KidsTRAX Viper 16 volt conversion

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KidsTRAX Viper 16 volt conversion

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Hello to all! I come to the group in hopes someone will have some thoughts to share.

I have just come into a KidsTraxx 16 volt Viper SRT. As I have found the 16 volt batteries are at best expensive; I have seen others have converted these 16 volt systems to 20 volt Lithium-ion power drill batteries. Just not much info on the KIDTRAX modification to 20 volt.

Can someone help me out and point me to an instructional video, or at minimum a tutorial to guide me to a safe conversion for my grand-daughter's Viper?

I realize that this forum is primarily for Power Wheels. But I have to believe the forum members have some level of knowledge in this conversion. If you are willing to advise me I would be grateful.

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