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Power Wheels Boomerang is a fantastic ride-on toy designed for young racers seeking thrilling adventures. This innovative vehicle enables kids to maneuver into controlled drifts with ease, offering endless hours of fun. With its exceptional ability to power through various terrains, it presents an excellent opportunity for children to experience the thrill of riding a well-engined car.

Power Wheels Boomerang

The stylish ride-on comes with an adjustable seat, high sides, and Power-Lock® brakes to ensure the child's comfort and safety during their wild rides. Boasting a maximum forward speed of 5 mph, the Power Wheels Boomerang provides a realistic driving experience that will thrill and engage youngsters who are passionate about cars and speed.

Key Takeaways

  • Power Wheels Boomerang is designed for children seeking adventures and controlled drifts.
  • The vehicle features a comfortable and secure design with adjustable seats and safety features.
  • Boomerang provides a realistic driving experience with a maximum forward speed of 5 mph.


The Power Wheels Boomerang is truly an exciting and impressive vehicle for young racers. What makes this ride-on stand out is its ability to allow kids to tilt and spin into fully controlled drifts. I find this feature both thrilling and innovative, as it adds a unique dimension to the riding experience.

The Boomerang has large wheels that are perfect for navigating various terrains, making it suitable for both on-road and off-road adventures. Additionally, the ride-on comes with a max speed of 5 mph in the forward direction, which I think is quite fast for a child's toy while still maintaining safety.

Power Wheels Boomerang

One of the aspects of this Power Wheels vehicle is its adjustable seat, which can be positioned in two different ways to ensure children of various ages and sizes can enjoy a comfortable and secure ride. Along with the adjustable seat, the high sides add to the safety measures of this ride-on, making it a reliable choice for parents.

To top it off, the Boomerang is equipped with Power-Lock brakes, ensuring that kids can come to a complete stop when needed. These brakes add an extra layer of security, allowing parents to be at ease while their little racers enjoy the thrill of the ride.

Overall, I believe the Power Wheels Boomerang is a fantastic choice for young kids who are passionate about driving and racing. With its unique drifting capability, comfort, and safety features, this ride-on vehicle is sure to provide hours of enjoyment and adventure for the little ones.



The Power Wheels Boomerang is designed for kids aged 5 – 10 years and has a maximum weight limit of 100 lbs. The vehicle itself doesn't take up too much space, making it easy to store when not in use.

Speed and Control

One of the aspects of the Boomerang is its speed. This ride-on toy is equipped with a 12 V battery and can reach a maximum speed of 5 mph in the forward direction. It also has a kid-controlled power drift mode, which allows young racers to tilt and spin into awesome, fully controlled drifts, creating tons of fun on a variety of terrains.

Seat and Drive Comfort

The Power Wheels Boomerang is designed with comfort in mind, featuring a single-seat design. While it only has a seating capacity for one, the seat is comfortable and allows for a smooth riding experience. The ride-on toy is also built for all-terrain action, ensuring kids can have a blast on various surfaces.

Instruction Manual

When you receive your Boomerang, it comes with an instruction manual that is straightforward and easy to understand. The manual provides clear, step-by-step guidance on assembly, charging the battery, and how to operate the vehicle safely. It also offers helpful tips on how to properly maintain the Boomerang to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Battery Details


The battery in the Power Wheels Boomerang is a 12-volt 9.5 Amp Orange Top Battery. In case you need a replacement, you can find compatible replacement batteries online, like the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Boomerang Purple Replacement Battery. It's important to choose a compatible battery, so the performance of your ride-on toy remains optimal.


Along with the battery, the Power Wheels Boomerang car also comes with a charger. It's essential to use the dedicated charger provided by the manufacturer to ensure the proper charging of the battery. Using an incompatible charger may damage the battery and affect the toy's performance.


The Power Wheels Boomerang operates on a 12-volt battery, which allows it to race at a maximum speed of 5 mph in the forward direction. This voltage ensures a good balance between speed and safety for your little racer.

Remember to monitor the battery life indicator to ensure your child can have an uninterrupted riding experience. Keep the battery charged and always use the dedicated charger provided by the manufacturer. A well-maintained battery allows your little one to enjoy the full potential of the Power Wheels Boomerang.

Assembly Information

When I first got my Power Wheels Boomerang, I was excited to assemble it quickly so I could start enjoying its incredible features. The assembly process was relatively straightforward, and the provided manual offered clear instructions to guide me through each step.

Before starting the assembly, I gathered the required tools: a Phillips screwdriver, hammer, pliers, and safety scissors. These tools were not included in the package, so it's essential to have them handy before beginning. Following the manual, I started by attaching the steering bracket assembly, which was a simple process.

Power Wheels Boomerang

The Power Wheels Boomerang operates using a 12 Volt Lead-Acid Rechargeable Battery and a 12 Volt Charger with a Type “12V” connector (both included). After ensuring the battery was charged and installed, I moved on to the “CD Player” section, which needed three “AA” (LR6) alkaline batteries (not included) to function. I made sure to have these ready as well.

With the right tools and clear step-by-step instructions, I assembled my Power Wheels Boomerang with ease. The manual provided crucial information for the assembly, making it a quick and enjoyable process. Now, I'm ready to hop in and experience the fun of spinning and drifting on various terrains at a max speed of 5 mph.

Tires and Parts


In my experience with the Power Wheels Boomerang, I've noticed that the tires are built to be quite durable and reliable. They can easily power over different terrains, making it perfect for kids who want to take their vehicle for a spin in the backyard or a nearby park. If you ever need to replace the tires, you can find a set of 2 Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Rear Wheels for around $49.00.


Power Wheels Boomerang has various parts that you may need to replace or upgrade over time. Some common replacements include the 12V battery and charger. You can find a Power Wheels 12V Battery Gray Probe Style for about $59.00 and a Feber 12V Charger for around $21.90. It's essential to keep the battery and charger in good working condition to ensure your Boomerang operates smoothly.

While browsing for Power Wheels Boomerang parts, I've come across options for upgrades as well. Some upgrades can enhance performance, while others focus on safety and comfort. One safety feature worth mentioning is the Power-Lock brakes, which come standard with the Boomerang model. This brake system ensures that the vehicle stops securely when your child lifts their foot off the pedal.

Remember to always use genuine Power Wheels parts to ensure the best performance and safety when maintaining or upgrading your child's ride-on toy. Happy riding!

Shopping Guide

When I was searching for the perfect ride-on toy for my little one, I came across the Power Wheels Boomerang. This amazing vehicle caught my eye right away, and I'd love to share a few tips on what to consider when purchasing one.

Firstly, the Power Wheels Boomerang is designed for young racers aged 5 to 10, allowing them to tilt and spin into awesome, fully controlled drifts. It features large wheels that navigate easily over different terrains and can reach a max speed of 5 mph in the forward direction. The adjustable seat with two positions provides added security and comfort, while the Power-Lock® brakes ensure a safe experience for your child.

When shopping for a Power Wheels Boomerang, you'll likely come across a few variations, such as different colors. I've seen blue Boomerangs, but there might be more options available depending on the retailer. It's always a good idea to check multiple retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Mattel's websites to compare prices, read customer reviews, and find any special deals or offers.

Here are some aspects you may want to consider when shopping for a Power Wheels Boomerang:

  • Battery life: Make sure you look for information on how long the battery lasts and the charging requirements. Using only a Power Wheels® 12-volt charger with a type “12V” connector is essential for optimal performance.
  • Customer reviews: Take the time to read customer reviews to get an idea of other users' experiences with the Boomerang. They may share helpful insights and possible issues.
  • Warranty and customer support: Check if the product comes with a warranty, and make sure you have access to customer support in case you need assistance.

I hope this shopping guide helps you make an informed decision on whether the Power Wheels Boomerang is the perfect ride-on toy for your child. Happy shopping!

Safety Features

As someone who values safety, I was particularly impressed by the Power Wheels Boomerang's built-in safety features. One noteworthy aspect is the Power-Lock brakes, which ensure that the vehicle comes to a controlled stop when needed.

I also found the adjustable seat with two positions and a seat belt to be valuable additions. This helps to ensure a comfortable and secure fit for your child as they ride. The high sides of the vehicle further contribute to its safety, providing kids with added stability while they tilt and spin.

While delving deeper into the safety instructions, I discovered that it's vital to examine the battery and charger before using them. This is essential in reducing the risk of fire or electric shock. As a friendly reminder to parents, always read the safety instructions included with the Power Wheels Boomerang and keep them handy for future reference.

In short, it's evident that safety is a priority for the Power Wheels Boomerang. With features like Power-Lock brakes, adjustable seating, and proper battery maintenance, you can be more assured of your child's safety as they embark on their thrilling adventures.