surfaces, grass, and rough terrain at a maximum speed of 6 mph, all while enjoying the comfort of a parent-controlled, high-speed safety feature.

Power Wheels Jurassic World Dino Racer

This ride-on toy brings the adventure of Jurassic World to life with its impressive design and engaging features. It boasts authentic dinosaur sounds and lights that add to the exhilaration of racing on this rugged all-terrain vehicle. The Power Wheels Dino Racer not only creates a sense of exhilaration and wonder for young ones but also helps in developing essential motor skills, boosts creativity, and enhances their sense of independence.

Key Takeaways

  • The Power Wheels Jurassic World Dino Racer is a battery-powered ride-on toy for kids aged 3 and above.
  • This ATV features a ferocious green dinosaur design with an interactive mouth, authentic sounds, and lights.
  • Young riders can enjoy outdoor adventures on various terrains while developing their motor skills and sense of independence.

Specifications and Details

Design and Dimensions

The Power Wheels Jurassic World Dino Racer is a battery-powered ride-on ATV designed for kids aged 3-7 years. It features a green dinosaur design with a ferocious mouth that opens and closes, providing an exciting chomping action. The dimensions of the Dino Racer are suitable for its target age range, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience for young adventurers.

Battery and Speed Control

The Dino Racer is powered by a 12-volt battery, which provides sufficient power for it to travel over hard surfaces, grass, and more. The maximum speed of the Dino Racer is 6 mph. As a responsible rider, I appreciate that it comes with a parent-controlled, high-speed lockout for beginner drivers. This safety feature ensures that young kids can learn to ride at a slower pace before they gain more experience and confidence.

Power Wheels Jurassic World Dino Racer

Weight Limit and Capacity

The Power Wheels Jurassic World Dino Racer is designed to accommodate riders weighing up to a specific limit. This weight limit ensures the stability and safety of the ride-on toy while also protecting the battery and motor from excessive strain. It is essential to adhere to the recommended weight limit and capacity guidelines to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of the Dino Racer.

Power Wheels Jurassic World Dino Racer

Setup and Use


Assembling the Power Wheels Jurassic World Dino Racer is quite simple. Inside the package, you'll find all the necessary parts and tools to put it together. The main parts include the green dinosaur body, wheels, handlebar, and seat. Make sure to follow the provided instructions step by step to ensure a smooth assembly process.

Here's a list of the main assembly steps:

  1. Attach the front wheel to the front fork
  2. Connect the handlebar to the frame
  3. Secure the seat with screws
  4. Install the rear wheels
  5. Insert the battery and connect it to the vehicle


Once your Dino Racer is assembled, it's time for some fun! Before hopping on, it's essential to familiarize yourself with its functions and safety features, such as:

  • The foot-operated pedal for acceleration
  • The handlebar for steering
  • The sound effects and lights activated with buttons on the handlebar
  • The parent-controlled, high-speed lock for beginner drivers

Don't forget to charge the battery fully before the first ride, as it needs adequate power to ensure a smooth and enjoyable adventure.


For a more in-depth understanding of your Power Wheels Jurassic World Dino Racer, I highly recommend referring to the provided manual. It offers detailed instructions on assembly, operation, and maintenance. Plus, it helps with troubleshooting common issues related to the battery, charger, and other components.

Remember that it's essential to maintain the Dino Racer by checking the battery, tightening loose screws, and cleaning it regularly. This will not only extend its life but also keep it in tip-top shape for all your upcoming adventures.

Maintenance and Improvement


One of the key aspects of maintaining and improving the Power Wheels Jurassic World Dino Racer is looking after its parts. As with any vehicle, some parts may wear out or break over time, so it's essential to check them regularly. The 12-volt gray battery is a crucial component, and it's crucial to ensure that it's charged and functioning correctly. Additionally, keeping an eye on the Dino Racer's ferocious mouth mechanism will help prevent any issues with the chomping action.


Tires are another essential aspect of the Power Wheels Jurassic World Dino Racer. Since this ride-on is suitable for various terrains, including grass and rough surfaces, it's crucial to check the tires for wear and tear. Ensure they are clean, properly inflated, and have no visible damage. Regularly inspecting the tires will help maximize the ride-on's performance on different surfaces while ensuring a smooth and safe ride for your little adventurer.

Power Wheels Jurassic World Dino Racer


To further improve the Power Wheels Jurassic World Dino Racer, I can explore the available options for upgrades. Though the vehicle already boasts a maximum speed of 6 mph, there's always room for customization to enhance its features. Possible upgrades may include adding lights or custom decals to give the Dino Racer a more personalized touch. However, it's essential to keep in mind the recommended age range (3-7 years) and safety features, such as the parent-controlled high-speed lockout for beginner drivers.

Shopping Guide and Variations

As a fan of the Power Wheels Jurassic World Dino Racer, I'm excited to share with you some tips for purchasing this fun ride-on toy and the variations available.

Firstly, I found that the Power Wheels Jurassic World Dino Racer is available at various retailers, both online and in-store. Some popular options include Mattel's official website and Amazon. The price may vary; however, it typically retails for around $324.99.

Now, let's dive into the exciting features of this toy. The Dino Racer sends young adventurers on thrilling rides with its ferocious dinosaur design, complete with a mouth that can open and close for chomping action. It's perfect for kids who love dinosaurs and imaginative play. Riding on this toy is versatile too, as it can be driven over hard surfaces, grass, and other rough terrains, reaching a maximum speed of 6 mph.

One important aspect to consider when shopping for the Dino Racer: it comes with a parent-controlled high-speed lockout feature for beginner drivers. This helps ensure your child remains safe while learning to ride and master their newfound driving skills.

Regarding variations, from my research, it seems that the Power Wheels Jurassic World Dino Racer is available in a single design with its signature green color. While it may not come in different colors or styles, the eye-catching look and exciting features are sure to make this single design an excellent choice for your child.