Help with ESC and variable foot pedal

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Help with ESC and variable foot pedal

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Hi all,

I'm new to MPWF and have found the forum so useful but overwhelming at the same time. I didn't know so many modifications were possible for kids ride ons.

Long story short I've been modding my son ride on. I bought an ESC online where the output is controlled through potentiometer and a variable speed foot pedal commonly found on ebay . Please bear with me, I have no electrical wiring or understanding. Anyways wishful thinking it'll be straight swap over from the pot to the foot pedal. It is and it isn't, with the foot pedal installed, there's always a minimal power being sent to the wheels. I believe this is because the foot pedal operates at an output of 0.8v to 4.2v due to being a hall effect sensor.

What can I do to eliminate the always on issue? I'm thinking to buy another esc controller, one that supports hall effect speed throttle. But if there's an easier way, I'm all open to ideas.

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