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cheap power wheels
cheap power wheels

Battery-powered kid's cars are one of the most iconic childhood activities and memories. When they get in their black jeep or pink Barbie Corvette, your kids feel like adults, and their games get a lot more complex. However, we all know that power wheels get pretty expensive. Luckily, there are some tricks and tips for getting Power Wheels cheaply.

You can get Power Wheels for cheap through: 

  • Discount stores 
  • Retail sales 
  • Second-hand stores
  • Second-hand sales apps
  • Online stores
  • Even on the side of the road 

By now, you know that your kids desperately want a Power Wheels toy. The only problem you are probably facing is that they are so expensive. Luckily for you, this list has the best ways of getting Power Wheels toys for cheap. Read on for details and hints about the best ways of getting cheap power wheels.

7 Ways to Get Power Wheels for Cheap

You won't pay the total price for a Power Wheels toy if you try one, or even a few of these different methods of getting a Power Wheels for cheap. You may have to try several ways, but don't give up. In the end, you could save yourself quite a bit of money and even get the Power Wheels toy for free! When you want a great deal on Power Wheels, we have you covered.

Getting Power Wheels for cheap is not easy. However, there are several different methods that you could try if you are motivated for a great deal on this iconic childhood toy. The only problem is that you need perspective on the toy's prices. 

After looking at the different ways of getting Power Wheels for cheap, read more below about the price points and other brands of Power Wheels. 

Below are the details, steps, and tricks for some of the best ways of getting Power Wheels for cheap.

Big Box and Discount Stores

Everyone loves discount shopping, and discount shopping is where you can find some fantastic deals on toys like Power Wheels. Some of the best stores for finding cheap Power Wheels are:

Discount and big box stores like these usually have the best retail price for Power Wheels. These places are the first spot you should check to get a baseline price range to start working from. 

For example, for examples of the pricing of some of the best-selling Power Wheels on the market, check out the chart below. We have the price of the best selling girls Power Wheels toy and the best selling boys Power Wheels toy at a different discount and big box stores with easy comparisons of prices: 

Store NamePower Wheels ModelPrice
TargetPower Wheels 12V Disney Princess Frozen Jeep Wrangler Powered Ride-On$299.99
WalmartPower Wheels 12V Disney Princess Frozen Jeep Wrangler Powered Ride-On$304
Bed, Bath, & BeyondPower Wheels 12V Disney Princess Frozen Jeep Wrangler Powered Ride-On$329 ($269 for members)
KohlsPower Wheels 12V Disney Princess Frozen Jeep Wrangler Powered Ride-On$299.99
TargetPower Wheels 12V Tough Talking Jeep Powered Ride-On – Black/Red $309
WalmartPower Wheels 12V Tough Talking Jeep Powered Ride-On – Black/Red$281.59
Bed, Bath, & BeyondPower Wheels 12V Tough Talking Jeep Powered Ride-On – Black/Red$319 ($259 for members)
KohlsPower Wheels 12V Tough Talking Jeep Powered Ride-On – Black/RedN/A

The price point for these best-sellers is hundreds of dollars. Shopping for expensive toys that your children desperately want is the type of shopping that will drive a parent crazy with worry about their bills. However, there are better options than paying the retail or even member price for Power Wheels toys. 

Store Sales

Store sales are happening all of the time, which will save you money if you know where and when to look for them. Some sales happen at different seasons throughout the year. These seasonal sales are usually a bit larger and better advertised than other sales during the year. Seasonal sales save consumers a lot of money but get picked over with limited shopping options. 

We have divided store sales into two categories, regular sales that happen on an occasion and cyclical basis, and seasonal sales, which occur like clockwork every year at the exact times. 

Regular Store Sales

Regular recurring sales are happening all the time at the stores around you. Sales are a tool that is as old as retail marketing has been around, and they work to the merchandiser's advantage, most of the time. Businesses usually have deals because they want: 

  • Their brand to look good 
  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Get rid of extra supplies that they do not need 

Even though sales benefit the business in the long run, there are great benefits for consumers. Savvy customers like yourself should take advantage of sales if you are on the lookout for them. There are several sales of Power Wheels currently available from some of the discount or big box stores. See the list below for average savings on Power Wheels at lower than retail prices: 

Regular store sales are standard; you just need to know when and where to look. If these prices or toys don't get you excited about the savings, you may want to wait for special seasonal sales that occur at set times during the year. 

Seasonal Store Sales

We all know that there are special sales at retail stores during holidays and other times during the year. However, understanding why these seasonal sales happen, when they happen, and where they occur are all important factors in getting the best price for toys like Power Wheels. 

Seasonal sales mean that the business is experiencing a surge in conversions and traffic to their site or store. Since stores generally see a downtick during these seasonal swings and a lack of activity during these periods, they enact sales. Sales help encourage the moving of products quickly, compete with other similar retail stores, and build a strong company brand with consumers. 

Some of the most popular seasonal times of year are listed below. Getting ready for these sales and checking store websites or publications before the sale starts helps you get the upper hand in the deal for Power Wheels that you are searching for. 

Keep your eye out on sales of Power Wheels for a great buy during these typical seasonal sales times: 

  • Late winter after holidays: This is an excellent time for excess toy buying. You might find that perfect Power Wheels toy that you have been looking for at a significantly discounted price. 
  • Late Summer: At the beginning of summer, people are looking for ways to keep their kids active outside. However, when summer ends, everyone has school on their minds, and toys like Power Wheels go on sale. 

The critical thing for bargain shoppers looking for cheap Power Wheels is that these sales take part at the end of busy seasons where many Power Wheels are getting sold. That means that you may not find the exact model of the Power Wheels toy your child has been asking for. Regardless of this hangup, you can find many different Power Wheels brands and models at discounted prices during these end-of-season sales. 

Second-Hand Stores

Thrift shopping is an excellent pastime for bargain shoppers. Because second-hand stores are constantly getting in new merchandise, it would be best if you checked their inventory for Power Wheels regularly. Toy shopping at second-hand stores is exciting and can also be frustrating. Don't give up. There are plenty of cheap Power Wheels for sale at second-hand stores if you look consistently and persistently. 

Power Wheels at a second-hand store get bought quickly, so when you see one, the trick is to buy it and not wait. Make sure that the battery is in working condition and that the charging cable is present. If the charging cable is not included, do a quick internet search for the voltage and connection type and ensure that you can get the power cable on your own quickly. 

Additionally, if the car is running, ask your child to drive it a little bit or press the accelerator yourself. Make sure that the steering does not stick and that the wheels turn correctly. Finally, see if you can get any information about the family that dropped it off. Did they use it with multiple kids, or was it barely used? 

The trick with second-hand stores is to evaluate the goods you are buying in the store quickly. If the Power Wheels toy is clean, functioning, and holds a charge, you will get incredible deals of up to 99% off the original retail sales price. Please make sure you clean with disinfectant before presenting your child with their new Power Wheels toy. Happy hunting at second-hand stores near you!

Second-Hand Sales Apps

One of the most tremendous benefits of the gig economy for bargain shoppers is the second-hand sales app. There are dozens of second-hand sales apps with possible Power Wheels getting sold for cheap. Make sure that you stay safe while using online sales apps and sites. Never give out personal information to strangers and always meet in a safe and public place for sales. 

Having gone through all of the precautions necessary for buying from second-hand sales apps, searching for cheap Power Wheels is easy. You know the base price for the model you are looking for and can compare it to the condition and cost of the one you find on the app. 

Some of the most popular second-hand sales apps are included below, with their pros and cons and a short description of each. Using as many of these reputable apps as possible gives you a more comprehensive range of search capabilities and more chances of finding cheap Power Wheels in quality condition. 


Everyone knows about eBay and its auction-style bidding sales of new and used items. Many people like the auction atmosphere because of the great deals that you will find.

However, there are always ‘buy now' options for many items, such as Power Wheels, allowing you to win the auction immediately by paying a set amount. This amount is usually much less than retail and helps you get a cheap Power Wheels toy. 


Mercari is a low price bargain sales app that is gaining in popularity. It gives buyers the choice of buying locally and getting things automatically delivered with the pack and ship UPS service. The set shipping prices, easy auction-style, and buy-now options give the buyer the choices they need for hassle-free bargain shopping from their couch. 

Mercari is also known as the best for those who don't like packing boxes. The deal they have with UPS is unique and allows people to sell and then drop off items with a printout at a UPS location. There, the item gets packaged and shipped by UPS professionals and costs the seller nothing. The buyer receives a guarantee of a perfectly shipped item. 

Facebook Marketplace

The social media giant brought e-commerce to its platform to rave reviews. Not only can sellers reach massive amounts of people like their friends who already trust them, but also the broader public of the Facebook online community. 

Facebook Marketplace is excellent for finding deals for cheap Power Wheels that get locally sold. Finding local deals in your neighborhood, town, community, or region is ideal since you save money on shipping. You also may not need to travel very far for your discounted Power Wheels toy purchase.

Finally, by involving yourself in the community of those giving items away for free, you may open yourself up to more opportunities for finding and purchasing cheap Power Wheels. Building a community of giving is an excellent way of finding items like Power Wheels for cheap. 


The beauty of 5Miles is that their listings get based on locality and ease of purchasing. You don't need to worry about finding a faraway place for a meeting since most of your search matches are very close to your current location. 

5Miles is also great for moving objects you want to buy, such as a Power Wheels toy, since sellers have a video post option for their items. Seeing the thing in moving and functioning motion is a game-changer. The video option gives you the peace of mind that the cheap Power Wheels you find are good quality and ready for use. 


What used to be called LetGo is now known by the name of OfferUp. OfferUp is a unique hybrid of several of the sales apps on this list and is an excellent place for finding a cheap Power Wheels toy. 

The OfferUp service app gives sellers and buyers great support for searching and shipping. The rates are calculated for national shipping rates. They get provided in the price buyers see when purchasing items on the app. Also, there are standard automated replies for ease of use, which you could choose from when responding to sellers or asking questions. 

One of the best things about OfferUp is the buy now option that lets the buyer, not the seller, set the price they are willing to pay. OfferUp is a sales app ideal for those comfortable with bargaining and negotiating a deal. 


Finding free stuff is amazing, but it should get considered gold when you find something for free that you have been searching for. Finding Power Wheels as freebies is possible if you are vigilant and know where to look. 

You might be surprised at the immense amount of free stuff, including functioning Power Wheels, available for those looking. Finding free Power Wheels is better than cheap Power Wheels. So, below we listed the most common places for finding free Power Wheels both online and around your town or city. 


Craigslist is one of the largest online platforms for buying and selling second-hand items. However, there is also a section on Craigslist's platforms in all cities where it is available for people to post free items. 

Free items show up on Craigslist most often when people are: 

  • Moving 
  • Downsizing 
  • Decluttering 

Spring is an excellent time of year for searching out deals since most people: 

  • Clean out closets 
  • Empty garages
  • Clear their homes of unwanted or unused things 

On the free stuff section of the Craigslist website for any city, you could find a post asking you to come and meet the owner to pick up the Power Wheels for free. The site is maintained minimally by curators, so some items that say they are available should always get verified before traveling for pickup.  

However, other free item posts might just give an address in a city. In that case, you would need to go and retrieve the item before someone else does. It pays off to check the free section of Craigslist consistently when on the hunt for Power Wheels. 

Hey, It's Free!

Some of the free item sites and apps are either run by individuals giving things away or robots. Hey, It's Free curators review and updates current free deals and items that people are giving away on the site. This curation lets users know whether or not the desired item, like Power Wheels, is still available or has been taken already. 


Sometimes people lose the need for toys like Power Wheels, either because: 

  • The kids grew out of it 
  • They are moving 
  • They are downsizing their current living space 

FreeCycle is a website that allows people to post things they are giving away for free. It also has a communication option where users can contact those giving things away and find out if they are still available. 

FreeCycle gets run by the people who use it, so there are some delays in finding out if things are currently available or not. However, the community of people who use FreeCycle is typically very friendly. They have a mission statement that includes gifting and recycling items for friends and other community members to better the lives of others. 

Freaky Freddies

Freaky Freddies is another place where local people can post items they are no longer using. Actual people curate this site, so users know that things posted there are usually still available. 

Another great feature of Freaky Freddies is that you can sign up for search options that allow your Power Wheels search to be constantly updated and sent to your email or mobile phone. This feature helps users looking for cheap or free Power Wheels keep tabs on the free marketplace and jump on deals when they come up. 

Free Stuff Times

This website is another excellent resource for local and national free items that get updated by human beings. When things become available, they get vetted by the people who run the website. 

As things become unavailable, they are verified and crossed off the list of current free items. This feature allows users to search quickly and easily and not waste time inquiring about things they can no longer pick up for free. 

In Conclusion

Finding cheap Power Wheels seems like a difficult task because of the immense popularity of the toy. However, with the multiple options available for consumers, everyone interested in finding cheap Power Wheels should have an avenue for finding a great deal. 

This article gives you the best stores and times of year for looking for cheap Power Wheels. Also, many second-hand and free websites provide those willing to wait a little longer the place for finding cheap and free Power Wheels toys. In the end, if you have patience and consistent determination, you will find cheap Power Wheels.