first re-assembly attempt (front tire arm issue?)

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first re-assembly attempt (front tire arm issue?)

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hey folks, apologies if wrong section of forum. im just looking for any help with a project im trying finish up

issues i had was getting the wheels to look right, -correct stance- once finished

im a full fledged newbie, so my attempt at getting tires, caps back on, was, at best, very remedial, and consisted of me trying hammer on

mind you, i may have thrown the wheel arm off, i'm guessing may be the issue(?) though too was curious as to what the known best way to put tires, caps back on -- as was a part of the reassembly i struggled a lil with

is there any easy, basic way that maybe i was just overthinking?

here then is my (semi) finished product -as am looking to figure why is wheel sag, and add handful more decals

wheel sag (any help with best way to remedy, take wheels off, put back on, to avoid same result, GREATLY appreciated


first pic together


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