Kid Trax Dodge Viper 24 volt

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Kid Trax Dodge Viper 24 volt

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My neighbor threw away a stock 12 volt Dodge Viper a couple of years ago and I rescued it for my grandson. The only thing wrong with the car was a faulty forward/reverse switch, bad battery and some body dings.

I stripped the car down completely, fixed all the body damage, welded a couple of breaks in the metal frame and bondo'ed all the dings. Then primed the whole thing, wet sanded flat and sprayed automotive royal blue paint. Eventually masked off and sprayed the white racing stripes, applied body decals and sprayed multiple layers of clear coat. Wet sanded down to 5000 grit, bluffed and waxed. I sprayed the interior gloss black textured truck bed liner and added a custom made rubber floor mat.

Then converted the electrical into two seperate systems, a 24 volt (two 12v/15 amp hour scooter batts in series) powering the drive motors/alarm system and a seperate 12 volt/7 amp hour batt to power the lights, stereo and other accessories. These batts can be charges independently and simultaneously using both a 24 volt and 12 volt charger.

I installed an automotive fuse box to protect all the 12 volt components and a 50 amp circuit protector for the 24 volt drive motors using pretty heavy gauge wires. I must have run 150 ft of wire to connect all the components.

I used a 2000 watt scooter speed controller, Halls Effect foot throttle, remote control kill switch and heavy duty scooter hand shifter mounted in a custom housing to control the juice running to the motors. These components are hidden under the right seat in a custom vented plexiglass housing cooled by 3 small 12 volt computer fans.

I replaced the RS 550 motors and stock gearbox with 18-24 volt 775 motors and much beefier Powerwheel gearboxs with metal gears. I installed Zerk fittings on the gearboxes for easier lube maintenance. The motors and aft battery compartment behind the seats are cooled by 2 blowing fans and one fan sucking the heat out.

I installed LED front and rear driving lights, fog lights, flashing brake lights, license plate lights, battery powered speedometer, interior lights that activate when the door is open and blue interior/wheel well lights.

I added a cheap backup beeper that doubles as a car alarm that activates when armed and either door is opened and added faux carbon fibre accents to the dash, seats and door jams.

I modified the dash so I could add a marine bluetooth 40 watt stereo with marine speakers that have blue accent lights that illuminate when the blue underside lights are turned on. I used the stock starter and engine noise module but wired it through small speakers and a mini amp installed in the tailpipes

I modified the wheels using heavy gauge cake pans to give it the deep dish wheel look and installed a cut down racer boy rear spoiler I got for cheap off eBay.

Ive been goofing with car for quite a while but my grandson is only now big enough to drive it safetly and take directions. The car is twice as fast as the stock Viper at almost 10 mph and the range is at least 5 miles to the charge.

The car is for sale under the Classified section and on eBay. I'm afraid my grandson will wreck it and I would like it to go to a good home for maybe a little older child.

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