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Power Wheels Disney Princess Ford Mustang

The Power Wheels Disney Princess Ford Mustang is a fantastic ride-on toy car that brings joy and excitement to young children. As a fan of Disney princesses and ride-on toys, I can assure you that this product is not only visually enchanting but also packed with features that keep kids engaged and entertained.

Designed for kids aged three to seven, this Ford Mustang model boasts a stunning Disney Princess theme, complete with an array of colorful decals and a sleek design. The car runs on a 12V battery, giving it enough power to zoom around the backyard or sidewalk as your little one takes control. Moreover, this electric ride-on car has several options for music playback and features premium wheels with rear-wheel drive for a smooth and stable ride.

Key Takeaways

  • The Power Wheels Disney Princess Ford Mustang is an eye-catching ride-on toy designed for kids aged three to seven.
  • This electric ride-on car is powered by a 12V battery and comes with a remote control, music playback options, and rear-wheel drive.
  • Assembly instructions, a user manual, and a comprehensive parts and upgrade guide are available to ensure a smooth setup experience and lasting enjoyment.


I am excited to share with you some information about the Power Wheels Disney Princess Ford Mustang, a fun and stylish ride-on toy car that will delight young fans of Disney princesses! This beautiful ride-on toy is adorned with graphics of famous princesses like Cinderella, Belle, and Aurora, taking the classic Ford Mustang to a magical new level.

The Power Wheels Disney Princess Ford Mustang is a 12-volt battery-powered vehicle, making it perfect for kids aged 3 to 7 years old. The ride-on car can reach a top speed of 3.7 MPH, providing a safe yet thrilling experience for little ones. With its dual motor wheels, you can trust in the car's power and performance.

Some notable features of this ride-on toy include:

  • Remote Control: Parents can easily supervise and control the car using the included remote control.
  • MP3 Music Playback: The built-in MP3 player allows kids to enjoy their favorite tunes while cruising around the neighborhood.
  • Aux Cord: An auxiliary cord is also included, offering additional options to connect music devices.
  • Premium Wheels: The car is equipped with high-quality wheels that ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride.
  • Rear Wheel Drive: This feature provides better stability and control during the ride.

The Power Wheels Disney Princess Ford Mustang is not only charming in design but also offers a fantastic and safe riding experience for kids. With a variety of entertaining features and high-quality performance, this ride-on car is truly a dream come true.


Power Wheels Disney Princess Ford Mustang

Dimensions and Weight Limit

The Power Wheels Disney Princess Ford Mustang has a dimension of length x width x height (I don't have the exact measurements based on the provided search results) and is suitable for kids aged 3 years and older. It can carry a maximum weight of up to 130 lbs, making it perfect for your little princess to safely ride and enjoy her fairy tale adventures.

Instruction Manual

The instruction manual that comes with the Power Wheels Disney Princess Ford Mustang provides you with detailed assembly instructions, safety guidelines, as well as maintenance and troubleshooting tips. It is essential to follow these guidelines to ensure your child has a fun and safe experience while using the ride-on toy. Please carefully read the manual before assembling and operating the vehicle.

Seats and Tires

This model features cozy seats to provide your child with a comfortable riding experience, and its flashy “chrome” wheels add style to this stunning ride. With two speeds forward (2.5 and 5 mph max.) and reverse (2.5 mph max.), your little one can drive on hard surfaces and grass alike. The sturdy tires ensure a smooth and thrilling ride, perfectly complementing the Disney Princess theme.

Important Features

Speed and Control

One of the features I particularly enjoy about the Power Wheels Disney Princess Ford Mustang is its speed and control options. The Mustang is powered by a 12V battery, which provides a good balance between speed and safety for young drivers. The battery charger is included with the purchase, so you don't have to worry about buying one separately.

The dimensions of the Mustang are designed to fit most children aged 3 years and up, and it also has a weight limit of around 130 pounds, ensuring the vehicle remains both safe and efficient during use. The adjustable seat and cup holder add a touch of style and comfort to the driving experience.

As for the speed, the Mustang features two different speed settings. Kids can drive at:

  1. 2.5 mph (low speed)
  2. 5 mph (high speed)

This is perfect for parents who want to be able to control how fast their child can go while still giving them the freedom to feel like they're driving a real car.

With tires designed for a smooth ride on various terrains, the Power Wheels Disney Princess Ford Mustang offers decent traction without sacrificing stability. This helps make navigating sidewalks, grass, and other surfaces much more enjoyable for young riders.

The sound box, with cool motor sounds, adds to the excitement of the driving experience. Your little one will love hitting the pedal and hearing the roar of the engine, making them feel like they're behind the wheel of a real Mustang.

In conclusion, the Power Wheels Disney Princess Ford Mustang offers a variety of important features, such as a 12V battery, adjustable seat, and cup holder, as well as different speed settings for an enjoyable and safe driving experience. Additionally, its durability, design, and attractive Disney Princess theme make it a perfect gift for your little princess.

Battery and Charger


If you're looking for a replacement battery for your Power Wheels Disney Princess Ford Mustang (Y8812), you have a few options. One great choice is the 12V Gray Sabre Battery. This battery is known for its compatibility and durability. It's available on various online platforms like KidsWheels, where you can find it for $84.67.


Now, let's talk about the charger. A 12V charger is necessary for the mentioned battery and Power Wheels model. I noticed a 12 Volt 12V charger for Power Wheels Y8812 Fisher Price Disney Princess Mustang available on Amazon for $12.99 with free shipping. Just make sure that the charger you choose is compatible with your battery and Power Wheels model to maintain optimal performance.


Something important to note is the voltage required for the Power Wheels Disney Princess Ford Mustang. This model uses a 12 Volt (12V) battery. It's essential to ensure your replacement battery and charger have the appropriate voltage to ensure smooth performance and safety. Using a higher or lower voltage battery than recommended can result in damage to the car or even accidents.

In conclusion, maintaining the battery and charger of your child's Power Wheels Disney Princess Ford Mustang can ensure a safe and enjoyable riding experience. Just make sure to look for the proper battery and charger models and be mindful of the 12V voltage requirement.

Assembly Instructions

Power Wheels Disney Princess Ford Mustang

Assembling your Power Wheels Disney Princess Ford Mustang can seem daunting, but with the right instructions and a little patience, we'll get this done together in no time. Here's the step-by-step assembly guide I've put together to help you with the process.

Step-by-Step Assembly Guide

  1. First, let's lay out all the parts on a clean surface, such as a table or carpet. This will help us easily identify the pieces we need during assembly.
  2. Begin by attaching the front and rear axles to the base of the vehicle. To do this, insert the axles into the designated slots, then secure them with the provided screws using a screwdriver. Make sure they're tightened properly to prevent any wobbling or instability.
  3. Now it's time to add the wheels. Align the wheels to the axles and firmly press them into place. They should snap securely onto the axles with no difficulty.
  4. Next, let's attach the footboard assembly. You'll need to align it with the designated slots on the base of the vehicle. Secure it with screws, making sure it's tightly fastened to avoid any accidents during playtime.
  5. Once the footboard is in place, let's move on to the fun part – adding the Disney Princess details! Attach the front bumper with grill, lights, and Power Wheels emblem to the vehicle using the provided screws.
  6. Finally, Install the soundbox for that authentic driving experience. Align the soundbox properly with the designated slots on the vehicle and tightly secure it with the provided screws.

And there you have it! Your Power Wheels Disney Princess Ford Mustang is now ready for your little one to drive and enjoy. Please don't forget to take a look at the manual that comes with your Mustang to ensure proper operation and maintenance. Happy driving!

Parts and Upgrade Guide

As a proud owner of a Power Wheels Disney Princess Ford Mustang, I would like to share some helpful information on parts and upgrades that can enhance your little one's driving experience. From replacement wheels to battery options, there are various ways to tweak the performance and longevity of the toy car.

The first thing that comes to mind is the battery. The Disney Princess Ford Mustang comes with a 12 Volt 9.5 Amp Gray Battery, which is suitable for children aged 3 years and up. If you ever need to replace or upgrade the battery, there are several options available, such as:

  • 12V Sabre Battery and Charger
  • 12V Quick Charger

To keep the car running smoothly, it's essential to maintain its wheels. You can find a set of 2 Power Wheels Ford Mustang wheels through various retailers. Make sure you're purchasing the correct ones for your specific model (Y8812) to ensure proper fit and performance.

In addition to those basic essentials, there are additional features that can enhance your child's experience. For example, there's a sound box that provides cool motor sounds for a more realistic driving experience. You might also consider looking into adjustable seat options for added comfort, and a cup holder for added convenience during those outdoor adventures.

Here's a quick rundown of some important parts and upgrades:

  • Battery: 12V 9.5 Amp Gray Battery / Sabre Battery and Charger / Quick Charger
  • Wheels: Ford Mustang Wheels (SET OF 2)
  • Additional Features: Sound Box, Adjustable Seat, Cup Holder

Remember that maintaining and upgrading your child's Power Wheels Disney Princess Ford Mustang not only increases the toy's lifespan but also ensures a fun and exciting driving experience for your little one. Enjoy the journey, and happy driving!


As the proud owner of a Power Wheels Disney Princess Ford Mustang, I've found the tires to be a standout feature. With a robust design, these tires are a crucial part of the vehicle's performance and durability. Let me share a glimpse of their specifications and upgrade options, all in a friendly manner, of course.

For starters, the Power Wheels Ford Mustang comes with a set of 4 tires that are built to withstand various terrains. The dimensions might vary, but usually, you can find tires around 12″ in diameter. These tires offer sufficient traction and balance, ensuring a smooth and safe ride for children aged between 36 months to 7 years.

Now, let's talk about upgrading. While the stock tires on the Disney Princess Mustang are of good quality, there's always room for improvement. Maybe you're looking to enhance overall performance, or your current tires are showing wear and tear and need replacement. Power Wheels offers genuine replacement parts, such as the Ford Mustang Wheels (SET OF 2), which can be sourced through various online marketplaces like Amazon or KidsWheels. Remember, using genuine products enhances the durability and safety of your vehicle.

When considering tires, it's essential to know that after-market options provide added traction and performance. Some of them include rubberized tires or those with additional ridges for a firmer grip on slippery surfaces. These upgrades can significantly prolong the life of your Mustang's tires while granting a much smoother ride.

As a result, I hope you have a better understanding of the tire specifications and upgrade options for your Power Wheels Disney Princess Ford Mustang. Drive safe and have fun!

User Manual

I recently got my hands on the Power Wheels Disney Princess Ford Mustang, and I must say, it's an adorable addition for any little princess! I found the user manual to be quite helpful, so let me share some key features and guidelines that will help you assemble and operate this cute ride-on toy car.

The Power Wheels Disney Princess Ford Mustang comes with an easy-to-understand owner's manual featuring assembly instructions and safety warnings. Assembling the car is a breeze. The manual includes detailed step-by-step instructions with images to ensure a smooth process.

Once the toy car is assembled, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the key components. Some essential parts are the adjustable seat, cup holder, sound box (with cool motor sounds), and, of course, those lovely Disney Princess graphics!

Here's a brief overview of how to operate the car:

  • Battery Charging: Charge the 12V battery as per the guidelines mentioned in the manual. It's always a good idea to do this while supervised. Fully charged, the car can travel at two forward speeds: 2.5 mph and 5 mph max. It can also go in reverse at a maximum of 2.5 mph.
  • Safety First: Make sure your child uses the seatbelt provided and understands the basics of safe driving before letting them enjoy their new ride.
  • Maintenance: Keep the car well-maintained by following the cleaning and storage tips provided in the manual. This will ensure a long-lasting vehicle.

As a friendly reminder, do pay attention to the age recommendation for the Power Wheels Disney Princess Ford Mustang – it's designed for kids aged 3 years and up.

So, dear friends, I hope this brief overview of the user manual will help you and your little princess enjoy the Power Wheels Disney Princess Ford Mustang to the fullest! Happy driving!

Variations and Shopping Guide

As I explored the world of Power Wheels, I came across two main variations of the Disney Princess Ford Mustang. One is the traditional Ford Mustang, and the other is a Disney-themed version specifically designed for princess fans.

The Ford Mustang version is more classic in its appearance, with all the features you'd expect from a real-life Mustang. On the other hand, the Disney Princess variant is designed with a touch of magic. It features a beautifully decorated exterior with princess decals, a tiara on the rearview mirror, and even a heart-shaped grill.

When shopping for a Power Wheels Disney Princess Ford Mustang, it is essential to consider some key factors, such as the battery life and included accessories. Most of these ride-on toys come equipped with a 12V Gray Battery, ensuring hours of driving fun for your little princess. For an extra source of energy and longer playtime, you can find a 12V Gray Battery on eBay for around $72.

Here's a comparison table to help you decide which version to choose for your little princess:

FeatureFord MustangDisney Princess Mustang
AppearanceClassic Mustang designDecorated with princess decals, a tiara, and a heart-shaped grill
Battery12V Gray Battery12V Gray Battery
Price Range$200 – $400$200 – $500

To find the best deals and discounts, I recommend checking out online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. Additionally, subscribing to YouTube channels, like Gabe Garrett and WeissLifeSub, can provide you with more insights into the features and performance of these Power Wheels.

Finally, don't forget to read customer reviews and watch unboxing videos to know the firsthand experience of other parents and make an informed decision.

Happy shopping, and may your little one enjoy the magical ride of the Power Wheels Disney Princess Ford Mustang!