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FAQ - Acronym Faq

Post by blake711 »

Hey we talked about this on the old forum. Wanted to bring it back to life and get it in the FAQ section.

Here is what we compiled on the old forum plus some new ones I thought of. Please add any others you can think of. I will get them added. List is in alphabetical order.

2wd- 2 wheel drive
13t, 14T, 15T, 16T, 17T, 19T The number of teeth in a power wheels gearbox. See gearbox FAQ
21T - 21 tooth gear gear boxes. Or Traxas Titan 21-turn motor
3A or 3B - Small power wheels gearboxes See gearbox FAQ
4wd - 4 wheel drive
550 - 550 Series Motors
700 - 700 Series Motors
A -Amps
AGM - Absorbed Glass Mat Batttery
AWG - American Wire Gauge
AH - Amp Hour rating of battery
bats or batts- batteries
BF - Big Foot
BPRO - Battery Powered Ride On
CL - craigslist
EM = Extreme Machine
FP = Fisher Price
ga - Gauge (wiring) diameter of wire
Gator - Peg Perego John Deer Gator
GB- Gearbox
GD - Grave Digger
HF - Harbor Freight
JD - John Deere
LED - light-emitting diode
LT - Little Tikes
MES - Modified Electric Scooters - sister site to MPW
MF gearbox - Metal Frame gearbox
Mod - Modification
mph - miles per hour
MPW - Modified Power Wheels
OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer
OP - Original Post/Poster
Pb - Lead
Peg - Peg Perego
PM - Private Message
PP - Peg Perego
PW - Power Wheels
RBC - Replacement Battery Cartridge
RO- Ride On
RPM - revolutions per minute
RSS - Really Simple Syndication
SF - Safety First
SLA- Sealed Lead Acid Battery
SLI = Starter, Lights, Ignition battery
SP = Super Power - Peg Perego Super Power Gaucho
SRB = self reseting breaker
Super 6 - Enhanced Power Wheels 6V motors with more RPM's than standard Power Wheels 6V motors
TB - Terminal Block aka barrier strip
TRU - Toys "R" Us
V- Volts
W - Watt
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Re: Acronym Faq

Post by jparthum »

Have you considered creating a 'dictionary' or 'quick reference guide' and posting it in the FAQ section? This is kind of a variation on the Wiki links suggestion, but in addition to defining terms with acronyms, other terms more specific to BPROs could be defined (Battery and Vehicle Side Connectors, Pushnuts, etc.), then linked to their corresponding FAQ, if one is provided.
It could then serve as both a guide and FAQ index (similar to GSEric's index in the old forum).
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