More POWER Pull 4x4

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More POWER Pull 4x4

Post by toycrusher »

So I lied, it's not 4x4 yet. This was my son's first bpro and what he learned to drive on. Seemed to take FOREVER for him to get the hang of steering, didn't really figure it out till sometime past turning two. He would just drive full speed until crashing into something (usually the fence), and then he would cry for someone to come turn him around to go again. :roll:

Anyway, it's still one he likes, especially since I bumped it to 18v. Had to ditch the inner motor cover for the batteries to fit. The tractor tires however are a bit low on traction and it makes it a lousy recovery vehicle.
So I added a set of rear tires to the front axle. When I whittle down my list of other projects I'll have to throw a wider front axle in to fit the gearboxes. The I will double up on the rear tires to make it a dually rear :D

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Re: More POWER Pull 4x4

Post by landon »

More Power! Looks cool, hope you can get 4x4 going on it. That doesn't look like an easy one...

I had a similar idea last winter, but returned it to stock to flip it.
(KFX tires all around)
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